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  1. R

    Extract data from closed external workbook

    Hi, How can you extract the entire sheet data from a closed external workbook whereby the path name of the external workbook is mentioned in a cell in the open workbook? I guess you need VBA for this?
  2. T

    Import new data into existing sheet to run macro on

    Hi, I have a macro enabled workbook with a specific sheet I want to be able to import data from another wb and have the macro be able to run automatically. presently if I copy or move data it creates a new sheet so the pathway is changed for the macro. At the moment I cant simply copy paste as...
  3. B

    Extracting text from a cell when the location is different each time.

    Hi, I need some help with an excel spreadsheet I'm building. I've got a database which shows how much data each employee within the company has on their company mobile phone, but the layout provided from EE is awful, sometimes it might say "8GB Data & Wifi" other times it might say "4gEE Data...
  4. S

    VBA - find duplicates and extract summary data to new sheet

    Hi all, I have used this forum to find answers for years and always found what I was looking for without even having to post my question. But this time I am stuck, proably because I don't knwo what exactly to search for. Let me explain what I am trying to achieve first: I am analysing employes...
  5. M

    Problems with extracting data from worksheet

    Hi and thanks in advance for your help, I have the following code which is meant to get two different pieces of data from two different worksheets in the same workbook: Private Sub CBanswer_Click() Dim s As Worksheet, myValue As String, f As Range Dim Q As Worksheet Dim myvalue2 As String Dim...
  6. J

    Extract 1st, 2nd, and 3rd instances of text between Parentheses

    <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style><style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style><style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br...
  7. D

    Extracting data by date (today-function) but don't want data to change over time

    Hi I'm helping colleagues to extract data from a big table of info entered by week. The problem is that I want the date to be true at that moment and not the next month menaning that for a specific month the data should be extracted and not changed after that. My formula compares the date in a...
  8. J

    Creating two Sheet from One Sheet Based on condition

    I am looking to create two sheet from one excel sheet Source Excel file (Single Sheet) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r3RvRKVXozI4UFeJwvgadzMnG_9Mu7Y4/view?usp=sharing Target Excel File (Containing Extracted data in two sheet)...
  9. A

    Need to extract text between dashes (more than two)

    <tbody> TEXT STRING RESULT WOW - WORD - LOVE - NF - CARD WORD JOB - EXCEL - LOL - NL - COOL EXCEL THUMB - OFFICE - ROFL - GR - AWESOME OFFICE </tbody> In above example you can see string I've and result I want. Please help, I want to extract second word between 1st and 2nd dashes.
  10. B

    VBA: cant extract data on a website in Internet Explorer

    Hi all, I've been trying to extract data on some website inside Internet Explorer. I've been able to do it right with this code on some of the websites that I need to work on. But now i just encountered a problem on this specific website in which I cant extract the data that i need because my...
  11. M

    Extract letters from a string of characters.

    Good Day, Please advise how to extract letters only from a string of characters with formula. in A1 - 123.,/ ';m-a=r_12vi123n; result in B1 should be marvin Thanks in advance.
  12. M

    VBA extract values from pivot table

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to work with a macro for extracting values from a pivot table to another sheet ("Sheet2"). The sheet with pivot table is as followed (blue is Data Source list and red is Pivot Table): <tbody> A B C D E Liste des ingrédients X Y Row Labels Count of Liste...
  13. D

    Formula simplification for Extracting distinct sorted values based on criteria using helper column

    link to excel: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AoMCBhqmW_jtkzg4v5o7-j9hB0MA (read-only) Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me on this. Result table shows extracted distinct names, sorted based on two criteria: firstly whether or not the person is last known as active (or non-active) and secondly the...
  14. U

    Extracting Data from Outlook into Excel VBA

    Hi All, Theres a really manual part of my day every morning where I have to look into about 5/6 emails and copy and past the table of data in the emails into excel. Can anyone write a code that will look into outlook into a specific folder and to make it easy copy the UNREAD email into a...
  15. J

    formula to pull data & email to location

    So I have a sheet called "TSA Request" where my employees fill in the data. On the sheet called "employees," I have a list of all of my employees with their emails & the location they are at. When I click on the button called "Manual Move Request, I want it to generate an email to the location...
  16. C

    Auto combination/update of data from multiple closed workbooks into a single summary workbook

    Hi there, This is my first post here, although I have utilised this forum many times by reading other threads to help me solve my excel problems. Unfortunately this time I have been unable to reach a solution myself, so I'm hopeful that someone may help educate me. I am relatively novice at...
  17. D

    Extracting Data

    Hey everyone, I'm having some trouble getting started with a code for extracting data from different workbooks. I want to be prompted what file i want to take the data from. At my company we save copies of the same workbook into individual clients files. Each file is in the same drive. Each...
  18. D

    Using VBA to extract table from login website

    Hi all! I'm fairly decent at Excel, but absolutely no idea when it comes to VBA. I'm trying to get Excel to go to a website, fill in login details, then navigate to another website, select a table, and copy and paste it into Excel. I've looked all over the net and found this little bit of code...
  19. G

    Extract the last three numbers from a string

    ACH 275F536CH APA 275F542 SHB 080B530G AOA 050N535-ACP Say I have the 4 lot numbers listed above in cells A1 thru A4. In cells B1 thru B4 I want to extract the last 3 numbers from each string accordingly so it would appear as shown below. 536 542 530 535 Is there a formula or set of formulas...
  20. V

    Extracting SQL data through VBA

    Hello I have written multiple SQL queries such as: begin 'select sales from data_table where year = 2016' 'select revenue from _reports where year = 2016' ..etc end When I run this query from top to bottom in SQL Server, I get a table result for each query, which is great. However, the...

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