excel 2007 vba

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    Macro runs into "object required" error, please debug.

    Greetings All, I am unfamiliar with VBA so reaching out to anyone who can help me debug why the macro named "Sheet2.ShowMembership" runs into "Object required" error message when fired? The macro in question basically turns column A & B (last name & first name) into bolded text with yellow...
  2. F

    Running Avaya CMS report in Excel 2007 VBA

    Good day, I produce reports in Excel 2007 that calculate data exported from Avaya CMS 16.1 through VBA. I'm having trouble exporting CMS reports in different time zones. In the code, when I set the CMS report properties and try to change the time zone it shows me an error or it doesn't change...
  3. B

    Shared Workbook Functionality - VBA code to make sure conflicts don't happen.

    I am building a workbook for several users to enter data. There are a number of fields for each record, and the users may not know there is a conflicting save point (created by another user) until after they've spent a decent amount of time in the workbook. Is it possible to have a VBA code...
  4. L

    Excel 2007 - Create Outlook 2007 Appointment + Avoid double entry creation + Update

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and to VBA. Still I have a rather tricky question to ask. I have an Excel 2007 work sheet with deadlines for action items. Formulas behind dates, each one of which is in a different column, ("launching date", "foreseen end date", "postponed date" and "closure...
  5. E

    Sheets(Array(...)).Select Question

    Hi, I am trying to use the following code, but I keep getting the "Subscript Out of Range" error. I'm sure it has to do with the my variable: The code basically looks in each worksheet to see if there is data in it and if there is, I want to print that to PDF. Dim ArrSheets As String...
  6. E

    Using VBA .FieldNames in Excel 2007

    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I'm trying to hide my field names while pulling a SQL query using VBA in Excel 2007. I tried to use: .FieldNames = False However, it is giving me an error... This works fine when I use it in Excel 2000...is there new code to use in 2007 or should...
  7. L

    How to reference the Windows Color Scheme

    I've been making a userform and depending on whether or not a checkbox is clicked or not, an image becomes hidden or unhidden. This image is intended as a substitute for disabling half of the form (as in, the image is of the disabled fields while disabled) because there are other controls within...
  8. S

    Copy & Paste Values to worksheet, based on User's Input

    Hi Experts, I'm using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I have the following code that, a expert from Experts-Exchange provided, which takes an amount from one sheet, and based on the User's input, it populates that amount in a different worksheet in the same workbook. It populates it to an address...
  9. L

    Switching computers - VBA problem

    I had a perfectly working VBA macro on my old machine, but when I switched over to a new computer, it suddenly gives an error code. :confused: Something like this Nr '5' Illegal procedure or argument Things are a bit more complicated since the new machine (work computer so not installed by...
  10. J

    Get Data from a closed workbook Excel 2007

    Hi everyone, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I'm new using VB and I'm having some troubles to get data from a closed wb in Excel 2007, I found a code which I tried to use but doesn't work:<o:p></o:p>...
  11. S

    Snap to Grid from VBA

    I'm using Excel 2007 and couldn't find a way to keep the setting of "Drawing Tools - Format - Align - Snap to Grid", as when the file opens it's disabled again. Tried also to find a way of using VBA to put something into ThisWorkbook code or into Worksheet_Activate() function, so it will be...
  12. B

    Creating a Grading Macro

    Hello, This is my first forum posting so please let me know if I need to include any other information. What I am looking for is some type of macro that can evaluate text strings and numbers that are entered into a cell. It is apart of our new employee training. Ideally the user would enter...
  13. B

    Send enter key to open IE page via Excel VBA

    Send enter key to open Internet Explorer page via Excel VBA I am trying to click a webpage input box and use a Send key enter. I can select the Input box, but can not make it Send(Enter). Thanks!
  14. A

    Excel2007 - vba Advanced Filter Doesn't Calculate

    Hi , vba Advanced Filter 2007 does not work whereas 1997..2003 does via a button click I have previously used excel 97..2003 :) to calculate an advanced filter via vba, however I have now upgraded to 2007 :( and even after reviewing programming books the filter will not work in 2007 and...
  15. M

    2007 Excel , No Application.FileSearch anymore Help

    Hi, Just got the new excel 2007 and foud it doesn't have the Application.FileSearch anymore, which we use quite a bit. I've been trying to work a way around it but have had no luck. I'm on a time crunch so thought for the first time I'll ask the internet for the first time out of desperation...
  16. Q

    Test Case ID_Select Range_AppRun

    Can someone help please? Have thousands of Test Cases in groups of 3 to 50 with a complex ID in a format something like: QC/Type/Test Group/TestCaseID(A)/001 QC/Type/Test Group/TestCaseID(A)/002 QC/Type/Test Group/TestCaseID(A)/003 QC/Type/Test Group/TestCaseID(B)/001 QC/Type/Test...
  17. M

    Referencing Excel2007 Tables

    I have a worksheet with several tables defined and need to find out information about the tables and data contained in the tables using basic Excel and VBA. The referenced table is named tlObjectNames <TABLE style="WIDTH: 433pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=576...
  18. L

    Custom Ribbon Button and Macros

    I have a macro which I assigned to a custom butoon in Excel 2003. This macro was run by many users in my organization. I would like to duplicate the funcationality in Excel 2007. I have created the xml code to add a custom button to the Ribbon using the CustomUI Editor. This works well. I...
  19. W

    Excel 2003-2007 compatibility problems in VB

    Hi, Currently I have a file (Excel 2007 in "Compatibility Mode") that copies a sheet to a new book and saves the new book as a new name and closes it. The problem I am having is that when I reopen the newly created wb, it tells me its in a new format different from excel?? However eventually I...
  20. E

    I need a strange and specific macro and excel formula! Anyone, who knows?

    Hi! I am creating a very interesting thesaurus (words and their synonyms) for a script that I am developing! Why I need excel, when it is in .php? Well, that's a good question! What I need for the .php script is this format: " A " => " B ", where A and B are the word (A) and its synonym...

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