excel 2016

  1. R

    Days Aging Formula (# of days overdue)

    I have a list of past due invoices. I have a PO Date (column f) and I am wanting to add a column for Aging Days (column H) that will tell me how many days have gone by from the PO date. In column I, I would like it to tell me if the invoice is past due or not past due. Any help would be...
  2. G

    Message box List

    I have been searching with no avail on a vba to display a msgbox with specific data. I have an idea but the specific throw me off (still a beginner). This message box will display a value1 then tab then value2 then tab value3 then new line value1-2, tab value 2-2, tab value 3-2 and so on until...
  3. R

    Power Query Data Source - Not Pulling from Sub Folders

    MS Excel 2016 This is the first time I've used a query, so I could very well have constructed the applied steps incorrectly. My problem is that records from newer files are not present. The query is designed to compile lists of reviewed records from weekly reports. They are the same lists...
  4. A

    Largest Value based on Multiple criteria

    Hi there, I'm working with a data sheet and am trying to get the Nth largest value in a specific column based on multiple criteria. My single criteria formula works fine, this is it: ={LARGE(IF('Sheet1'!C:C=3,ABS('Sheet1'!W:W),""),1)} However, I run into the #VALUE! error once I add another...
  5. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Check if multiple String Variables are Blank

    Hello All, I have a small script that takes values from one sheet and populates other tabs based on specific criteria. I have a small declaration of variables that I am trying to validate that there are values within the variables, if not I want to change the variables to "N/A" as the...
  6. mehidy1437

    Formula to extract first character from right side but before the numeric data

    Hi guys, I want the below result from the string, how can I do this with formula? AB1STRINGREQUIRED RESULT2BBBA123A3BB1234B4CC3C5DD123CD6F11CCD32CD7F11CCE32CME8F11CCF3CMF9F11CCG345CG
  7. B

    Create a list of all peers from a given Employee List

    Hi, Newbie here with very basic knowledge on how to use VBA (not knowledgeable enough to create VBA code). I need some help in creating a list of all peers for a given employee list. Below is a sample: Employee List Emp Name Manager Name A1 M1 A2 M1 A3 M1 A4 M2 A5 M2 Output...
  8. R

    VBA Loop Through Groups of Option Buttons on User Form

    Excel 2016 Windows 10 I'm trying to loop through all my controls on a user form to ensure they've been completed; I'm confused on how to check to see if one option button has been selected in a group of buttons. Each button is coupled with only one other button per group name, so if either one...
  9. U

    VBA Combining Data and Create Pivot

    Hello Gurus, Hope you are doing well despite the pandemic. I was wondering if you have any idea on how to code this: 1. I have a worksheet with 5 tabs or more (may vary). The headers are same (see below): Number Name Sales Div Data Note 1 Sam SA 100 2 Amy FA 90 2. I want to create...
  10. S

    Log into FTP folder and download the latest file to my local folder(Based on created)

    I'm trying to access FTP using hostname, username & password. need to access the particular folders and copy the latest file (Based on created, as the filename may vary each time) to my local path. Copying the latest file is working using the below code. Could someone probably help me to append...
  11. R

    Defining Order of Controls in User Form for Loops

    I am using Excel 2016. I am attempting to loop through a set of controls within a frame in a specific order and writing their content to a worksheet. I've tried defining the tab indexes, which seems to do what I need it to, for the most part, but a few controls are not looping in the correct...
  12. G

    Excel 2016 and Power Query issue

    Hi everyone, I developed a file on O365 using Power Query for my wife to automatize some tasks. On her laptop the file with power query would not work (using Excel 2016). I first thought it was linked to a version issue but then I did the following on her professional laptop : Close and...
  13. M

    Offset "Application.Match" result to find destination cell

    I'll try to be as brief as possible. Here's the rundown. Setup: I have 2 Workbooks. I'm trying to loop through Workbook#1 and for every cell that contains a blue border, I then want to search for that cell value on Workbook 2 (a result SHOULD always be present). Once the result is found, I...
  14. M

    Multiple Column Loop from wbA and copy/paste all data to 1 column on wkB

    Hello all, I'm trying to create an array loop that goes through columns A1,D1,G1, J1 (Keeping the headers) from one workbook and paste all the data to one column (keeping cell formatting) on another workbook. The data in the copied columns (A,D,G,J) will vary every time the macro runs so I'm...
  15. A

    Trying to use countif formula, difficult to explain

    Hi there, I've been pulling my hair out on this one, I've got a large range about 1249 rows with 68 columns, due to privacy agreements I cant release any screenshots of the actual spreadsheet. So I have included an example below. So I need to count the conformity within the 'lemons'...
  16. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - If Filtered Range Return Nothing Then

    Hello all, I am having some issues with a statement in my current code and all sources online aren't really answering my question directly. I have a fairly long script that loops thru a range to get a filter criteria value and then apply the filter to a range on a seperate sheet. This code...
  17. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Loop thru an array of Sheets in Workbook and extract first row to a Log Sheet

    Hi everyone! I am stuck on a task that I am not sure how to accomplish but it is pretty straightforward. My workbook has several sheets that I can put into an array that I want to extract only the first row of data E4:V4 and paste these values into Sheets("Daily Log") starting in the same range...
  18. B

    substitute formula I need help with

    Hi all, I have a two columns of text which I need to make sure both match as the data comes from different sources. Both columns of text have characters in the text that can throw off the match formula as being an error, example below: The name match says no to one of them because there is a -...
  19. E

    Data Connections, From Web, File Type CSV, Unable to Connect Error (Excel 2016)

    Hi, I'm trying to import some data from the web using data connections and I keep getting this error: "Unable to connect. We encountered an error while trying to connect. Details: "External table is not in the expected format."" The link I'm trying to connect with is...
  20. C

    Password Protect?

    Hi everyone :), Is it possible to save my workbook on to the organizations network so that anyone may access it for viewing purposes only? But i want to be the only one who can go in and make changes. All help is greatly appreciated, I am going into excel right now with very little to no...

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