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    Opening files inserted into an Excel workbook in a Mac environment

    Hi Excel-wizards! This is my first post having been a distant follower for a while - so go easy on me ;) I have a number of .xls workbooks which have lots of files inserted into them (Insert>Object>Create from file>Display as icon). These files are usually .pdfs but there’s often others...
  2. B

    Automating hyperlinking file list

    Hello All - Firstly, I need to apologize for the background noise. I am sitting in a tavern editing a lengthy list from a recovered hard drive. It wasn't until I played the video back that I realized how noisy my environment is. BTW - This same environment is protecting me from chronic tedium...
  3. S

    VB to find operating system

    We're moving from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise. I'd like code in my workbook to work under either environment, meaning I need to determine which environment a user is in and adapt my code accordingly. Thoughts?
  4. J

    Force Email Link to Open In Outlook

    I currently have various email addresses in my workbook. However, when clicking on the address they are opening in my Office 365 Environment. I need the links to open in Outlook 2016. Any Ideas how to force this?
  5. D

    Most efficient way to extract from Access

    Hi Everyone, Now I know this is probably a well asked question but I'm looking for the most efficient way to extract data from Access. In my scenario I use Access as an input tool in a multi user environment with an Excel report which needs to pull the data in. Does anyone have any ideas of...
  6. M

    VBA code stops working once I paste it into the "production enviroment"

    I tried hunting for this issue and couldnt find an answer hopefuly the forum can help. I finaly learned not to work directly in the production environment. I created a dupilcate file on my desktop so I can verify the codr functions before being it over to main user file. The code...
  7. R

    Trigger macro from outside excel environment

    Is it possible to trigger macro from outside excel environment? My requirement is to take screenshot of citrix application when we click on it.
  8. J

    Trying to reverse engineer a pivot table and cannot figure out where this column reference is

    This is some work from an employee that left. There is one sheet with a large table in it. Columns A-->Q 1400 rows. On of the Columns is labeled "Environment". Now in the pivot the Rows quadrant has three things in it: Month Environment Environment2 Environment2 seems to be a calculated...
  9. A

    Test Access to Controlled Folder

    I have a VBA module for which the ultimate goal is to write an Excel file into a specific folder. That folder resides on a networked shared drive and has controlled access via the user's LAN ID. So that the file is not lost in the event that a user is not authorized to read or write to the...

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