1. M

    Macros do not remain assigned to toolbar buttons in new session of Excel

    I am running Excel 2003. I have 16 Macros that I have created for one of my projects. They do remain from session to session. I have assigned each Macro to a toolbar button. However, the Macros do not remain assigned to the buttons after I have closed a session of Excel 2003. The next session I...
  2. R

    Is there a way to copy data from multiple workbooks in a folder without opening those workbooks and paste into a master workbook?

    Hello, I'm quite new to VBA and I'm not sure whether the question which i'm going to ask can be done without using VBA or not. I'm trying to figure out a way wherein i'll be able to copy data from multiple workbooks in a folder, without actually opening those workbooks, and paste the data into...
  3. J

    March 2018 Windows 10 update has corrupted Excel 2003

    March 2018 Windows 10 update has scrambled Excel 2003, both the spreadsheet and also the vba. I use vba, among other things, to 'compile' javascript into closure-compiled form. It appears to have lost the ability to understand classes. For example, I have a js class which includes...
  4. S

    Aggregating addresses by subdivision while keeping owner name intact

    I have a list of just over 6,200 names and addresses that I need to separate into their respective community subdivision, but I need to keep the owners names with those addresses. This is in order to add postal/zip codes and cities to the addresses. Is there a way to do this? For example, I need...
  5. H

    I have a sub that works in excel 2003 but not works in excel 2007 error: With Application.FileSearch

    Dear friends. I have a sub in a macro excel, that works weel in 2003, but not works in excel 2007 or 2010, apper to depure when get the line : With Application.FileSearch . Thanks for any help. the sub is : Sub MostraPADTEC() Range("15:16").Select Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False...
  6. P

    V basic sorry - order form that extracts/copies data to simple table on different worksheet

    This is terribly basic so apologies in advance but I've spent three hours researching on the web and my lack of the correct terminology is proving a real hindrance to working out a solution. I'm trying to help modernise a lovely old family microbusiness that currently uses a triplicate hand...
  7. O

    Excel 2003 + CODE128 + Motorola DS3508

    Hello I have a barcode, containing special chars, like tab and enter. In notepad, the reading looks like: but in excel, it looks: How do I control the tab <tab> key from the barcode to jump next cell in Excel?</tab>
  8. H

    I need to make 2 sheets in my workbook hidden and only appear with a password.

    I am using Excel 2003. I have a workbook with about 20 sheets in it. 1. I would like the workbook to always open up with the first 2 sheets hidden. 2. I would like an administrator to be able to unhide those sheets, when prompted for a password to unhide. 3. After the administrator edits and...
  9. L

    Excel 2003 - Hiding rows based on conditions on two worksheets

    OK, yet another one I'm struggling to work out myself and could do with some help on!! I have two worksheets (Sheet1 and Sheet2). Based on meeting a condition on Sheet1 AND Sheet2, I'd like to use macros to automatically hide rows on Sheet2. Sheet1 sample: <tbody> Type Selection A Include...
  10. L

    Excel 2003 - Comparing rows of data then hiding duplicates via macro?

    Hey folks, am hoping the collective wisdom on here can point me in the right direction... I have a large chunk of data, up to 1000 rows by 20 columns, which sometimes contains duplicates (generally each instance of a duplicate having only 2 rows, but potentially more). In the case of a...
  11. L

    Excel2003, dynamic lists with multiple select?

    Hey folks, OK I have a really (I think) complicated one here... I need to be able to create dynamic lists to 3 layers... so using the data below... Col A |Col B |Col C Company |Department |Person ACME |Finance |Louis ACME |Sales...
  12. L

    Macro help needed! Excel2003

    Hi Folks, I need some help constructing some VBA code which will do the following: Search col A of Sheet1 for the first instance of a specific text string (which starts "For Model" with potentially multiple returns, e.g. "For Model 1234", "For Model 4567", etc). Stop search at cell in col A...
  13. I

    Excel 2003 Charting - X-axis Values across range

    Hello, I am working with the following table: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 96pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=128 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=2 width=64><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 12.75pt" height=17><TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM: #f0f0f0; BORDER-LEFT...
  14. M

    Querytable.connect can not load FoundFiles(i)

    Hi, I have a series of .txt files than need to be importing in order and processed in EXCEL. I'm trying to sort it first and then processed one by one. The problem is when I'm using .Foundfiles(i) in the QueryTable. connection to indicate the path, it pops up the window to let you select the...
  15. S

    autosave and read only issues

    Hi all. First post so please be kind. After searching this site and it seems, the entire of google, I have accepted defeat and I come to you cap in hand. I have an excel workbook (2003) that around 5/6 people have access to. I wanted some version control auto saving and found a macro to do what...
  16. S

    Save PDF and mail macro? (Excel 2003)

    Dear All, I want to combine saving Excel worksheet into PDF file and mail this file to some recipients. I've done this in Excel 2007 with no problems, but the task is to make it possible in Excel 2003 (I am kind of novice in script writing). I've found separate scripts one for saving PDF file...
  17. C

    vlookup Excel 2003 vba macro different books in different folders

    Hi, I need some help please with the following. I want to be able to open workbook 1 and 2 and run a macro in workbook1 The Macro needs to do the following: For all currently open workbooks except for workbook 1 the macro needs to vlookup the value A1 of Workbook 2 in a the table array...
  18. A

    Excel 2003. Chart with grouped text values by X-Axis.

    Hello. I'm new in Excel2003. So maybe my question is very easy to resolve but I've looked a lot and have not still found the answer. So please help. The situation is the next: I need a simple chart for the next table: X-Axis values Y-Axis values a 122 b 117 c 112 d 114 a...
  19. A

    Excel 2003 Conditional Formatting from Other Worksheet Value

    I have a series of tabs with data, 25 columns by 600 rows, all with numbers. A cell should be red and lined out if its' corresponding cell on the very last tab is less than 50. I've tried to name range the area on the last tab (RawBuyers) and use it in a Formula Is CF on the first worksheet...
  20. B

    Possible Paste Excel Bug?

    Hi All, I have scanned this forum a few times over the past few weeks and have found lots of handy tips to help me with a spreadsheet I've been working on for a Football Predictions League that we do at work. I am hoping that someone may be able to give me a bit of help with an issue I have...

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