external workbook

  1. D

    VBA - Xlookup to Get Data From External Workbook

    Hi, I'm having trouble retrieving data from an external workbook using Xlookup in VBA. I can get the code to work with a worksheet in the same workbook, but not another workbook. The error message is 1004 Application-defined or object-defined error and its showing on the .formula line. I'm...
  2. R

    SPILL error when SUMIFS on pivot table

    Hi, I was using a SUMIFS formula to look up an external workbook which worked great. I then decided to pivot table that external workbook so that the data was contained within my file, and users of the file did not need to open that external workbook each time. However, since doing this...
  3. R

    How to automatically change path name for reference to most recent closed workbook

    Hi, I have two workbooks: one is closed and one is open. And I would like to extract data from the closed one into the open one. I can return the value of cell A2 of the closed external workbook in my open workbook with the following formula...
  4. X

    Reference to table in different workbook is inconsistent?

    So... basicly what the title says. I have a formula which lets me filter values from a huge table as a database. the formula is as follows: =LET(Advanced, IFS(F2<>"",SEARCH(F2,'Verbrauchsmaterialien Datenbank (work in...
  5. K

    VBA VLookUp Help (Thanks ahead of time!)

    Hi! I am very new to VBA and am trying to write a procedure where I use a vlookup to populate information in my active sheet from an external and closed excel document. I would like to use VBA and not a formula. I need to lookup cell A2 on my ActiveSheet and return the corresponding job name...
  6. N

    Counting data from an external workbook

    I have been trying to count a column of data based on specific criteria. Here is an image of my data: The data in column A is actually in an external workbook (for simplicity I am showing it all in one image here) and I am using the SUMPRODUCT function to try to count how many times any time...
  7. D

    Unable to create relative reference to another workbook

    I am trying to create a simple relative cell reference to a cell in another workbook which copies the content from that cell to my current worksheet. When I do, it creates an absolute cell reference, which works for that particular cell. But if I copy the formula down to the next cell, it is...
  8. L

    Create Arrays from external workbook and add worksheet table data to the arrays

    I have a workbook that will be my main program. From this workbook I need to do the following in VBA. 1) Reference external workbook (hardcoded location). 2) Create arrays based on the sheet names in this external workbook 3) Populate each array with the table data in each worksheet once the...
  9. J

    How do I reference an external worksheet in VB?

    Hi I'm struggling to make some VB code reference an external workbook. I can't pick out the most suitable method from the other threads out there. I've created an 'Enquiry' worksheet which I plan to allow various users to open so that they can interrogate data held in another sheet. To make it...
  10. P

    Create Button from VBA

    I have a spreadsheet (A) that creates a new spreadsheet (B). I would like to incorporate some VBA code from Spreadsheet (A) that when Spreadsheet (B) is created, a button labeled "Show Data" would be created on Spreadsheet (B). Specifically speaking, I will have data in Column "E" that is...
  11. C

    VBA Q(s), a composite task mainly regarding External workbooks

    ​Hi all, First post. I do hope that I'm complying with the norms and terms and that my question is clear and not overly complicated. That out of the way... I'm clearly a beginner, using office 2010, tasked with (and so far failing miserably at) putting together some code for my new position. I...
  12. N

    Formula to reference external workbooks

    I have a workbook with three different columns and within each column are approx. 245 formulas. Each formula in a column references a workbook and each column has a different workbook that is referenced. The referenced workbook is labeled in row 3, such as A, AA, and AC all reference workbooks...
  13. B

    Using an IF function inside a macro to generate another macro

    Hi guys, this is quite a complex problem and seeing as I haven't used vba since I was in school I might be a little bit out of my league. I've designed two spreadsheets to monitor task counting where I work, one workbook for a daily analysis and another for monthly which we will be pasting...
  14. G

    Using DATA VALIDATION drop down to set workbook name in SUMPRODUCT

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me please. I have a formula in excel as follows: <code>=SUMPRODUCT(('[XXXXX.xlsx]01 04 2014'!$E$2:$E$922=C$7)+0) </code> I also have a data validation drop down in cell B2 that lists multiple client names. What I'd like todo is be able to use the drop down...
  15. 9tanstaafl9

    How do you copy data from another open workbook using VBA?

    Hello all! I want to copy data from an unknown tab on an unknown workbook into my workbook that will contain the macro that makes this happen. Is there a way to ask the user to click somewhere on the appropriate tab on the appropriate workbook and then capture that address to use elsewhere...
  16. L

    Vlookup with multiple IF Statements

    Hi all, I've got the following formula... =IF(ISTEXT(M6),VLOOKUP(M6,ContractHire!$B$2:$AE$999999,17,FALSE)," ") However I need to add some further conditions. H1 = 48 J1 = 10000 I need these conditions to match those in the external workbook. In simple terms - find line which matches M6, H1 &...
  17. G

    Change existing pivot table's data source to external workbook

    Hi there! I have a workbook with dozens of pivot tables defined, and their data sources are set to named ranges in various worksheets within the same workbook. Due to a change in customer requirements (don't you love those!), I now need to bust the detailed data out into separate workbooks...
  18. MrExcel

    VLOOKUP to External WB - entire table stored inside linking workbook

    Hello everyone - On a recent trip to California, I met up with some Excel people at a bar. Lots of great discussion :beerchug:, but one chap pointed out what seems like a security hole in Excel. I am passing it along here. WorkbookA has some employee ID. You link to WorkbookB, range A2:S99 to...
  19. V

    Copy Data From External Workbook Without Opening

    I would like to copy data from an external workbook and save it into my current workbook. There is plenty of code for this. What I have not found is how to do this without the external workbook ever opening. Is this possible and how would you do this? All I can see related to this is using the...
  20. T

    V-Lookup across multiple sheets on an external workbook

    Hello =VLOOKUP(A2,'[Item Master - Supplier Data.xls]Fit Scr'!$A$2:$I$558,2,FALSE) <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Is there any way I can do a V-Lookup that searches over all sheets in a workbook rather than a specific sheet. In this...

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