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  1. Y

    COUNT with 3 Criteria

    I use count if =COUNTIFS('INR-CPAR Monitoring'!$K:$K,$A$3, 'INR-CPAR Monitoring'!$E:$E,C2) | | COUNTIFS('databaseMONTH,Month, 'databaseNEARMISS,Nearmiss) and it gives me The result of like this ||||||||||||||||||||January |February Near Miss: 5 2 now my question is. Is...
  2. C

    Export data from excel in word

    Hello guys! I want to export specific cells from excel document to fill a word document. To be clear. I want to generate many word documents by having the template. For example I have the word document with a list of tasks and an excel document with personal data of people who have to fulfill...
  3. S

    Remove old connections with VBA

    HI, I have seen multiple posts about removing old connections using VBA but they remove all connections. I have a sheet with 62000+ connections that have built up over time and would like to remove them and retain the 100 usable connections. Is there a way i can filter against the "Last...
  4. P

    Keyboard Shortcut to View all Worksheets (Excel 2010)

    Hi, Is there a keyboard shortcut to view all the worksheets in a workbook? I know how to right click on the <> arrows to view all the worksheets but wondered if there was a shortcut? Thanks Peter
  5. W

    Need MDI - Need to find a legitimate seller of Excel 2010

    Microsoft is dropping support for Excel 2010 at the end of the year. My applications need MDI to run efficiently. Does anyone know of a legitimate source where I could purchase a copy? All the sources I have found on the Internet seem questionable. Thank you for your help.
  6. M

    Best way to read the contents of a cell line by line

    Hello, I have been given a task to check the difference between 2 times in a transcript. The worksheet that I have been given has each transcript inside a single cells (1 cell per transcript). what would be the best way to read each line inside the cell? Do I copy the contents to a temp text...
  7. T

    How to change "% Difference From" to "LN Difference From" without VBA?

    in Excel 2010, how to (or is it possible?) to change "% Difference From" to "LN Difference From" without VBA? That is embed LN( row b / row a) or any reasonable formula into the "__ Difference From" functionality without VBA?
  8. T

    Greater than less than display - (IF(AND)) formula

    I have a sheet that I am working on for doing an hours breakdown. I have 2 columns, one that deals with regular hours and one with overtime. I have an hours box and then the formula in the columns designates the number of regular hours (no more than 8) and then put the rest into the overtime. I...
  9. W

    Any suggested colour combination / themes for sharing excel files between windows dark theme and light theme users?

    Due to my disability and medical problems, I have to use Windows dark themes. And therefore the font colour that I use is white on dark background. However, the people with whom I shared my files are usually using light themes which means they need dark font on white background. This issue...
  10. W

    How to modify the load behaviour of Excel 2010 add-in (e.g. flexfind)

    I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010 and had a few useful add-ins like flex find installed. https://www.jkp-ads.com/officemarketplaceff-en.asp.However, I do not use these add-ins frequently. Since it seems that Microsoft excel 2010 loads, these add-ins at start-up and it significantly increases the...
  11. D

    Outlook to Excel VBA

    Hi, I've had some code running in outlook for about 6 months at least now and been working fine however since about a month ago it stopped working and i cannot figure out the reason why... It keeps telling me that the file doesn't exist..., i've changed application visible to true and i can...
  12. W

    how to change the default sort order and file open dialogue box of Microsoft Excel 2010

    I have a computer program that frequently creates new files in a given directory. I then have to open the latest file in Microsoft Excel in that directory and work on it. Whenever I do Ctrl+O and bring up the file open dialogue box, it brings up the list of files in the given directory with...
  13. D

    Need to incorporate popultation report into pivot table to calculate error rate

    I have an Excel 2010 workbook that includes the detail for a portion of the population of data. The portion was selected based on certain criteria. Research was completed to test compliance. The results are displayed in a pivot table. I need to calculate error rate based on a second report that...
  14. A

    Two tables to a Pivot Table

    Hi I have a Client running Excel 2010. [They will not install PowerPivot :(] In a workbook they have two Tables - each on a separate sheet. The Tables have a Customer Field in common. I want to be able to combine both Tables into a Pivot Table. I am a Advanced Excel user (20 years). What...
  15. D

    Multifunction Button

    Hi, My Excel Spreadsheet has: a Shape which is intended to act as a button Column D is hidden Cell F5 is formatted as Time and is currently set to 00:05:00 (i.e. 5 minutes) Cell Range E12:E21 where the user is going to enter values (e.g. answers to questions) I would like the user to be able...
  16. tlc53

    Left Align Text Across Selection

    Hi there, The "Centre Across Selection" is very helpful in avoid having to merge cells and in my case, use the "Auto Fit Row Height" function. However, I would like the Text to align left across the selection, not centre. Is this possible? My input data is being entered across cells C32:G32...
  17. R

    VLOOKUP values with merged cells

    Hi, I am trying to get all the values from rows with VLOOKUP. I have data which has seller name in merged cell and Product is in differrent rows.For Example: Adam seller has Bananas,Oranges And Lemons... <tbody> Seller Product Adam Bananas Oranges Lemons Robert Apricotes Lemons...
  18. W

    What is the keyboard shortcut to access all the entries within a pivot table

    I am not a frequent user of Microsoft Excel. So I'm hoping that I have describing the problem correctly. I have been sent several Microsoft Excel worksheets to work upon. Each of these contain pivot tables with each row summarise some financial transaction for a particular month. So, I will...
  19. V

    Creating a Scroll bar to filter a Pivot Table (By Time) Excel 2010.

    I have the below Pivot table (it goes through to zone 8), The data in the columns is number of people in an area at a given time. I would like to add a scroll bar connected to the pivot to filter this table (a total of 17 positions) i.e. position 1 showing 06:30 and position 2 showing 07:30 etc...
  20. D

    Identify unique items in a column based on a specifc condition in another column to return 1 or zero

    Hello! I’m trying to find a formula for an Excel 2010 workbook that will identify the number of unique ids in one column that meet a condition in a second column then returns a count of 1 in the cell for the first instance then 0 for each recurring instance. Ultimately the count columns will be...

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