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    Trouble creating pivot table

    I currently have a workbook that I've built utilizing macros and pivot tables to analyze a variety of data. I'm trying to create a pivot table which would be tied to an external data source (another excel workbook). the problem is that when I have both workbooks open and try to select the...
  2. A

    External sheetname variable in VLOOKUP

    Hi I've googled for hours for a solution on this, but couldn't find anything that seems sustainable. In a given cell in Workbook 1 I have the following string: =VLOOKUP($D$2,'[SBE.XLSM]KPI 2017'!$A$9:$AC$20,COLUMN(B$9:B$19),FALSE) Both filename and sheetname should be a variable based on...
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    Is there an OFFSET style formula that works when the Data Source is not open?

    I've attached an example of the file I'm working on. I would like to keep the data in a separate file. But, offset formulas don't work if the data source is not open on your computer. I'm using the offset formula because I need to use both Row and Column references to find the data I need in...
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    From XML data import in Macintosh excel

    HiI was use an external web link in my windows excel to download latest changes in stock through:Data>From Other Sources>From XML Data ImportAnd The link is :http://members.tsetmc.com/tsev2/excel/MarketWatchPlus.aspx?d=0Does anyone has any idea that how can i use this link in Macintosh excel...
  5. M

    Use VBA to Import Data into Excel from MS Project 2013

    I am creating a dashboard in excel to display the status of many projects managed separately in MS Project. I would like to automatically import column headers and data from MS Project directly into a specified sheet within the dashboard workbook each time it opens. Does anyone have experience...
  6. P

    Pivot table added column in external source

    Hi all, I have created a pivot table from external data source (xlsx table). Refresh with new records worked fine until I added one column to the external source. Now excel freezes when I refresh. When I inserted one column in the internal data source the pivot table would only add a new data...
  7. S

    Create Pivot in present sheet from data located in another closed workbook

    Hi, I have an issue regarding the code i wrote. I am trying to create in a specific cell of a specific sheet of the workbook from which the module is located a pivot table for which the data comes from another workbook which is closed. But I have an error when it come to the last three lines...
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    Updating existing PivotTables from external data (Ms Access)

    Dearest Excel Magicians, Wizards and Gods I have a report that was made some time ago (P&L report). It grew to 60mb at this point, and with all the pivots, caluclations etc - well, it got very obese, slow and lazy. I figured out, that I will move all the source data to MS Access database. But...
  9. I

    pivot tables linked to Access database showing errors on trying to connect to data source

    Hi, I have created a file containing a number of pivot tables which are all pulling data from queries in an Access database. It has been working really well since 2011 and is the source of 90% the required data for reports for our organisation. I have been adding new pivot tables over the...
  10. M

    Pivot Table Data Source - External to Internal

    Hi everyone, I've been searching to find a way of changing my pivot table data source from Access file to a local excel sheet (of same file). Is that anyhow possible? When I select "Change Data Source" From PivotTable Tools / Options, it only allows me to select the second option, "Use an...
  11. B

    Refresh Linked Data in a Protected Worksheet

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and hoping that you will be able to help me. I am working on putting together a data correlation for a work project, and am connecting to an external SQL data source. I have created several rather large equations to work on the same sheet where the external...
  12. H

    Links to non-existent workbook magically work

    I have a workbook, workbook A, with lots of cells that link to a source workbook, workbook B. I copied workbook A from my hard drive at work to do some stuff at home, but I did not copy workbook B. I can't figure out how, but when I open workbook A (at home), the links to workbook B appear to...
  13. M

    External data source

    Can I use skydrive or other cloud services to store data that I want to use as an External Data Source?
  14. X

    Another Text to Formula Question

    Hi guys, trying to get the following string to be calculated as a formular; "'W:\....\Timesheets\[Some Ones_Timesheet.xls]We" & TEXT($I$2, "DDMMYY")& "'!E$15" Triyed Evaluate() as below but it comes back with ref error Function Eval(s As String) Eval = Evaluate(s) End Function
  15. A

    lookup from Excel into Access

    Hi all, I need some professional advice. I'm new to VBA and have very limited knowledge. But I need to create a macro that will automate some information me. See below for my problem/situation. I have multiple accounts that have different product codes on there such as… Act 1. Prod Code...
  16. K

    Pivot Tables and External Data huge file size swell

    Hi there I'm using Excel 2007. I have the following problem. I have 5 large data sheets (over 400,000 records each) that I want to analyse using various different sheets utilizing pivot tables. I want to update the input sheets periodically, and then just have the pivot tables in the analysis...
  17. J

    Creating pivot table from text file in VBA

    Hi, I have this VBAwhich works fine for creating a pivot table from a sheet: Set rngData = Worksheets(gs_sheet).Cells(gl_head_row, 1).Resize(gl_last_row, gl_last_col) ActiveSheet.PivotTableWizard SourceType:=xlExternal, SourceData:= _ rngData...
  18. N

    Error in Pivot table with external database

    I am using MS Excel/Access 2007. Using insert pivot table option in the ribbon bar, in the "Create Pivot Table dialog", I am choosing the option external data source to connect to a query in my existing Access2007 database. In the DataLink properties dialog, I choose the default option and...
  19. Victtor

    external excel data macro

    I need to create a file that when I click on a combo button, this macro command will: 1. search in the specified folder 2. open a source file 3. copy the data it needs 4. paste the data into the original file 5. close the source file. I need to be able to name the file directory on the...
  20. A

    Interactive Calendar - 2 Files - Multiple Criteria

    Hello All, thanks in advance for your time. I am having one of those days where I just am having the worst time trying to wrap my head around completing this task. I've searched google and the forums to try and find someone with a similar question - but couldn't find anything. I basically...

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