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  1. D

    IF Else Statement Help

    I have a Spreadsheet that has employee Names in Column A Payrate in Column B in Column C Total Hours. I am trying to add a 1.5% increase to the employees who make more than $14 an hour and bring up the employees that make less than to $14 an hour. Then I need it to return the total amount they...
  2. D

    Need urgent help in excel please

    In a cell that is continuously changing every second, i need to monitor that cell and detect its highest & lowest values during a day, how can i achieve this, pls help
  3. N

    How to transpose without replacing

    I need help please. I need to transpose the emails without replacing the existing information in the columns where the information will be pasted. I need only 3 columns per person but several rows if the person has more than two emails Moderator edit: Images removed as probably genuine email...
  4. MrKowz

    [Excel 2016] Query Silent Refresh?

    Good day, everyone! I'm in an environment that is running two different versions of Excel. Excel 2016 and O365. I developed a utility which has three data connections to other Excel files, and these data connections are causing me issues. In Excel 2016, I've recently discovered that when a...
  5. D

    Scroll Through Multiple Search Results

    I have a bit of an odd workbook (I know, that's not unusual here :) ). There are two sheets: the second is the data page, the first is a search of sorts for the data on the second. The search allows the end users (and I'm trying to allow for those who barely know Excel) to type in a phone...
  6. C

    Excel 2016 Total or Subtotal Row ignoring hidden columns

    Hi all, I am trying to create a subtotal across a row like you would down a column, however, when you try to subtotal a row the calculation appears to include the hidden information. I have a Spreadsheet that contains numerous macros which hide\unhide columns of data, however, when I try to...
  7. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - SumProduct Formula to return value only once in the event of duplicate row

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of PO Numbers, the list may at times have the same PO repeated on different rows. I need a modification to my formula to be able to only show the result once if there is a duplicate row. Not sure of a way to do this so hopefully someone has...
  8. D

    For each listrow - update data

    HI! I'm a beginner (at best) with VBA loops and would need to adjust data in Excel table rows, depending on a single column cell value. I want to loop through all rows for this table and adjust data depending on value in 3rd column ("Check"). If column "Check" value is 1, insert value "Disable"...
  9. D

    How to output a dynamic range where the height of the range varies

    Hi, I have a search tool that returns a dynamic range. I'm trying to get it so that the outputted dynamic range is staggered. I get this: <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:5266;width:108pt" width="144"> <col...
  10. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - SumProduct with multiple Conditions that include a wildcard

    Hello All, I am hoping this is an easy one, I have a sumproduct formula that looks at multiple conditions and it works great but the business just threw in a new variable and I was hoping it will be a quick modification to the formula to get it to work. Here is the formula...
  11. D

    Trying to sort dynamic table in order of number value of first column (this column contains duplicate values)

    Hi, I have a dynamic table that I'm trying to sort by the value of the cells (that have duplicate values) in the first column A. I would start of with this: <tbody> Column A Column B Column C 3 cat Cats Rule#1 3 cat Cats Rule#2 3 cat Cats Rule#3 1 dog Dogs Rule#1 1...
  12. E

    How to copy values from one workbook sheet to another, based on criterias ?

    <button title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" aria-pressed="false" style="background-attachment: scroll; background-clip: border-box; background-color: transparent; background-image...
  13. Johnny Thunder

    Excel Formula Help - SUMPRODUCT with Array of ID's

    Hello All! Not sure if this is possible but can I create a SUMPRODUCT formula that contains an array of ID's? Below is the mock up of ID's that referece a Named Range "Cdata". This formula works if you duplicate and enter in a single ID (1256, 1261 ect.). Any help is appreciated...
  14. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Search Column For String, Do Something, Repeat Search

    Hello all I am working with a code that does multiple Loops thru Sheets based on a Matrix, the Matrix contains a Product ID that will need to be searched on specific sheets. For this search, there will always be at least one value found on the sheet the code navigates too. Search column will...
  15. A

    odd cell behavior: can overwrite cell contents but not edit cell contents

    My users are running into a problem that I can't solve. In one particular cell they cannot edit cell contents. They can write in whatever they want - but only by replacing the existing contents. So for example say it contains the string "Workpaper" and my user wants to make it say "Workpaper...
  16. Small Paul

    Macro Works in Excel 2013 but NOT in Excel 2016

    Hi I have a number of macros I have written on Excel 2013. I am now transferring them across to other users' machines as I am leaving. They all run Excel 2016. For some reason, the macros fail on 2016. The start of one macro is as follows: Sub Daily_Open_Trades_Pivot() ' '...
  17. B

    COUNTIFS with Date Criteria Help

    I have a report I pull from one system into Excel format. I process it with some queries in Access and export it out to Excel. At no point do I actually edit the data in the field, but it is getting passed back and forth. The issue does happen in the source document, so the passing back and...
  18. Airwave

    VBA and Hidden Columns

    I am trying to get the below to work in columns that are hidden from view in Excel. It does work, but only if the columns are not hidden. Is there a way around this? With Sendrng .Parent.Select Set Rng = ActiveCell .Select ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True With .Parent.MailEnvelope For Each...
  19. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Code that does a lookup based on Cell and brings in metadata - Excel 2016

    Hello All, I am working on a project and have this code that works but its super slow, takes 15-25 seconds to bring the data into my sheet? Context, this is a report for an HR Department. A user can drop in a tracking number and from a Data Mart sheet the code looks up the details stored...
  20. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - Multiple COUNTIF's to validate if value is in range - Excel 2016

    Hello All, I have a formula that looks at 3 different sheets to validate if the value is in a range but I need help updating or using another method to enter the forumla. Here is what I got so far but its not all the way there. Formula: =IF(COUNTIF('Drama &...

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