empty cell

  1. S

    FindNext loop until next blank cell

    Hello, I am stuck on a simple idea but yet the code for it might not be that simple... I am a beginner at coding in VBA, and I am trying to create a sub that selects and paste the values of all the cells in a column that contains today's date when you close the sheet. Right now I managed to...
  2. O

    copy and past data from specific cells from multiple workbooks to master workbook (but need to copy the cell even if it is empty)

    Hello , i need to make the bellow code copy even blank cell (to avoid input data from 2 workbooks in the same row), because the final output is going to be storing the data from each workbook to a single row . Sub Copy_specific_Cells_From_other_workbooks_auto_RF() Dim FileName$, sPath$ Dim...
  3. H

    How to add today's date if cell is empty, and if not skip to next column?

    Im a complete VBA noob and im trying to do what seems to be a simple thing. The purpose of my code is to make a button where it checks to see if the cell is not empty, it should offset to the next column and if it is empty, then it should add todays date. So each day I press the button it adds...
  4. M

    Copy/paste values if the cell next to it is empty every month

    Is there a way i can copy paste specific rows to the excel ark. The things i need: - copy paste e3, e4, e9, e13 and e15 from mappe2 (book) to mappe 1 (book) - has to copy the value in the given row if the cell next to it is empty - the macro has to be applied from mappe1 (book) - next month the...
  5. nburaq

    Complete empty cells with a value

    Hi Gents, I have a huge list which includes columns namely group and points. In group column there is always a value but in points column the value might not exists like value C and E in column group. If there is not any value in column points then a value needs to be written as "N/A". I tried...
  6. T

    Googlesheet - How to skip empty cell in macro loop and continue filled cell?

    Hi, would greatly appreciate if anyone is able to help! I am working on editing a macro that involves vlookup copy/paste data from Worksheet A (IB) to Worksheet B (Inbound POs). However, it copies empty cell in Worksheet A and overwrites the filled cell in Worksheet B which i do not want...
  7. Y

    How to find max value with empty cells & #div/0!

    Hello, I have inlcuded an example chart that I use regularly for work below (assuming it starts in cell A1 - so data range would be B2:AH34). Is there a way to find the max value of this chart, or even the top 5 max values (would be ideal but will settle for just one max figure for now if it's...
  8. S

    Changing Window Within Workbook

    Within a Workbook, I have a window (Sheet2) that needs to be active for entering raw data and a window (Sheet1) that will be up on a monitor, showing live, manipulated data. In order to keep the current line item on the screen I have it run Application.Goto Target.EntireRow on Sheet1, which...
  9. U

    Treeview Parents/Child - How to return the first non blank value located one column to the left of the source cell and n rows upward.

    Hi all, I'll try to be as clear as possible so please do not hesitate to ask for clarification. I'm working with a text file data extracted from CATIA V5 that replicates the tree structure of an assembly with its components and subcomponents. From that text file I arranged the source data in...
  10. T

    Find Next Empty Cell

    Hello, I have the following code: Sub EmptyRow() On Error Resume Next Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim wbCurrent As Workbook Dim wsCHINO As Worksheet Dim wsSTOCKTON As Worksheet Dim wsFLM As Worksheet...
  11. A

    Loop through empty cells and data move to one cell left

    Hi All, Loop through empty cells and data move to one cell left <tbody> Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date...
  12. K

    Subtract constant in sum function

    Hi All, I have a small problem. I need to sum a range of numbers and subtract a constant. I have used the method: {=SUM(B4:BUU4-0.5)}, which gives me a #VALUE error. The problem occurs since there is empty cells in this range. I have also tried with a {=SUM.IF(B4:BUU4,">0",B4:BUU4-0,5)}, but...
  13. N

    VBA Extract and sum numeric values from bracket

    Hello, I had a code for this but I can find it anymore. Basically, I have a sheet with a column of alphanumeric values. At the end of each string I have a decimal value between brackets, but also some text. I would like to extract the numeric value only, sum all the extracted values with the...
  14. J

    Blank cells as result of formula with ""

    Hello guys, I'm making a macro that finds the last empty cell and paste from there, the problem I'm having is that Excel won't consider an empty cell when copying a cell which formula's result is "" and pasting values, hence, the macro leaves as many empty cells as where copied from blank cells...
  15. M

    VBA - copy the first row that has empty cell

    Hi, I want to make a macro to copy the first rows to the last rows that is empty in column A (below: A4 to E6) from workbook called "XXX" to my current workbook called "ZZZ". <tbody> A B C D E 1 2252 1 7 13 AAA 2 2253 2 8 14 BBB 3 2254 3 9 15 CCC 4 4 10 16 DDD 5 5 11 17 EEE 6...
  16. M

    VBA - copy and paste onto the next empty cell

    Hi All. I was wondering how to paste some selected data that I copied from Sheet1 onto Sheet2 in the same workbook on the next cell that is blank. So far, I have the following codes: Sub Step4() Sheets("Sheet1").Select Range("B1:L34").Select Selection.Copy...
  17. K

    Find first cell that displays nothing

    I have formulas in from cells B3 down through B1000 of a spreadsheet that will display "" (nothing) if they evaluate to false. There may be an instance where a particular cell within this column evaluates to false and I am trying to find and select the first cell that displays nothing using the...
  18. P

    INDEX result with date criteria & skip empty cell

    <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 DATE FROM TO PRICE 2 01-03-18 A Z 18,900 3 10-03-18 A Z 18,500 DATE : 4 29-03-18 B Z 18,900 FROM : 5 11-04-18 A Z TO : 6 18-04-18 A Z 19,500 RESULT : 7 18-04-18 B Z 19,800 8 26-04-18 A Z 9 27-04-18 A Y 10...
  19. J

    VBA Excel If cell value is empty ERROR

    I had a good working VBA program to copy in order and sum things up. I wanted to make my program even better after the client worked with it a bit so I changed some small stuff and tryed to run the macro. It came back with an error on the next line For Each cell In newven.Range ("G:G") If...
  20. S

    Find empty cells in multiple range of cells

    HI, I am trying to build a checklist wherein user inputs a string in column A within the following ranges A6:A8, A10:A14, A16:A18 and A20:A23. I can also name these ranges as Sec1, Sec2, Sec3, and Sec4 for easy reference in the code. I am trying to get a vba code that would check if all the...

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