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    Excel Dashboard

    Hi Guys, I am doomed, Please help me I need your help to create an interactive Dashboard, I have a data divided is Categories and sub categories. Complete data is divided in 6 categories, Which further are divided,1) Location wise, Further divided as 2) Manager wise and so on it end at...
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    My Data Lables are being deleted when I refresh my dashboard

    I'm building a dashboard in Excel 2016 and I just added new data to my data source/table connected to my pivot tables/dashboard. When I go to Pivot Chart Tool, Analyze Tab, Refresh menu item and select 'Refresh' when I'm on my Dashboard sheet, the data labels on one of the pivot charts on the...
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    Pivot table and graphs in Excel Dashboard

    Hi everyone, I need to get some fancy statistic graphs out of my excel dashboard Please see Tabs Dashboard and OG Dashboard in the excel dashboard i have attached. For both, I am trying to get reporting over time and success against iTDD, rTDD and TDD (initial Target Delivery Date columns AF...
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    Creating management information dashboards using MS Office

    I have been tasked with creating a dashboard for quarterly board meetings which will include a large number of performance measures and possibly some graphs (either standard excel or sparklines). I created a template for the dashboard in publisher to begin with and tried to copy in the...
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    Creating My First Excel Dashboard

    I am an intermediate user of Excel 2010 on Windows 7. I'm very comfortable with vlookups, pivot tables and the macro recorder. I'm interested in creating a dynamic excel dashboard with various metrics from different segments of my company that I can present to upper level managers as an...
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    How to create simple Excel Dashboard (for 10 year daily data)

    Hello everyone, I have 10 years worth of daily data in my excel work book (linked). I would like to create a dashboard with different metrics (Year to date sales, month to date sales, Year to date costs, Month to date costs, Cost over 5 years, 10 years etc - all the data i have is by day for the...

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