1. T

    Evaluate math formula from Equation editor into cell

    Hello MrExcel community, this is my first post, so if there is anything about this post that isn't posted correctly feel free to tell. OK so going into the main thing, In my Excel sheets I use plenty of long and complex mathematical equations, that when trying to replicate form paper into...
  2. I

    Using Excel solver (or other method) with a common objective in multiple cells by changing the same variables, subject to constraints

    Hi, I am struggling with quite a complex problem in which I think I may be able to solve or at least partially solve using the Excel solver tool. I am trying to set up a design of experiments analysis in which I have a number of parameters at two levels. I have one specific objective which I...
  3. T

    How to Convert an Exponential Trendline Equation to a Formula

    My data is in 2 columns. Column A is my Y axis, Column B is my X axis. I have maybe 30 rows of data, and I created a line with markers graph using that data. Then I right clicked on the data line to have Excel create a Trendline using Exponential. I then clicked the option to show the...
  4. Z


    Hello, i would like to know what equation to use if i want to use the below condition if the result is 0% or in negative % then score is 0% and if result between 1% to 25% then score is 25% and so on till i reach score 76% till 100% then score is 100%
  5. D

    Linking data from another workbook using AVERAGEIF

    Hi everyone, I am using an averageif equation, and in the equation I am referencing data from another workbook on my company's server. When I have said workbook open, the equation works and I get my number. However, if I close it, I get a #value ! error. Is there anyway to fix this error and...
  6. M

    Nested ISBlank

    Hello I have 3 cells I would like to check if blank So if Cell B19 is blank check Cell B25 if not blank multiply B19*15 (then equation is done if its not blank, if blank go to next cell) If B25 is Blank go to Cell B27 if not blank multiply B27*10 (then equation is done if not blank, if blank go...
  7. M

    VBA to solve for equation based on missing variable

    Hi all, first post here. I've been learning VBA, and I've found the best way for me is to jump into exercises I've never done before. I recently came across a problem and decided to take a shot at it. I'm trying to use VBA to solve for the equation A = (B/C)^D, where any one variable A, B, C...
  8. G

    Help Needed with simplifying

    Is there a way to use the Countif function (or any function) to look up a range of criteria? Example: If i had a range of numbers (with repeating values), I would want to know How many times a range of numbers appear. Right now I use =COUNTIF(A1:A100, "20"), if i wanted to see how many times...
  9. E

    Putting an equation into solver

    Hello, I need to input equations into solver in Excel (Its easy to do most of these outside but the automation is helpful) For example $120=$93.50*X+(S:S)*($3000-X) How would I type this equation into Excel to have it solved. NOTE: In this case S will be from a list of Values.
  10. L

    Equation for Data filtering

    Hi I am after an equation either sumif or countif, whatever is best for the following two scenarios. Scenario One I have created a workbook on excel with several sheets that automatically filters names of people that have attached specific tasks they complete onto a summary sheet. The sheets...
  11. xeven_

    Can a excel formula be made for this equation?

    I may as well be reading Chinese as my math doesn’t yet extend this far. Please excuse me I am just an aspirant practitioner. Can an excel formula be made to solve given values/variables for this equation? Thanks in advance. :confused:;) https://ibb.co/b3GTr7W
  12. P

    Calculating Rounddown Future Value

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask a question about a very simple excel problem but I don't know how to solve it, haha. I have a sequence formula like this: <tbody> 1000 5% =ROUNDDOWN(A1*(1+$B$1),0) =ROUNDDOWN(A2*(1+$B$1),0) =ROUNDDOWN(A3*(1+$B$1),0) =ROUNDDOWN(A4*(1+$B$1),0)...
  13. C

    Referencing a string of charcters in a cell as a cell reference.

    Alright, so I have looked everywhere online and cant even find a specific way to do what I need or even if there is a way to do it. So right now I am trying to create a list of dates that always displays the last 8 entries of dates in a data pool. So when I add a new date with values it will...
  14. C

    Trendline equation in chart - need "m" and "b" linked to cell that updates dynamically with chart

    I've read a few dozen posts on linking trendlines to cells, but none of them seem to offer a solution to my problem so far. The trendline equation on the chart automatically updates to reflect what data in a table is visible (not filtered out). All of the formula equations I've seen use the...
  15. D

    lookup address

    All, Trying to use lookup and address for the first time and think i am doing it wrong. SUMPRODUCT(--ISTEXT(address(7,LOOKUP(2,1/(G5:G15245<>""),ROW(G5:G15245))):LOOKUP(address(7(2,1/(G5:G15245<>""),ROW(G5:G15245)-300)))) So i have a ton of stuff in coulmn G I need to find the last value that...
  16. J

    indirect function - how to change row by dragging cell horizontally

    Hi everyone, In B3, I have the equation: =AVERAGE(INDIRECT("b"&(today()-$A2+5)):INDIRECT("b"&(today()-$A3+5))) When I drag this equation horizontally the two ["b"}'s stay as b's. What can I do to have the two ["b"}'s change to the new column with everything else in the equation staying...
  17. D

    have index match return nothing

    I have this equation {=INDEX(F7:AS7,1,MATCH(MAX(IF(F6:AS6>0,F6:AS6)),F6:AS6,0))} row 7 is a bunch of names what i want returned row 6 is maybe some numbers and maybe 0 and could all be 0 if all of row 6 is 0, i want the equation to return nothing. Now if they all go to 0, it retuns the last...
  18. E

    product equation for specific date range

    i am trying to use the product equation to product some values from certain date rang, i was thinking maybe there is some-sort of productif equation or so. thanks in advance
  19. R

    Excel Equation Help!

    How do I write an equation in excel that has the following format: IF "C3 is found anywhere in Column H" then IF "D4 is equal to either Column I or J (on the same row as where C3 was found in Column H)" then "Pass", Else "Fail" this will be continued for the rows, e.g. search for C4 anywhere...
  20. W

    removing #DIV/0! & #VALUE!

    What do I need to do to this equation, so I don't get the #DIV/0! result? =IF(E43<=(N43/2),((A25/(ROUNDDOWN((N43/E43),0)))*B43),A25*B43) Same with #VALUE ! =IFERROR((D25/(ROUNDDOWN((O43/H43),0))),"")*B43 Thanks

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