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  1. M

    Word to Digits in Separate Cells one after another

    I am trying for formula in excel to split the word in to digits on each separate cell in same row, as described below. B10 = Mirza Bahadur Ali Result Required: C10 = M, D10 = i, E10 = r, F10 =z, G10 = a, <No Space> H10 = B, I10 =a , J10 = h, K10 = a,L10 =d , M10 = u,N10 = r, <No Space> O10 =...
  2. S

    Copy all text between numbers from a text file to Excel sheet rows.

    Copy all text between numbers from a text file to Excel sheet rows. attached: Text.txt (Input) shown as image Excel file (Output) A121. How to copy text in key:1# rows betwen numbers from a text file. How to copy text in rows betwen numbers from a text file. How to copy text in rows betwen...
  3. G

    comparing cells and copying data based on match or failure

    Hi all, I'm not even sure how to start this one - I'll do my best to explain. I have one worksheet called "sheet1" and it contains the below data Title User Name Status Backup 123_nissanseed Authentication ABCDEF\123_subwaywilderness misc. 123_hyundaicomedy copy...
  4. T

    VBA for index match and vlookup function

    I have a code that run the index match and vlookup function, but the problem is that the data I receive is not always the same (sometimes only 3 or 5). When I run the code, the code always ask me to update the value of the unavailable sheets. here's my code Sub Function() Dim ws As Worksheet...
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    VBA code to copy data if the cells contain data and move to next column if the cells doesn't contain data

    I have posted the problem before on https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/formula-to-autofill-with-condition-and-skip-blank-cells.1194817/ It used the if function and it works perfectly The problem is that the data that taken to the master data is automatically run by VBA and it can't add the...
  6. T

    formula to autofill with condition and skip blank cells

    I have the master sheet and data sheet (more than 1 but same format) This is the example of the data from the sheet Project Details Project A Laptop Printer Camera Blank Phone Projector Project C Implementation Debug Smart TV what I need...
  7. K

    Confusion Of Join Method

    I'm creating an app for user to select data but they don't have to select all the data. For example, they can choose to include some columns, but not the others. One thing that is known is the data selected will have the same rows(so if the user selects A1:A5 and C2:C5, then that's the user...
  8. W

    Help modify existing formula to extract number from a cell

    I have a sample of the following excel sheet I want basically the column A2 to return only the numbers. I have an existing formula. The only problem is if I look at Row 1,2 and 3 they start off from 1 instead of including the 0. I would like it retrieve any number even if they start with 0...
  9. N

    Dynamic Graph Range

    I have a simple line graph of a column of data, something like: =Table!$C$1:$D$1500. However, the data is added to regularly, so the upper limit needs to be dynamic (lower limit is fixed at C1). I can use the COUNT function to calculate the upper limit, but have no idea how to use it for a...
  10. T

    How to assign a cell to a countif function

    Can someone help me please, I'm trying to get this COUNTIF function's criteria to be a cell (see image below) it works fine when I have it as =COUNTIF(P2100:P2205;"Nov 2020") but then every month I would have to change it manually. cell N2208(highlighted in green) updates automatically every...
  11. E

    line graph not showing on top of bar stacked bar graph

    I have a stacked bar graph. I converted one of the series to a line graph (Change Series Chart type then select line graph) but the line series is not showing. Any advise? I am using Excel 2010 so No combo graph option.
  12. Y

    COUNT with 3 Criteria

    I use count if =COUNTIFS('INR-CPAR Monitoring'!$K:$K,$A$3, 'INR-CPAR Monitoring'!$E:$E,C2) | | COUNTIFS('databaseMONTH,Month, 'databaseNEARMISS,Nearmiss) and it gives me The result of like this ||||||||||||||||||||January |February Near Miss: 5 2 now my question is. Is...
  13. C

    Export data from excel in word

    Hello guys! I want to export specific cells from excel document to fill a word document. To be clear. I want to generate many word documents by having the template. For example I have the word document with a list of tasks and an excel document with personal data of people who have to fulfill...
  14. S

    Remove old connections with VBA

    HI, I have seen multiple posts about removing old connections using VBA but they remove all connections. I have a sheet with 62000+ connections that have built up over time and would like to remove them and retain the 100 usable connections. Is there a way i can filter against the "Last...
  15. P

    Keyboard Shortcut to View all Worksheets (Excel 2010)

    Hi, Is there a keyboard shortcut to view all the worksheets in a workbook? I know how to right click on the <> arrows to view all the worksheets but wondered if there was a shortcut? Thanks Peter
  16. W

    Need MDI - Need to find a legitimate seller of Excel 2010

    Microsoft is dropping support for Excel 2010 at the end of the year. My applications need MDI to run efficiently. Does anyone know of a legitimate source where I could purchase a copy? All the sources I have found on the Internet seem questionable. Thank you for your help.
  17. M

    Best way to read the contents of a cell line by line

    Hello, I have been given a task to check the difference between 2 times in a transcript. The worksheet that I have been given has each transcript inside a single cells (1 cell per transcript). what would be the best way to read each line inside the cell? Do I copy the contents to a temp text...
  18. T

    How to change "% Difference From" to "LN Difference From" without VBA?

    in Excel 2010, how to (or is it possible?) to change "% Difference From" to "LN Difference From" without VBA? That is embed LN( row b / row a) or any reasonable formula into the "__ Difference From" functionality without VBA?
  19. T

    Greater than less than display - (IF(AND)) formula

    I have a sheet that I am working on for doing an hours breakdown. I have 2 columns, one that deals with regular hours and one with overtime. I have an hours box and then the formula in the columns designates the number of regular hours (no more than 8) and then put the rest into the overtime. I...
  20. W

    Any suggested colour combination / themes for sharing excel files between windows dark theme and light theme users?

    Due to my disability and medical problems, I have to use Windows dark themes. And therefore the font colour that I use is white on dark background. However, the people with whom I shared my files are usually using light themes which means they need dark font on white background. This issue...

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