1. F

    Tab Reference in Formula

    Hello Excel Experts, I need some help (if possible) regarding formulas that contain a tab reference. Specifically, I am trying to find out if I can incorporate a formula that based off of a text contained in the same cell on every sheet, that it would change which tab will be referenced. In the...
  2. R


    XERROR allows for conveniently generating most of the Excel errors as output to functions With XERROR, it is very easy to generate all but four of the Excel errors as output to functions. Error types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14 (i.e. #EXTERNAL!, #NULL!, #DIV/0!, #VALUE!, #REF...
  3. G

    How to find window handle of object with focus (caret) in external application

    I am navigating an external application with UIAutomation, but this can only get me so far. Some objects don't appear or are not accessible until the mouse clicks on them or they are TABBED to, and I am using SendKeys to TAB to them. I now need to get the window handle of the element that has...
  4. G

    How to get handle of menu in external application, and find button where no text is part of class.

    @Jaafar Tribak - I have seen that you have extensive experience in this topic so I am hoping that you can help me please. I have an external application that I can launch and control from Excel, but only up to a point. As soon as I click on the SEND TO button and the menu pops up I can't go...
  5. B

    Multiple IF Criteria

    I got a task in which i have 2 Files One is a Master File containing the names of the clients and the EMI amount with Payment 1 detail And there is Another file containing Daily Collection with payment 2 Detail In Master File there are two column Pay 1 Pay 2(Values Coming From Another File...
  6. S

    Refresh pivot table external data with encrypted password

    I have 10 excel files that contain a table with many columns and many rows and that need to be updated frequently with new data. In order to have a faster record of some data from these files, I created a separate excel file that centralizes them all 10 files by external pivot table data and...
  7. D

    Can you open an external wb, retrieve a drop down menu then close it

    I have a wb with a drop down menu that correctly references an external wb to get the list but the external wb needs to be open to do so. It is going to be used by more than one person and will be stored on a server. Is there a way to have the external wb open when the cell with the list is...
  8. S

    how to import data from external excel source?

    Hello, I want to create a command button in my excel find to find necessary values in an external excel file. as in many programs, I would like to click on the open file option and select the target file with the windows search interface. as an example I installed a page of a simple windows...
  9. G

    Erase values linked to external files

    Hi all, I wonder if there is a code for doing the following: I have a WB called WB1 with Sheet1 with links to another WB, called WB2, Sheet2. Is there a possibility to delete all the values that came from this external file (WB2)? I mean erase all of them quickly. Thanks in advance!
  10. Nelson78

    Application.SendKeys "{TAB 2}" does not work

    Hello everybody. I'm a newbie about automating external application via sendkeys method. Now, I can get in the external application, I can write (for example "5"), but I cannot shift the focus two fields on the right (as I manually do without problem). I mean: nothing happens. Maybe somebody...
  11. J

    Finding Excel files with external links

    All, My administrative department has a bunch of Excel files with links to other Excel files in a variety of network folders. They want (need) to move the files to a new server. I'm thinking that if they move to the new server, all of the links will be severed and they'll need to re-link them...
  12. N

    How to change dynamically excel external file name change daily as the date

    Hi all, I am a beginner to this technology VBA Excel. I faced a problem in the project Read an external file and look for a Specific String (This external file name will change daily – as the Date – which will be part of the file name – will be dynamic) Return a Value from the 8th Column...
  13. H

    Restarting page numbers part way through report

    Hi folks, We have a report which consists of 10 sheets. Several of the sheets may vary in the number of pages that print. For example sheet 4 in the series may print 1 or up to 5 pages (varies with each report). For example: Sheet 1 - 1 page Sheet 2 - 1 page Sheet 3 - 1 or 2 pages Sheet 4 - 1...
  14. U

    Break External Links only in Certain Cells

    Good morning, I have a worksheet which links to other worksheets for its calculations. I already have a macro which deletes all external links, but I'd like one that deletes just external links from a certain worksheet, as that worksheet pulls in many values and can slow the program. The linked...
  15. R

    Macro to replace value on sheet with a value from another sheet

    Hello All.. Quick history: We have assets that are known by what we call "external" name. This external name is an unique identifier. But... When our oracle database was created, this external name was not used has the key field, another "internal" name was used. Example External name = 987654...
  16. T

    Musings on behavior of external references in cells in OneDrive shared workbook on Windows/Android

    I don't really have a question here, just wanted to share this experience, partially as a warning, but if you have any comments on how to improve, please post! Its a bit hard to describe but i'll try to simply. Its "complex and intricate"...and unfortunately "irregular and unpredictable" in...
  17. J

    Data Dictionary Best Practices

    This is probably something simple but I just wanted to know all my available options. I own and maintain a data dictionary that I keep on Excel. There are around 12 columns, all with headers. The columns are meant to identify all the attributes of a particular data element. Each row is a...
  18. A

    Saving Issues

    Hi all, Im not sure if this possible but any ideas would be amazing! I have a sheet that is used by a colleague of mine and she keeps accidently saving it in random places which breaks all of the external refs. Is there a way to set the sheet to only be able to be saved in one location? Im...
  19. M

    Vlookup - display previous value if zero

    Hello, I have an external connection pointing to an xml which display some values. Sheet1: Values Sheet2: External values I managed to do it with Vlookup but since the XML sometimes doesn't updates correctly and points to "zero" (since it can't read it from external source) I will want to...
  20. N

    can i set a custom background for a cell from external file as a fill?

    can i set a costume back ground for a cell from external file as a fill?

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