1. P

    VBA Entering If statement

    This one is beating me..... I have a macro on the sheet where anytime a change is made, it enters this sub. That sub works perfectly. The sub below is my problem. The sub below is highlighting cells with ColorIndex = xlNone with ColorIndex = 42 I cannot figure out why it is entering that If...
  2. B

    Getting value from a different tab (How to make my current formula drag down?)

    Hello! I made a formula to display the latest value entered in a column on a different tab. In the column on “Sheet2,” an employee enters the new amount of mileage driven in the rented car once it’s returned (see example below. Date and Mileage are two different columns)...
  3. C

    Lock a cell based on another cell's value

    Hi I am trying to lock a cell (A1) based on the value of another cell (A2) (ie if the other cell's value is above 0) to prevent users from entering data in that cell in A1 if A2>0 How do I do this ? Thanks for the help
  4. gheyman

    Access: Key behavior in Field - Cursor

    I have a filed on form that is formatted as currency with a default of zero "0". When the user enters the field to enter an amount, the cursor appears in front of the defaulted value of 0. So when they start entering a value - less say "17" it shows as $170 not $17. When they hit enter it...
  5. gheyman

    Access: Timestamp new records

    I have a table where I put a field in named "_TIME_STAMP" Whenever a new record is entered into the table I want to capture the date and time in this field Note the user is entering data into the table via a Form (Splitform). What is the best way to do this? Accesstbl_VendorQuoteData - Table...
  6. G

    prevent user entering data in time format

    I am creating a timesheet in excel and need to restrict the format users can enter data. I need them to enter the hours worked in a decimal format. i.e seven and a half hours to be entered as 7.5 This seemed quite straight forward using data validation by restricting entries to numeric...
  7. J

    Worksheet change event - filter table

    Hi, ive seen this code before posted in here but cant seem to find it. I have a table with headers in Row 5. In Row 3 i want to use these cells for filtering the corresponding column. Example if entering "green" in C3 then the table will be filtered automatically, then when C3 is cleared the...
  8. G

    Can i Turn off Excel Table Auto Fill formula (Formula Replication) for only specific column(s)?

    Hello, I have started a new thread as directed. See background info at https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1056650-can-i-turn-off-excel-table-auto-fill-formula-only-1-column.html#post5229744 I'm fairly new to the use of Tables. I have a Table where some columns are calculated and...
  9. P

    Program or quicker way to data entry

    Dear All, We have data entry from one spreadsheet (A) to another (B) as below: (A) <colgroup><col width="64" span="5" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> a b c d 1 99 99 81 54 2 67 69 66 94 3 50 64 91 57 4 62 59 91 57...
  10. N

    vba Help

    Please help me out with my issue. In my excel sheet were I want to lock cell range L1: L1000.Only after double click on L1: L1000 row user form for password should popup. After entering password L1: L1000 should be editable. If Ienter “OK” I any were between L1:L1000 then the whole Colum...
  11. M

    If Formula Error

    Hi All, I am entering the below formula but it says missing parenthesis =IF(AND(C10>0%,C10<80%),0,IF(AND(C10>=80%,C10<=100%),C7*C10,IF(AND(C10>=100%,C10<=120%),(C5*0.5%+(C7-C5)*1.5%,IF(C10>120%,(C5*0.75%+C5*120%*1.5%+(C7-C5*120%)*2% Can any one help C5 is Domain Target C7 is Achievement...
  12. B

    A Middle School Math Teacher Needs Help with a SEARCH Formula

    Hello...I am a middle school math teacher who is trying to create a SEARCH formula that will require more than a one-word answer, and I also need the formula to return a '2' for true and a '0' for false. For example, the answer to a particular word problem is 'Sara', and students have to justify...
  13. gheyman

    autocomplete a field

    I want to put a field on a form where the user enters a Part number. I want the filed to finish entering the data as the user starts to type in the part number. Example of there is a part numbers in my table named ABCD, ABCD1, ABCD12... And the User starts entering "A" I want the field to...
  14. M

    Help with pasting formulas using VBA

    Currently doing a project at work, where I am making a standard document, people should be able to make changes to. I am therefore in a situation where I would like for the "Vlookup" function to be pasted. However when using: rawpurchase.Cells(i, 6) = "=vlookup(E" & i &...
  15. Jan Kalop

    The summation of digits

    Having in A11 digit 1909 and entering in B11 formula "=SUM(VALUE(MID(A11,ROW($I$1:OFFSET($I$1,LEN(A11)-1,0)),1)))" with enter and shift, display in B11 digit 19 then entering in,C11 formula "=SUM(VALUE(MID(B11,ROW($I$1:OFFSET($I$1,LEN(B11)-1,0)),1)))" with enter and shift, display in C11...
  16. S

    "TRUE" for an Approximate result in a formula

    Hi all, When entering a formula, we often need to choose between entering TRUE or FALSE. (I would always enter a zero but it seems FALSE is more reliable.) Entering TRUE would be for an APPROXIMATE result, but I tested this and need to ask – What rules are used to determine approximate?? The...
  17. A

    Function to get maximum marks

    Greetings I am preparing a mark sheet for 5 subjects 10 marks each. Total 50 marks On entering the subject marks range from 0-10 total marks I am using SUM function Last column I have max marks attempted. How to get the total for it on entering marks from 0-!0 Sub 1 sub2 sub3...
  18. R

    Return to Command Button after entering data

    Is there a way to return to a CommanButton after entering data? I am matching a barcode to a column of data, it automatically moves to the next column and enters a time/date stamp then moves to the next column for manually entering a sample weight. After entering the sample weight, I would...
  19. W

    Updating a Spreadsheet causes ghost cells to appear from other worksheets

    When I update a cell in one worksheet either "ghost" cells from another worksheet inside the workbook appear at the bottom or over top of where I am entering data. How do I eliminate this from happening? I can click out of the worksheet and back in and they are gone.
  20. P

    Conditional formating based on column

    I have an excel that has data points entered in columns D through R down 20 rows. Each column represents a month in the year, Jan through Dec. The data points are entered each month and then recapped with the boss. In column B, is a conditional format(Icon sets) based on the value of the column...

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