1. sharky12345

    Clear Combobox without firing change event

    I have a ComboBox on a Userform which has MatchRequired set to TRUE. I want to be able to clear it without firing the change event for the Combobox if someone can help please?
  2. K

    Same conditional formatting if same value

    Hi, Is there a way to get some kind of dynamic conditional formating: if A1 = B1, then A1 formating =B1 formating (font and text color). I thought of a macro on a change value event but I miss the "undo" function. Any idea? Thanks in advance
  3. C

    Activate Active sheet

    Hi guys I have the following Event: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Dim n As Integer n = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row If Target.Column = 1 And Target.Row <= n And Target.Row > 3 Then Target.Hyperlinks(1).Follow NewWindow:=False, AddHistory:=True...
  4. B

    Date &/or time sort

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]-->Hi peoples: wrt date and time sorting – I receive bulk data from various sources which use different formats for stating event date and time – usually given as one column, e.g.: -...
  5. B

    Formula for expenses

    Hi there, I hope someone can help. I have a spreadsheet where on worksheet 1: I document all events invoices in Excel. This includes the date the invoice is submitted for payment, the date the event takes place on, the cost centre it relates to, the P&L Ledger code, the supplier and the cost...
  6. M

    Queries and Connections Pane via VBA?

    I would like to be able to control the display and hiding of the Query and Connections pane in Excel 2016 (Power Query). I have tried to find the object using the macro recorder but the open/close event doesn't get recorded. Can anyone tell me if this is controllable, and if so, how? Thanks Matt
  7. S

    Excel Timeline/Scheduler Question

    My work uses sharepoint to create schedules, but the sharepoint interface is sometimes buggy and requires an internet connection to do work. We've created an excel spreadsheet that is editable offline, and that uses a formatted worksheet for the user to enter data. This then reorganize cells...
  8. N

    Display Message "Empty" when Combbox1 has no values or rather Empty

    Anyone in user Forfm Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() combobox1.dropstyle = 1-FrmDropButtonStyleArrow 'when UserForm is Intialized or activated the combobox1.value = "" 'or combobox1.text = "" End Sub 1. When clicked on above combobox1 or on the arrowbutton of the combobox1...
  9. J

    Needed: Formula to assign variables to panel data

    Hi there, In my workbook, I have (1) spreadsheet of biathlon performance panel data for the 2016/17 World Cup events and (2) spreadsheet of the amount of WC points earned per competition (see screenshots). I want to assign three variables to each row in spreadsheet (1): event rank, WC points...
  10. P

    Emailing from Data Form

    Hi All, Sorry if this is a little silly but I have an excel sheet on which we record all our volunteer requests. This sheet is populate by a userform that along with a couple of other forms populates what is a rather large spreadsheet of info. we have a lot of info we need to type into the new...
  11. MUKESHY12390

    Compile Error VBA Ms Acecss

    Hi All, I have made some changes to macro which someone built in past, macro works perfectly without any debug. there are several form on it , I changed the Control number and write new code (but didn't delete old control code is still there , although these lines don't affect the code) since...
  12. A

    VBA - Create new workbooks from list in master sheet

    Hi. Scenario - I have a workbook called Master - with a worksheet called Data and another worksheet called Template. In worksheet called Data - I have data such as 1January, Event 1, Event 2, Event 3, 1February, Event 4, Event 5, 1March, Event 6, Event 7 etc., in Column A Template is the...
  13. T

    Can I skip application-level event-triggered macros if that event triggered a workbook-level event

    Hi, I have a workbook-level double-click event that I put into a certain workbook awhile ago. It checks if there is a record identifier in a certain format either in the target cell or in the current range, within the double-clicked row; if so it queries an SQL server to find backup...
  14. D

    Right Click Event

    Hi, I've just added a right click event to call a macro which works fine but it also it is bringing up the normal cut and paste menu. How can I disable just the cut and paste menu? Thanks Dan
  15. M

    change font in event

    Hi, We have an event and need to change the font. But using .size is not working. Any ideas? With refRg.Validation .Delete .Add Type:=xlValidateInputOnly, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:=xlBetween .IgnoreBlank = True .InCellDropdown = True...
  16. B

    Match or sort dates to match other dates

    Hi guys, I have a worksheet with four columns (A = Calendar, B = Event Date, C = Alarm off, D = Alarm on) containing details of alarm off and alarm on times. Column A contains every day from 1 May 2015 until 30 June 2017 - 793 rows including the header; Column B contains selected days between...
  17. B

    Find first and last event each day

    Hi guys, I have a workbook with thousands of rows of data for a two year period. I'm looking for a way to find the first and last event for each day - some days have hundreds of events. As it is, Column C contains the date and time (format: custom = dd/mm/yyyy h:mm) with other columns...
  18. T

    Searching 20k+ lines for certain text

    Hi Team I hope someone can assist me. I'm trying to get a vba or function going to search through 20k+ lines (only column A) for results like "Event" or "Event Management" and would like to know how many times it occurs (typically a Work note) the line of column A looks something like this...
  19. E

    Before copy event?

    I want to create a "before copy" event that will return an error message and abort the event if the current range selected is within some cells. Thanks in advance.
  20. D

    Textbox Exit Event is not being triggered by Enter/Tab

    Good afternoon, I have a userform with multiple tabs in a multipage object. I completed the project, and all was working as intended. On each tab, there are multiple textboxes that feed into corresponding listboxes via the textbox exit event. Since completing the project, I decided to add...

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