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    VBA inserting rows then pasting predefined values

    Hi forum, I have cleaned data and removed duplicates, now I need to add 16 pre-defined values (category_locale) for every category_id The category_id's are not always increasing by 1 as some times they will skip sequence. Meaning category_id 3565, should have 16 different...
  2. P

    How to Clear a JSON file

    Does anybody know what the command is to reset / clear / refresh a JSON file before the file is loaded with another set of data? Thanks. :)
  3. B

    Connect SQL Database to Forn Activation

    Hi, I'm new Userform and when the form activate a dropdown list must be populate. I can't get my project to connect to the SQL database. With all my searches I found these code but I have no idea where to place these code. I have tried to place them in Userform activate but I get an error...
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    VB Get the last 3 digit number

    Hi guys i have a problem about my userform i have 16 textbox and command button to search in textbox 1. is it possible to search only the last 3 digit number in textbox1 instead of 8? here is my code for my command button :):):) Dim totRows As Long, i As Long totRows =...
  5. T

    Excel VB Code to create totals columns based on lookup

    Hi All Something I cannot get my head around. I have a worksheet (Analysis1) that contains numeric data in columns 'D' to 'lastCol'. Each of these data columns has a header label in row 2. There can be anything up to 30 different column headers, but these fall into only three 'types'. The...
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    How do I use SUMIF in Excel VB

    Hi I have two worksheets. Worksheet 'detail' contains details of sales transactions (values). Each row shows a Customer code, and transaction values. The transactions appear in multiple columns under different 'groups', as below. image does not work so please see cut & paste from Excel...
  7. J

    Simple code tweak in IF function Excel

    =IF(A1="DEMAND",0,IF(A1="COLLECTION",0,IF(A1="BALANCE",IF(O1<=Y1,O1,IF(O1>Y1,Y1,0))))) I am using the above formula, I want a simple change over there, in the last part IF(O1<=Y1,O1,IF(O1>Y1,Y1,0) I want that If O1<=Y1 then O1 and if O1<0 then result will be zero, I want to add this part in the...
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    adding the value of multiple cells to a single cell using vb.net

    hello my system processes a few hundred individual sheets. Each sheet has over 100 cells and each sheet can be one of five distinct types. The type is in a cell on the sheet. I want to keep a total of the cell values by type. As a new sheet is processed, I want to add the values of the cells...
  9. M

    Convert to Late Binding for Excel VB to Outlook task list

    Here is the code I found and slightly altered. It gets a run-time error on the bolded line below. It worked prior to me trying to convert but now I need to make it compatible with other versions of Outlook. Please advise. Sub CreateTask() Dim OLApp As Object Dim olName As Object Dim olFolder...
  10. D

    Run time error 424

    I have a very basic code to copy "non-blank" data from one sheet and paste to another. The code is not complete yet - I am running in debug mode I get the above error. My code is as below. Sub SampleFind() Dim StrWord As String Dim Quantity As String Dim i As Long Call nrows For j = 2 To 2...
  11. M


    assuming i have 2 tables, <colgroup><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> date day start time end time 28-05-2012 MON 800 850 MON 1300 1350 MON 1610 1700 MON 1710 1800 MON 1840 1930 MON 1940 2030 MON 2040 2130 </tbody>
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    Excel create new filed question

    Hi, I have 2 work sheets in the same file sheet one contains following info name, address, city, state, phone sheet 2 contains following information I downloaded form Australia Post webstite City, PostCode I want to add a extra column to sheet 1 that contains the post code for that city. I...
  13. S

    Excel VB

    Could anyone help me how to program in excel using the variables. I have done a coding for a set of data's in a sheet to copy and display in the Index sheet. Similarly i have to do the same for the remaining 46 sheets. Could anyone help me how to do that with a single program, by changing...
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    Excel VBA: On Change of an amount on text box from an UserForm to Update onto Excel Worksheet

    Good Morning, I need some directions and ideas on how to write the codes to input data onto certain text boxes, then transfer the input data from the UserForm onto worksheet1. ANy input will be greatly appreicate and making my day!!! If I have these text boxes: txtE, txtI, txtK. By clicking...

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