1. ibmy

    SUM/COUNT of Value 1 at the Start of Set

    Hi Experts, How to get result in Column L (Start) ? GIL1DataEndStart2315415161715891111011121213121415161111718191220122122132312413252627 For Column I ( End) , I use this code : Sub End2() Dim a As Variant, b As Variant Dim i As Long, k As Long a = Range("G2", Range("G" &...
  2. Z

    VBA - stopping a macro from running via keypress

    Hello everyone! I have a userform which takes around 1,5 hrs to run. I press a button and then the timer starts. (It handles thousands of columns and rows, I am working on optimizing it, but still something like this would be user friendly) I want to be able to stop it at any given time by...
  3. W

    VBA Code next line continuation

    Hi one and all, I am trying to use VBA to put a very long formula into a cell, why such a long formula? Don't ask! When the code is entered into the cell as a formula, manually, it worked fine. But after coding the formula into VBA using multiple next line continuations " _" (because it is such...
  4. C

    VBA Outlook Run Excel Macro When Received email in Outlook Subfolder

    Hi, I want to trigger excel macro TEST12.xlsm when received en email with subject title "Test", it work when the mail arrived in inbox folder, but not in subfolder. Can anyone enlighten me or point me to the correct sub folder path? The subfolder name is "Biz Ops Report" and I am using below...
  5. G

    Print hidden sheets -

    I used the following code to print a hidden sheet and my first sheet disappeared .......can anyone tell me what the problem was, please TIA GT Sub PrintOnlyHiddenWorksheets() Dim CurVis As Long Dim sh As Worksheet For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets With sh...
  6. S

    Workbook Closing closes other open workbooks

    I have the code below in a workbook. When I close the workbook, it typically kills all other open workbooks of excel. However, excel has started opening a blank window (no loaded workbook) in a second window whenever opening any excel file. Anybody have ideas on both of these. Further, sometimes...
  7. D

    VBA Userform with inactive workbook

    Hello all, I have an Userform which starts up when Workbook is open, and the workbook gets minimized. Userform is show modeless so other open workbooks could be handled Private Sub Workbook_Open()ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMinimized Workbooks("New BOM Maker Userform.xlsm").Activate...
  8. J

    Convert Sheet Events to Macro's

    Hi all, i have the below example of code that detects when BACK_COM is in cell T5 of Sheet1. When ba.placeBet is initiated, the program "Betting Assistant" will automatically call ba_betPlaced. What i am looking to do is rather than have the initial ba.placeBet triggered on Workseet_Change, i...
  9. S

    Name a worksheet after cell contents

    Hi I have a bit of coding that copies an existing worksheet (called "SCHEMES") and puts it before another worksheet ("AUDIT") but I'd like to add in some code that will automatically take the content of cell A1 of the sheet that's copied across and automatically uses that as the worksheet name...
  10. 5

    Count only visible data after filtering

    ​Hi, what do I need to add to the below code to only count the visible data after filtering. I assume it is possibly .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible) or similar after With Worksheet("calculations"), but I can't figure it out. Help appreciated. Sub Count_only_visible_data()With ActiveSheet...
  11. M

    VBA - Copy specific headers help... check point

    Hi Team I got one vba solution on this site given by DanteAmor, if any header missing then I want to add message box for user and exit sub Option Explicit Sub copy_paste_data_based_column_headers() Dim sh1 As Worksheet, sh2 As Worksheet, a() As Variant, b() As Variant Dim i As Long, j...
  12. M

    database manager

    Hello, I explain my problem, I create a database manager, to use it is very simple, in the sheet BDD Chat you will find a button that opens the manager, once open you will find a combobox that lists the name of the lists, a listbox which lists the items within a list, 1 button add a list, 1...
  13. K

    macro list of name ranges includes some i dont want

    I have a macro for listing all name ranges in active workbook when a certain worksheet is activated. the code is Sub Rprt() Dim nm As Name, n As Long, y As RANGE, z As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set z = ActiveSheet n = 8 With z .[a5:O155].ClearContents .[a7] =...
  14. S

    Networkdays with start and end times on different days due to multi country shifts

    Hi, I am faced with this scenario where I need to calculate the number of minutes between two date & time stamps with the Start and End time in different hours . My scenario is as below Excluding Hours between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST all other time, excluding Saturday and Sunday and...
  15. D

    How to copy multiple rows using If

    Hi all, I'm very new to VBA and have written this simple code to copy certain cells if a certain cell within that row contains any data. I need to replicate this for the 19 rows beneath this. Do I need to Keep writing the same code for each row or can I write a code to cover all the rows...
  16. R

    VBA does not run

    Hello, I am using this VBA code but it does not run automatically when I enter data in the sheet, I have to run it manually! Sub Pop_Up() Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Range("c1:U439") If IsDate(cell.Value) Then If cell.Value < Now() Then MsgBox...
  17. A

    multiple worksheet changes

    Hi I have a worksheet change in a sheet but need to a second one. I know you can't have two changes in a sheet so is there a way I could combine the two changes below? Private Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range) If target.Column <> 2 Ortarget.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub...
  18. P

    Inventory VBA

    Hello, I've received and modified a simple VBA from another excel and i was wondering if anyone could help me modify even more. The thing i need is that the range of this code would be across all documents worksheets. I1,I2,I3 stays in the first sheet. Date and Name in any other if I2 or I3...
  19. N

    Range of Cell to exported as html website

    Hello, I am trying to export a specific range of cells (A1:E18 for one and I1:M18 for another) on a specific sheet and save it in a HTML table, separately. The code I have below is what I found and have been working with to try to modify but as I make changes I don't seem to be affecting...
  20. A

    Select and Print Only Cells with Values

    Hi, newbie to VBA here. I have been researching and trying many ways to select and print a range, and I cannot find a way to print cells with values only. In my case, I create a list of entries through the day. I am creating a button so I can print all of these entries at the end of the day...

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