1. A

    Problem with Formatting for Microsoft Query Tables

    Good afternoon all, thanks in advance if anyone is able to help me out. I have a problem at work. I have a set of distributions; the distro's are made up of 10 columns. One of them being 'UPC' which is a 12 or 13 digit number. Basically, I have a master file with all the distro's that can go...
  2. U

    Exponential Smoothing for each Plant and Material

    I have over 800 lines of data. I am trying to create a forecast for each material based on the plant. I have consumption for two years. I want the forecast to be automatic so when someone enters the plant and material, the forecast is auto populated. Currently the issue I am having is how to...
  3. R

    Exponential growth for set range

    I am trying to have an exponential growth rate for a column starting at 2 and ending at 5million for a range of 310 cells. Are there any formulas that can help me with this? Thanks
  4. B

    Forecasting given target for Year+1 and Year+2

    Good evening, I need some help as I cannot find anything relevant on Google or the forum. Here is my situation: January 1st 2019, I'll open a new business; I plan on signing 5,000 users the 1st month (A2=5,000) have accumulated 500,000 users by end of December 2019 (L2=500,000) reach...
  5. M

    exponential trendline

    Hi, I want to add an exponential trendline to my graph - but the option is shaded out. I'm in excel 2016 - does anyone know what the issue could be? Thanks
  6. E

    How to find optimal data range to fit exponential trendline?

    Hi, Excel pros! I am looking through various datasets of Google Trends to find the most optimal data range that fits an exponential trend line. Do you know of an automated way to identify the most fitting data range in a graph (i.e. with the trend line R2 value closest to 1)? Currently, I...
  7. R

    Exponential Equation doesn't match trendline

    Hi all, I'm new so hopefully I posted to the correct forum. I'm trying to extract the coefficients from an equation of an exponential graph, hoping to eliminate the manual process which requires me to key the numbers into a cell. What I noticed, however, is that the displayed equation from...
  8. A

    exponential moving average formula help, please...

    Greetings all - I am trying to build a formula to calculate an exponential moving average. Have searched both Mr Excel and elsewhere and have gotten several (conflicting) answers. I thought I had gotten this right yesterday, but now that I am validating things, I've found that what I have is...
  9. M

    Defining Points Along Exponential Trendline

    I let Excel provide an Exponential Curve for a set of data points (in blue). Is there a way to know the value of the points along the curve at each X axis value? I tried using exponential decay and a few other methods. No luck getting the table set up correctly.
  10. E

    Exponential distribution

    Hi there, How do i generate a set of data using exponential distribution with a mean of 10? Thank you!
  11. GlenCoco

    Exponential decreasing percentage with a floor

    I've learned that (almost) anything is possible in Excel, so I'm confident someone knows the solution to this :) I'm working on a margin markup formula for our customer reps to use, but the markup percent needs to exponentially decrease as the hard pre-quote value rises, until reaching a set...
  12. H

    Scatter Chart - Exponential Trend-line Question

    Hello all, I have used this forum as an Excel resource for years but I am having one of my first major issues with the Excel Scatter Chart trying to plot an exponential trend-line with one of my data sets. See below: Basically, the exponential trend line will not plot on the second chart, it...
  13. Z

    Trendline (Date as Independant Variable) Date Types

    Hi all, I got my problem to fit into a screenshot that shows 2 examples of a logarithmic curve working in Excel charts (upper and lower left) and the third that has driven me to complete madness (upper right). The description of the issue is explained in the picture below. Thanks in advance...
  14. T

    Forecasting Monthly Growth Rate in Excel

    I am trying to forecast revenue by end of year based on one number and the exponential growth rate for several clients. For example, I have the number 150 and the growth rate is .5%, 150(1+.005)^1 for the first month. For the second month I want it to be equal to month 1's results plus the...
  15. C

    LN() function, excel 2010

    I have two ranges of data in excel (years are the "known x's" and data points are the "known y's"). I am trying to find the exponential trend using an excel formula. Assume years are in range B2:B13 and data points are in range C2:C13. I believe I found the following formula to work...
  16. C

    VBA Arrays and Exponential fit calculation - Excel 2010

    I have a macro which stores 10 values into an array (these are years, aka "known x's"). It also stores 10 values into a different array (these are data points, aka "known y's"). I plot these points to a scatter plot in excel and add an exponential trendline with the trendline formula...
  17. A

    Creating Growth Trend from 2 Sets of Values

    Hi, I'm creating a growth trend with a group of data and I'm stuck trying to find a way to automate this with a formula without manually using trial and error to arrive at the values. The graph representing the growth trend charts number of man-hours for a department by week from January -...
  18. E

    Modeling Exponential Decline in Value

    Hi all. I am trying to create data showing an exponential decline in the values. I have the first and last values and need to populate everything in between. For example, Column A lists values (1 through 10,000). Each value in column B decreases exponentially in relation to Column A's value...
  19. E

    exponenital growth of referred users

    Hi everyone, I am building a financial model that relies on referrals from current users to drive traffic to the site. In other words, when we sign up a new client, over the course of the next 10 days they will refer 5 other people. Of those 5 people, a % sign up and over the course of the...

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