excel 2013

  1. mehidy1437

    Count unique distinct values based on a condition

    Hi, I got this here, =SUM(IF("Jennifer"=$B$5:$B$26,1/(COUNTIFS($B$5:$B$26,"Jennifer",$C$5:$C$26,$C$5:$C$26)),0)) Is it possible to amend this formula without CSE to get the same result?
  2. mehidy1437

    Need help in Pivot Table

    Hello There, Just started to learn the pivot table. While playing around to understand it. I have this problem. While transforming some data, columns to rows, duplicate values are not merging & not showing the correct sum. I have highlighted the cell in yellow. Pivot Table...
  3. mehidy1437

    Concatenate three columns, look for duplicates copy single row or cell

    Hi Guys, I need help to compare 3 columns (G, H, I) values with many rows & want to keep all the unique value with the first duplicate. Here below what am I looking for? If there is any formula without CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER will be better. Also, I don't want to have a blank cell in between, the...
  4. mehidy1437

    Calculation in excel VBA

    Hi Experts, I need help with the below issue. I have data in A2:D5, I will divide each cell by a value let say 40 or anything. What I need is a bit different, kindly see the below example. ABCDEFGHIJK1SMLXLRESULT DIVIDED BY 40REQUREMENTULTIMATE RESULT2180400.025021IF RESULT IS <1 OR PRIME...
  5. S

    EnableSelection:= xlUnlockedCells - Not working

    I have some specific cells locked and others unlocked. When I manually protect the worksheet, I cannot select the locked cells, which is what I am looking for. This is the correct behavior. I have some code that runs when I open a workbook and when I close the workbook. The code basically...
  6. S

    VBA: When Sheet Changes - Issues with in cell formula

    I have some simple code that I have used previously. I have adapted to a different circumstance, however, I am not getting the desired effect. Here is the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim cell As Range Rows.AutoFit On Error GoTo...
  7. R

    Problem applying conditional formatting in Excel 2013 desktop

    I am using Excel 2013 desktop and trying to insert traffic light colours in certain cells. I did the following: Click Home on the ribbon, then Conditional Formatting, highlight cell rules, then equal to in the pop up box type the letter R (or A or G) click the drop down menu on the right &...
  8. F

    Check duplicates in one column based on duplicates in another column and assign a value based on a condition.

    I have a few columns and couple thousand rows. Name Location Status Action Jake Germany out Retain Jake Ethiopia out Delete Jake Germany in Retain Jake Germany out Retain Jake Ethiopia out Delete In the above table, if Jake is "in" (3rd column) "Germany" (just an...
  9. H

    Excel VBA Will Not Recognise AutoFilter Is Enabled

    Excel vba will not recognise that AutoFilter is enabled. However, it works on the initial sheet which the code is run from. Using code: If ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode Then Option 1 Else Option 2 End If I have tried to use vba prior to the above code, to remove and re-add the...
  10. A

    Searching Multiple Values in Cell and Displaying Output

    Good morning, I'm trying to get this function to work, however I'm running into some issues. I'm trying to search multiple model numbers in an array using the SEARCH function, and display output using the IF function. When doing this I can only get SEARCH to find the first value in the array...
  11. derek.hughes

    Ron DeBruin email worksheet code compile error - Help!

    I am in office 2013 (32x). When I run this macro: (https://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s1/outlook/amail1.htm) in Excel 2013 (works in 2016) - I keep getting a compile error at "Environ$". I've searched the web for hours and cannot figure out how to resolve saving the temp file. This is on a network...
  12. S

    Include values of cells as an array in a formula ????

    It has been a while since I posted. I have a formula that references some values in a range. The range is static and the values are constant. The formula is in cell E3. I would like to remove the values from the range and hard code them into the formula so that I don't have to have the values...
  13. G

    How do I make my excel spreadsheet take an un-organized column and group it into several small lists with a formula?

    So I'm trying to find a formula to make my Excel spreadsheet take a very un-ordered list(Column B), and sort of compress it into several ordered lists automatically. Current Example Desired Outcome A B A B 1: John - Apple...
  14. mehidy1437

    Adding more column in the arguments in VBA

    hi, how can I add column 1,2,3 here instead of column 3 only? I want to compare three column to get the unique value. str=ar(i, 3) Full Code Option Explicit Sub SumandRemove() Dim ar As Variant Dim i As Long Dim j As Long Dim n As Long Dim str As String n = 1...
  15. mehidy1437

    Export each row as separate image of a selected range in VBA

    Hi Guys, I want to export each row of my selection range as separate image in VBA. Image name will be from the first column data. Like as, S1001.jpg, S1002.jpg & go on. Is it possible? If yes, give me some idea with the code.
  16. mehidy1437

    How to get the opposite cell details from range in VBA?

    Hi If my selection range is a1: e5 then with below, we can have the first cell as fCell is a1, and last cell as lCell is e5. But what if, i want to get the first column last cell as fColLastCell is a5, and last column first cell as lColFirstCell is e1? Range can be vary time to time. Its not...
  17. P

    External Table is not in the expected format - ms access 2013

    Hi. I am running the following vb command from access 2013. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "123", "c:\test\test.xls", True Access 2013 - Excel 2013 The table 123 is created but the external table is not in the expected format appears and when I click on debug...
  18. L

    Weight Break calculations - A method question

    Hey everyone, Although this account is new I have been around before and ive always gotten good answers and im hoping once again i may get some help. This question is about how to convert a single line of parameters into slightly different static parameters. I could quite easily create a...
  19. J

    Automaticallly hide specific rows based on single cell value

    Hello everybody, I've run into some problems with a worksheet that I'm doing during my internship. The idea is that based on the value of the cell CU2 I wan to hide rows with values greater than the cell value. So if CU2=3 I want to hide the rows 4-9 and so on. The easiset thing is probably to...
  20. W

    Create user-generated or auto-generated report from password-protected shared spreadsheet Excel 2013

    My healthcare facility currently used a shared, password protected spreadsheet to schedule procedures for physicians. Is there a way I can create a user-generated report (basically a daily schedule) from the spreadsheet? I've attempted to link data to another workbook and/or create a linked...

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