1. N

    Countifs -> Dates in 2 cells are equal & before time

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to count the amount of times 2 different cells have the same date and also the times in a 3rd cell need to match and the 4th cell need to be before/after a certain time. In my formula I've only managed to put in the times, so if the date is incorrect it will be counted...
  2. J

    VBA macro: Copy to clipboard table range up to 0 in first column as criteria

    Hello everyone:) Maybe someone can share with an idea of macro, which will copy specific cell range to clipboard based on criteria of one column (if cell value is 0, copy to clipboard up to that 0) Basically small example below, i need to copy all range from A4 to C12, so 12 rows, because row 13...
  3. F

    SUMPRODUCT IF value equals

    Hello, could you please kindly help me with the below, to make it so that it'd only consider values for the calculation if the corresponding value in column 'A' = "XX", and instead of specifying the range, sums up all the matched values in a given column? Please also note that values start in...
  4. G

    Split value in half and add

    <tbody> A 500 B 750 C 750 </tbody> How can I split A in half and add the half (250) to B & C to equal 1000 or it can not be done? Thanks in advance GT
  5. C

    IF Statement Formula

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out a formula that has a number of parts. Let's say that we have columns A, B and C. Column A will contain either a date, or be a blank cell. B will contain "Accepted", or a blank cell. I want Column C to return either "Open", "Approved", or be blank, depending on...
  6. K

    Conditional formatting based on another value

    I have two number columns A and B. I want to highlight column A with either a GREEN fill or RED fill. If the value of A is greater than B*0.95 AND A is less than B*1.1 fill it GREEN. If the value of A is greater than or equal to B*1.1 OR A is less than or equal to B*0.95 fill it RED. Been...
  7. J

    Not Equal to, if statement

    This is super easy for the experts but I can't figure this out with 2 arguments If cell D9 does not equal "WI" or "IA" then return a 1 - otherwise display 0
  8. C

    IF or IF(And) formula for 3 logical tests - Excel 2016

    I know this is a fairly easy question but as my Excel is very rusty and I am trying to learn the features of Excel 2016 this has me stumped. The question I have been given is - Enter a function to calculate the award give - my chart has from 4 years of service to 27 years. If the employee has...
  9. S

    cell equal only filtered cell

    Hello: In column A, I have 1,299 unique part numbers. The end user is going to choose one through a filter. I need cell B1 to equal that filtered number. I need this because I am doing an Indirect formula that needs just the chosen (filtered) part number, but because the filtered number is...
  10. H

    Either of 4 cells equals a value then get the desired result

    How to formulate: IF EITHER of B2 or D2 or F2 or G2 is EQUAL TO 1 THEN I2=100 ELSE “” I am using Excel 2007. Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH: 30px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH: 33px"><col style="WIDTH...
  11. C

    Return value adjacent based on match

    Hi all, I believe I've done something similar to my current problem but I can't quite figure this one out. Would appreciate any advice! I'm trying to match 2 values in different columns and then return the adjacent value from a third column. Hopefully this demonstrates it clearly. <tbody>...
  12. T

    Applying two conditions in formula

    Hello, Trying the following formula and I keep getting an error: =IF((AND(E4="FT",(U4<=DATE(2010,10,10)),IF(V4>=160,L7,IF(P4>=12,L6)))) I'm trying to meet the following condition: If the cell in E4 is FT AND the date in U4 is less than 10/10/2010, evaluate the following: if cell V4 is greater...
  13. D

    How to use Macros to Filter less than or equal to Cell Values

    Hello, I want this Macro to filter off less than or equal to, not just equal to. Also, if one of the cells is blank (B2 or C2) I would like it to show 'all' for that selection, rather than 'none.' Can anybody help me? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Set Target =...
  14. bobgrand

    Conditional Format Brain Fart

    Hello all, I am struggling with what I think should be pretty simple. I checked around for examples and still stumble. Please help. Column C has a number Column W has a number I need the cell in column W to highlight if it does not equal column C Both of these columns should be equal...
  15. D

    Help with making two DATE cells equal

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvjBsEPEq12ngUhA_FQ2c4n1ukg6?e=cF7u0s Need help with making two date cells equal. First cell is the date Second cell is a formula How do I make the formula to be equal to the date such that I could do a vlookup off of it
  16. N

    Excel Formula to give unique countif

    Hi, I'm trying to write a formula that says count unique values in the range of b3:B4 where bn3:bn4 does not equal no change. Any idea how to write this? Thanks, Mark
  17. H

    Merge two ranges together and wrap them into each other

    Hi all, I want to merge two ranges together. The first range is equal to Sheets("1").Range("B1:AA100") the second range is equal to Sheets("2").Range("B1:AA100") I am familiar with the UNION-function, but I want to merge them differently. Basically, I want to merge them column for column...
  18. K

    Nested formulas

    I am trying to create a formula that includes the following =IF(T2=0,IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Redemption",E2)),"Redemption",IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Subscription",E2)),"Subscription",))) HOWEVER, if T2 does not equal 0, it will equal "Exchange" but i need it to also look at cell P2, and if p2 contains...
  19. T

    setting cell to equal cell below

    Hi all, I have blank rows in a table that I want to have equal the row below. The idea is that, while cells immediately below might also be blank, we will eventually hit a row that isn't blank and the formerly blank cells would take those values. I used the macro recorder to get a sense of how...
  20. H

    Time greater than

    Im trying to writer a code to pull all names that have a start time of 11 or greater cell B2 has the following code =IFERROR(INDEX('Bid Results'!$X$6:$X$253,SMALL(IF('Bid Results'!$Z$6:$Z$253=>TIME(11,0,0),ROW('Bid Results'!$Z$6:$Z$253)-ROW('Bid Results'!$Z$6)+1),ROWS('Bid Results'!$Z$6:'Bid...

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