excel questions

  1. K

    I try to save excel file , but show this error right now.... (Microsoft office 2016)

  2. B

    Very Long (Working) Furmula. Can it be condensed or turned into a Macro?

    Sorry guys, new to Excel and it was hard to make this formula. It is Literally the extent of my knowledge at this point to have even gotten it to work. This formula takes a cell and looks for the persons name in a specific column on a sheet. If the name is found it returns the text in cell B1...
  3. W

    Year-to-Date (YTD) Formula Help

    Can anyone please help me figure out a formula to calculate YTD?? What I am trying to achieve: Sum all months <= current month, ONLY IF months fall within the same year CY (Calendar Year) as the current month As you can see on the screenshot below, Cell B5 indicates the current month. The...
  4. M

    excel event procedure Programmatically created can not triggered at once

    I created a new worksheet's and its 'worksheet_change' event procedure in 'worksheet_change' procedure of a existing worksheet, in its code I also pasted value in the new worksheet created newly, when I ran my code, the new worksheet and its event produce could be created properly, but the...
  5. V

    How to lock ribbon or connections option in excel to view

    Dear All, Pls help , i need to protect my connection or table properties to show any other users. Pls suggest how to lock ribbon to show or how to lock DATA option in excel ribbon. Thanks in adv. Regards Vishan
  6. C

    Excel function Return all row that in the list cell match specific key word

    I wanna make return all item from a list that any cell contain specific key word. If possible in more advanced level, make the return from a range of cell instead of list of row. Thanks.
  7. S

    URGENT Checkbox Code Needed

    I created Checkbox Code that when checked, it brings me to the related worksheet and expands the rows. I want it to ONLY expand the row in the related worksheet and not actually bring me there. What do I have wrong? I am new to VBA so I can't seem to see the error...
  8. F

    Please inform about tool/formulas for analysis data for mega-million

    Please inform about tool/formulas for analysis data for mega-million ; I use excel 2007
  9. F

    Excel question

    Draw ball ball ball ball ball date #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ,,, number until 75 11/1/2013 37 35 50 75 39 11/1/2013 17 24 20 65 68 11/1/2013 69 12 49 73 54 11/1/2013 49 35 32 62 67 12/24/2013 26 59 27 2 6...
  10. F

    How find single cell automaticly ...

    How find single cell automatically and write something in it, into spreedsheet excel 2007 ?
  11. V

    Send Access Table Using VBA code by outlook

    Dear All Gurus, I have a access having with table name "Daily_RTO" i want to send it on email "vishan.uk@gmail.com" by access VBA code using outlook email system. Im new to VBA codes, pls suggest me full code of sending Access Tables and Select Queries to given email addess. Thanks & Regards...
  12. V

    text function (seperate using blan)

    Hi Sir, I have the some details like customer name. Vishan Singh Bob Simi i want first name of customer in next column using text furmula. Pls Help Regards Vishan:confused:
  13. V

    Updating in Access 2003

    Dear All, I want to update <0 data as 0 in many column at once mean in 1 query Data is like <table bgcolor="#ffffff" border="1" cellspacing="0"><caption></caption> <thead> <tr> <th bgcolor="#c0c0c0">DECR_01_Mar</th> <th bgcolor="#c0c0c0">DECR_02_Mar</th> <th...
  14. Q

    data sheet in what if analysis.(Excel 2007)

    I just got on data analysis using the “data sheet" function available under "what-if analysis". And it did not work<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I followed all steps of the book (Excel bible 2007), for one cell change format...
  15. P

    Still Active?

    I see the last challenge question was due in 2008. Is this board still active?
  16. S

    Problem counting only visible cells

    I have read the thread on how to count only visible cells with other criteria, but I don't understand how to generalize this to my situation. Here is the originial countif statement: =COUNTIF(Data!T:T,"*"&B3&"*") Here is the code that I have copied from previous threads, with my numbers...
  17. B

    Merge problems

    Hello, I'd like to be able to compare the data between two different worksheets to see the differences and then merge them together. Can anyone help? Thank you! ;)
  18. F

    Need formula to make a list of data from a running real time data entries.

    Hello MrExcel, i want you to help me now. How we get a coloumn that contain an updated list data entries directly from a running and real time recording? example: Day 1st Time Name Buy 07.00 John 5 units 07.30 Smith 2 units 09.00 Alexa 3 units 10.15 John 2 units Day 2nd Time Name Buy 07.15...
  19. C

    Please Help With Easy VBA??

    Hi I have a quick easy question i have this code which works fine on my worksheet but i need it to look down the whole Coloum of R(i have highlighted below) at the moment it looks down the list and as soon as there is a gap it stops?? for example ColoumR Complete Complete This will copy to other...
  20. M

    One List for LookUp - Need All Results

    Hello, I'm in need of some help regarding Excel and lookups functions. My worksheet contains 2 tabs. Tab 1 - Contains Employee Names and Projects they're on. Note * Their names may be listed multiple times. (Once for each project) Example - Joe Smith Project 1 Bob White...

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