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    The aim is for the code to generate the pdf, save it and attach it to an email in outlook. The following error appears: Runtime error '1004': The document was not saved. It may be open or there may have been an error during saving Private Sub CommandButton13_Click() Dim ws As...
  2. T

    Excel formula or VBA Identifying gaps in overlapping dates and times

    I am attempting to find any gaps between a start and stop date/time range. Essentially time when there are no appointments in the schedule, this is a 24hr service and I am looking for "dead" time when there isn't a customer in the office. Currently I was attempting to use the...
  3. G

    Run time error in VBA.

    Hello everyone I am facing this problem to automatically download the file. anyone please help me to fix this issue . below is a code Public Sub DownloadFile() Dim objIE As InternetExplorer, currPage As HTMLDocument, url As String Dim elements url =...
  4. K

    VBA to copy and paste information from c4:c25 in worksheet 1 to a specific tab selected in cell 4?

    Hi I have previously managed to copy and paste cells from one worksheet (named: Form) to another Worksheet (selected in Cell C4). this is my current code and screenshot: Sub Copy_Data() Dim hh As Worksheet, exist As Boolean, h As Worksheet, sh As Worksheet Dim f As Range Set hh =...
  5. E

    Copy data for a varying number of rows with VBA

    A worksheet is populated with data in specified columns, but each time the number of populated rows is different. I need a macro to identify and copy the data from the varying ranges that can exist. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
  6. M

    Formula processing is Extremly Slow

    I have been using this formula which macthes the List of Cells to Raw String and if match found then write same value. This function is working fine but it stucks and sheet gets stop due to the large set of data. I would appreciate your help if someone can share a fastest way. Sheet is stuck...
  7. P

    Automatically Adding to a list when a folder is created?

    Good Morning, What I am looking to do might not even be possible, but I am hoping that it is, even if I have to try and figure out Access to make it work. I work for a construction company, and the way we add jobs to our server is: Job number - Job address - Job name example 1500 - 123...
  8. C

    VBA Extract specific data from txt file

    Have a .txt file that contains specific data that needs to be extracted and placed into corresponding columns in Excel. My log file has the following structure: . . . === NAME: xyz123 === d1: ABCD, d2: EFGH e1: TRUE (12345) . . . . == Specific text == Not every log part ends with the ==...
  9. A

    VBA Codes clashing with one another

    Hi, Here is my sample file. Can you please advise how I can fix the following codes so that they do not class with each anymore? A snapshot on what the code should have done (but it couldn't): 1) If "Shipped" in column AU and no "x" in column AX, then return "Rollup" for all empty Sales and...
  10. H

    VBA code using SumIf/Index/Match (Error Codes)

    Hello. I am a bit new at using VBA for complex and detailed codes and I have really only used it for simple basic needs. I would say I have an average to above average understanding of it though. I am working on project in Excel where a User Form will open and display a Total Forecast Amount...
  11. P

    Multiplying Textbox Value

    I have the below code that works: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Range("I2:I2") cell.Formula = Replace(cell.Formula, "100,", TextBox1.Value + ",") cell.Formula = Replace(cell.Formula, "260000000000,", TextBox2.Value + ",") Next cell End Sub But, I would...
  12. J

    Having trouble copy pasting specific text into new column/row

    Hello, trying to automate a big spreadsheet with 1500+ rows and not having much luck when trying VBA myself. I have 3 columns. Column A which contain cells with "Sum of" followed by a locale code such as en_US, the locale code changes. Following each "Sum of" cell there is a number of...
  13. U

    “Dates” set as General, should be set to DATES

    I have my VBA script working correctly, however, I do not understand why the dates on column "C" are set and changed to "General" when they should remain as Dates. If my dates do not land on Sheet 2 as Dates then formula on column "E" will not display Days Outstanding as sheet should display...
  14. S

    Excel VBA Auto_Open() detect what workbook you are opening

    EXAMPLE CODE NOT REAL: Private Sub Auto_Open() If ( Activeworkbook.isNewDocuement() == false ) then Goto :EOF End If ' [code example] ' [code example] ' [code example] :EOF End Sub I have a macro that runs each time excel open which works great but now I want it...
  15. S

    trying to run this code through customized ribbon and place it in module

    HI, I'm trying to run the following code from customized ribbon and wants to run this code for all sheets but when i do that it just skips the second case and exits the program. Can you please assist how can i make this to run in module for all sheets. I'm fairly new to VB and i really...
  16. K

    Saving an excel 5.1/95 editor customization file (from 97-2003) format to 2016 format .xlsm format

    I have upgraded to Excel 2016 from excel 97/2003. I have several workbooks with macros in the old format. When I attempt to save them to the .xlsm file format, I receive a message stating that: "This workbook contains one or more of the following features that are not supported by the...
  17. M

    dynamic chart using data in rows seperately

    I have a list created by reading data every 5 seconds (6 inputs at a time). I want these rows of data put on a chart one by one. I've done this for a short list using the record mode as I don't know a thing about VBA. however, the list contains over 500 rows of data. so loop would be solution...
  18. F

    Outlook calendar export VBA with range period

    Hello guys, I am trying to modify a code that I found in order to export my calendar appointments in Excel. I need to export "Subject", "StartDate", "EndDate" and "Category". The main issue is that I want on a specific period of time by an Input Box, first to enter the start date and then the...
  19. G

    Structured vs Explicit cell reference using index match issue

    I'm using Index-Match to match Full Names with head count in that party. I have it working but it uses both the structured and explicit cell reference. I can't figure out why when I add a new row in my table, the column with the index-match formula wont populate the last row. This is the formula...
  20. S

    Trying to get all sheet names in excel workbook and then give those names to new excel sheet and save it as csv

    Hi, I'm trying to copy column one of each sheet and save it to new sheet which will then be saved as csv file and name of new sheet should be pulled from old workbook. if sheet names are If ShtNames(i) = "Sheet1" Or "Error log" Or "JUMPER REPORT" Or "WIRE LABELS" Or "TERMINATION COUNT" Then...

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