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    Some cells work with formula, some do not, and I can't figure out why

    Hi everyone! I am making a tracking database for work for monthly/annual reporting and for the life of me cannot figure out why some cells get counted and some do not. They are written the same way - the only thing that changes is what sheet is being referred to and what date range is being...
  2. J

    Trouble with Filter/Unfilter Macro (shape as button)

    I'm new in VBA and I created shapes that will function as buttons in my excel document that will filter/unfilter data based on color that when I click the button (for example I click "Waterproofing") it will filter data whose boxes have the color (red under "Waterproofing"). My code looks like...
  3. N

    Calculated Field does not average values (Help!)

    Hi, I am doing pivot tables for a report. I have a field called Scores with values 1 to 5. I wanted to compute the satisfaction score for a person and it should be computed as SatScore=AVERAGE(Scores*0.2) So what I did is I added a calculated field called SatScore with formula =Scores*0.2 Then...
  4. D

    Tricky Horizontal Axis Display Issue Excel 2013

    Hi, I am creating a simple spreasheet for a medication dosing regime. The problem I am having with the horizontal axis labels are best explained in screenshots, but I cannot post those. Therefore the links Click here for the data I need to display as 2 charts. Click here for the display as...
  5. M

    compare tables and extract data matching a condition into a new worksheet

    Compare Two Excel tables in a worrkbook on two seperate worksheets within the workbook and extract the data from both tables into a new worksheet for a matching filter Table 1 has the following fields Position Job Location Description Company Table 2 has the following fields First Name Last...
  6. B

    Transfer of formula

    Hi! Good day. I'm having a trouble on how can i start up to transfer formula array to vba codes. Anyone who could help, please give me some advise for starting-up. This is the sample codes that am going to change in vba codes. Formula: {=SUM(IF(tdlono= &B1, IF(LEFT(tdsys, 5) = "IEDMS"...
  7. F

    Histogram problem,,,

    I need help. the number 9 with frequency 0 is false . The "number more" 18, I don't understand? What means this? <tbody style="border: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: top; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;"> Number Frequency 1 13 2 13 3 12 4 10 5 12 6 11 7 22...
  8. A

    Linking Excel Workbook

    Hello Guys, I built an excel template with a decent level of sophistication. This template involved several workbooks that are linked together. I have at least three layers of linked workbooks with the destination workbook from one becoming the source workbook to another. I hide the middle...
  9. G

    Remove Scientific Notations

    Hello I am stuck in a wierd situation. I have a data, with which I creates a Pivot. Some of the value coming in Pivot are Zero, however some of those Zeros are though displayed as Zero, but when I press F2 to go into that cell they have values like 4,54747350886464E-13 or 2,27373675443232E-13...
  10. P

    Merged cell problem

    I have two forms in excel and they are very similar. I want some cells on the second form to auto-populate when the information is entered in the first form. Ex: Date It does not work because my first form as cells that are merged. Is there a way I can do this without unmerging my cells...
  11. K

    Tricky Formula regarding Dates

    Hey guys, I need serious help, I have been struggling for 2 days. This is my predicament. I need a formula that will display "true" 40 to 0 before a specific date, it must display false for every other day of the year. So basically out of 365 days I need it to only display "true" for 40 days...
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    excel problem

    if the value is greater than $500, then the insurance is 25% of the value, if less than then its 10%--the dollar amounts are in a column f6--for an excel class

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