1. M

    VBA to Send Mass Emails with Individual Attachments

    Hi all, I need some VBA to allow me to send multiple emails (same standard email body but each with their own individual Excel attachment). I'm using Microsoft Outlook and Excel 365 Workbook Entitled: 'Raw Data' Sheet Entitled 'Sheet1' Column A: Email Address Column B: First Name (for email...
  2. D

    Exporting undelivered emails from Outlook to Excel

    As the title suggest, I'm trying to export Undelivered emails in Outlook to Excel (sheet1) I found this code on the web, and I'm having a little difficulty getting it to work Ideally I would like the data to appear in columns, a separate column for Email address etc The Emails are in sub-folder...
  3. S

    Send different emails to different email ID"s from Excel

    Hi everyone, I know how to send emails to several emails ID's at a time using VBA... But, I am looking to send different emails to each email ID/ID's at once. Like we do in a mail merge. Currently I am using mail merge whereas, some sections of the email are fixed and are taken from an word...
  4. S

    Column to row

    Hello fellows, I have a table of 2 columns “unique code” and “email” ,so the case is that one code could have many emails, so i want show all emails for specific code at one row.. Thank U
  5. R

    Need some guidance on how to approach this

    Hi Everyone, I need a little help with something. I have a report that I get twice a day, on emails that were sent to some of our generic inboxes. Each email has it's own row. Column C of this report contains a list of all the email addresses the email was sent to. There can be one or a...
  6. S

    Mail merge multiple data rows to one email address

    <tbody> Email Data 1 2 A B </tbody> Hi guys is there a way that I can mail merge 1 email with several rows of data, instead on several emails with 1 row of data? desired result - Ste recieves 1 email which states...
  7. L

    VBA Multiple body text references creating multiple emails - Help!

    Sheet contains an index of descriptions and order dates: Column D = Roof materials Column E = 12-09-2019 Below is to check order date in Column E and match to todays date. Checks to see if "Reminder Sent" is in Column F, if not, creates emails and places "Reminder Sent" with date/time in...
  8. A

    VBA Sending Outlook emails

    Hi Guys, I have a VBA that send automatic emails from excel, but I have a problem with formating and Hiperlink. In the Sheet "_Text" is the email with all the detalis that I need, Bold, Hiperlink... Can anyone help on this , please!! The file is on the link below!
  9. S

    VBA EMail distribution not working

    Hello, I've built a program in excel VBA that creates emails and attaches invoices based on a distribution list. The program creates drafts of the email and saves them for review before we manually send them. The issue is that every single e-mail came back undeliverable. This is the e-mail I...
  10. K

    VBA to send email of sheet within the new email

    Hi folks, I didn't want to hijack another thread so I'll start a new one here. When looking at this thread ( I like the way the code creates a formatted email grabbing a range from a worksheet. In my case...
  11. P

    How to read gmail inbox without outlook, dll ....

    I can send an email via vba without outlook, but I can not receive emails, can you help me ?
  12. R

    SumIF question, multiple criteria

    I am attempting to summarise a large data-set and am having trouble trying to collate the sum total. Hopefully the below example displays correctly on this page. Sample of data-set is below; <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Qtrly Modified Date Docs Emails Q1-2018...
  13. S

    how to include rows of data from excel in a email automatically

    Hi All, I have the bellow table on a spreadsheet, courier is a drop down list where any of the below could be chosen, what i want to know is if its possible to make it so when ever i select a certain currier from that list can it send an email involving that row. e.g if i select Gopher on row 3...
  14. S

    Need Help Sending automatic emails depending on cell value

    Hello Ive, got a spreadsheet where column C is a list of drop down list of our curriers, and i want to know if its possible for it to send automatic emails when one of the cells is updated to a certain currier (in this case a currier called gopher) if so is it also possible for it to include the...
  15. Sharid

    Match Emails to URLs

    I have a list of emails, I need to link them to the correct URLs. Problem is there are too many to do manual. I was hoping for some vba code that would MATCH part of the string in the EMAIL to that of the URL and place it in the next column/s Example Sheet1 column A has all the urls <tbody>...
  16. P

    Vba to move emails from Inbox to personal folder

    Hi, I receive 20 to 25 emails a day from a common mail box daily to my Outlook 2016. I will then move those emails to a personal folder named "Daily email1" & "Daily email 2" based on email subject. I want this to be automated. Whenever I get those emails I want a button to run a code which...
  17. P

    Send multiple emails to different addresses/pictures from sheet

    Been trying to put together a macro that has the ability to send three emails to different addresses. The kicker is I want each email to take a picture of a range in the sheet and add it to the body of the email. I have tried a bunch of ways but continue to run into errors. Any help would be great.
  18. P

    Saving emails that was sent from workbook to drive

    Hi All I hope that somebody can help me if this is possible. I am new at this :smile: so please bear with me. I am sending emails with the code below and it works fine. What I would like to do is save those emails to my drive for record purposes. Is this possible :confused: Thanks Preston...
  19. S

    Excel to email PDF page of spreadsheet

    I have excel and I have outlook (on the physical computer). I have a button that I made that saves/archives/quits the workbook. Is it possible to have excel make a pdf of the active page and have it email out via outlook to a series of specified emails (emails to be specified on another page in...
  20. C

    Extract value of the second column only

    Hi Gus, i have a 2 column listbox wich first column contains names and the second emails. I wanna extract only the emails and send it as a list in a worksheet row ... that code worked when the column was a singlecolumn contaning emails but now i need to extract emails only help how can i send...

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