Excel VBA: On Change of an amount on text box from an UserForm to Update onto Excel Worksheet


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Feb 18, 2009
Good Morning, I need some directions and ideas on how to write the codes to input data onto certain text boxes, then transfer the input data from the UserForm onto worksheet1. ANy input will be greatly appreicate and making my day!!!

If I have these text boxes: txtE, txtI, txtK.

By clicking the "OK" button "cmdOK" which will check if:

Any change to txtE.value, then the new value will be update onto cell E2 on worksheet1.
Any change to txtI.value, then the new value will be update onto cell I2 on worksheet1.
Any change to txtK.value, then the new value will be update onto cell K2 on worksheet1.

If I only changed the input value on txtE, but no change on txtI & txtK, will only update txtE and do nothing with txtI & txtK. The problem is, I am going to have more than 20 text boxes to do something like that, and I wan to find out a smart way to do this.

So, how do I write an if statement for the "OK" button to just perform the updating only when there is a change of the value on the specific textbox?

Would the codes be something like this? I have no idea...

Sub cmdOK
Sheet("worksheet1").Range("E2").Value = UserForm.txtE.Value.change
Sheet("worksheet1").Range("I2").Value = UserForm.txtI.Value.change
Sheet("worksheet1").Range("K2").Value = UserForm.txtK.Value.change
End Sub​


Thanks a bunch!!!!
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Sal Paradise

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Oct 23, 2006
Make a new module. Insert this in it:
Rich (BB code):
Public oldtxtE As String
Public oldtxtI As String
Public oldtxtK As String
In your txtE_Change() code write:
Rich (BB code):
oldtxtE = txtE.Value
Do the same for txtI/txtK.

For the button:
Rich (BB code):
If oldtxtE <> txtE.Value Then
    Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("E2").Value = txtE.Value
End If
Add the same code for txtI/txtK.

What it will do:
The module will declare global variables that can be used in any function.

Whenever you change one of the text boxes, it will store its value in the appropriate variable.

When you click the button, it will check to see if the old value is equal to the current value, and if it's not it will copy to the worksheet.

This is all quite roundabout though. You could do away with the button, and simply make the rowsource for the textboxes equal to the appropriate cells -- any time you change the textbox, the cell would update automatically.

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