1. A

    Extracting some data from a string in a cell

    One more help needed. In one column i have multiple email addresses of different length. For eg: amit.dhamija@rediffmail.com. How can i extract value after "@" and before "." which in this case is "rediffmail" ??
  2. D

    Extracting data from within multiple square brackets

    Hi How would I extract the contents of the square brackets from the following? [A1] fjdlkfjsdlkjfalkdjfldksj [A5] ndjklafdkjda [A8] fjdlkfjsdlkjfalkdjfldksj [A2] ndjklafdkjda Ideally, I'd like the adjacent cell to contain, "A1, A5, A8, A2"
  3. S

    Extracting number between characters

    Hello, I'm looking to extract product numbers to do some analysis. I get them in a format that is this: /product/12345/product-description The part I need is the "12345" (the product number). Sometimes the products are displayed like: /product/12345?product-description or /product/12345 The...
  4. A

    Extracting Text of a variable length from the middle of a string

    Hello, please could someone advise me ... this is probably simple for experienced users but I am stumped :eeek: I have strings similar to this (Date, Place, Amount) 30/12/2017 Ultra City Harrismith 393.29 and need to extract the text in the middle ... extracting the date and amount are easy...
  5. J

    Extracting Value in Excel

    What would be the appropriate formula to extract the text between the 1st and 2nd underscores? Text: STR_UAT_19.3_MWaaS: MODIFY_EXISTING_INTERFACE - Business processing area is not populating when MFTP-ID is entered. * Original Value located in Column: F
  6. Y

    Extracting a File from archive using unzip32.dll

    i would like to have a code that can extract a particular file from an archive even if it is in its subfolder using "unzip32.dll"
  7. E

    Additional help in extracting data from string of characters

    Hello again, Earlier I asked for some help in extracting the last name of the employee in the string of characters listed below. The help was excellent and the formula below works perfectly. Now I've run up against another issue with this string. I now need to extract the 3 numbers to the...
  8. Y

    Extracting BMP from file

    I would like to extract the thumbnail.bmp image of this file and putting it in image box https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d4sco69RbSIi2fiNS5l3_8cF7vfZuFE_/view?usp=sharing especially using binary access
  9. C

    Extracting text before and after special character simaltaneously.

    Hi, I am trying to extract text from a cell to reformat and remove some parts. Jones, John (London) would want to be changed to John Jones I have tried using the LEFT/RIGHT/MID and SEARCH formulas but i have not been able to tweak it to correctly show what i want. Can you please help
  10. M

    Extracting text from a List Box

    I want to define the selection from a list box as a variant to be used later, similar to what is done in the code below from a text box. mySearch = sht.Shapes("EnteredText").TextFrame.Characters.Text Can someone help me here?
  11. B

    extracting certain words in a cell

    Is there a formula for extracting certain words/phrases in a cell no matter where they appear in the cell? For example, I need to know if the cell has Not Needed, Need Created, Not Created and populate the result in the cell when found. Any help would be appreciated
  12. K

    Extracting text using VBA

    I have made some head and thanks to everyone's help so far. I am using the same string of text:' MECH~CDA-CUP-PF~1 - CUP0915.2XL - Copper Reducer (P) How do I get the CDA-CUP-PF extracted using something like this? AddFormula TopLeft.Offset(1, 3).Resize(RowCount, 1), "=LEFT(AA" & Row &...
  13. B

    Extracting alphanumeric data

    Excel Guru and Excel expertise I like to ask that I am having alphanumeric data so I want to extract alphabets in one row and numeric in another group example abf145tf=abftf 145 ghj75kl=ghjkl 75 Please hoping answers from excel gurus
  14. A

    Extracting description of books from goodreads

    Goodreads does not have an api for this :( . I need to extract description of books from goodreads.com for my big list of books. Any help please.
  15. J

    Google Analytics

    Hello, Has anyone found a workable solution to extracting information for Google Analytics into Excel.
  16. D

    Extracting text before a specific character and deleting the rest

    I have a text field for example: There are 8% of people who wear red I'd like to extract whatever number is before the "%" sign. I got as far as =MID(AJ2,FIND("%",AJ2)-3,LEN(AJ2)) which kind of works but leaves everything after the % sign. I just want the number ideally. Also some of the...
  17. L

    Error Importing unicode character from google sheets to Excel

    The problem starts when I import a table from Google Sheets, I use the option to publish on the web in the file menu from the sheet, the result is this: and in excel, after extracting data the result is this: what can be wrong when extracting?
  18. H

    VBA Help - Extracting text from massive string

    I am being tasked with extracting various strings from a massive XML feed and putting the extracted text into an excel template. The challenges: This XML feed is 1.5 million characters long. I'm not sure if VBA can handle this. I think the string variable has a cap? I can open the XML...
  19. H

    Advanced Criteria extracting % <14% and those less than 14%

    I have data on sheet 3. I have Sales GP percentages in Col G on sheet 3 I have set up criteria on Sheet 4 to extract the data in Col's A:G where the % > 14% and those less than 14%. However when using advanced Filter all the percentages are being extracted I only want to extract the data on...
  20. K

    Extracting numbers

    Hello, Please help me build a formula for extracting the number from text below: <tbody> IHB_PO :U100/0000102029/2017 I just need to extract 102029 from above. Regards Sunil </tbody><colgroup><col></colgroup>

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