1. M

    Unable to fetch data from a webpage through web scraping

    How should I scrape this webpage https://www.bseindia.com/stock-share-price/asian-paints-ltd/asianpaint/500820/ and specifically need the ROE figure which is mentioned in the table. I used following code in excel. `Sub FetchData() With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _...
  2. C

    Feed cells from values of a listbox

    Hi forum! I would like to fill cells from column DC with the values clicked in a listbox multi. here is my code so far Dim i As Long For i = 0 To Me.ListBox1.ListCount Worksheets("Clients").Cells("DC4").Value = ListBox1.Value Next How can this be possible, plus it needs to fill going down...
  3. J

    I Need a Spreadsheet to Feed the Dogs! :)

    Hi Mr. Excel Forum members, I have two dogs and need to feed them variable amounts of two types of food. Dog No.1 needs 762 kcal/day Dog No.2 needs 311 kcal/day Kibble is 4 kcal/gram Canned is 1kcal/gram What I would like to do is feed variable amounts of the two types of food for each dog...
  4. R

    Drop Down List

    If I want to have a dropdown list and have the names on another workbook can I just enter the name in source? I tried (H&K Summary Charts 2019 "Data Feed"( N2:N4) ) but it did not work. What am I missing or will this not work? Thanks
  5. G

    How to stop losing formula when refreshing data

    Hello, i have a spreadsheet that refreshes from a database, however everytime i press refresh the $A$1:$AZ$1 is lost =LEFT(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(A2,checksmart!$A$1:$AZ$1,0)*1,4),2) After refresh =LEFT(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(A2,checksmart!#REF!,0)*1,4),2) I have checked another spreaadsheet that uses the...
  6. C

    SUMIFS with multiple criteria on different rows

    Hi everyone, i need help summing the population of birds whose age is greater than 60 weeks, on a row by row basis. The data set is below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 Population Age Eggs Feed Population Age Eggs Feed Population Age Eggs Feed 2 2000 76 110 100 2000 61 100 100 2000...
  7. B

    How to make sum by reading the two Columns

    Hi, I new to this site and this is my first post, generally i poor in excel so please guide me on this Thanks in Advance. Red Highlighted valve are outcome of the formula This formula need to read two column (WS and R/F) at the right side, Both Columns are manually entered, outcome is total...
  8. D

    Using Carriage Feed and/or Line Feed in string variable

    I'm using Excel 2010. This seems like a fairly basic function, but I'm having trouble getting it to work the way I intend. I have a string variable that is being passed through to the body of an email. There are different pieces of information stored in named ranges of the Excel file that...
  9. S

    How to get RSS feed of google cse API in excel 2013 with VBA

    Hi Friends, Trying to get RSS feed of Google CSE API example https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1?alt=atom&cx=[id]&key=[API key]&q= [keywords] into excel 2013 with VBA code. I am trying to extract only first item of results (first item = title, url, description, date) please help me...
  10. B

    Is Calculate needed instead of Change?

    Hi, Im looking for this code to work on a live feed. It currently works when In-play is manually typed but not when linked with a feed that will fill the cell with In-play. Do i need a worksheet calculate instead of change for this to work. Regards Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As...
  11. C

    Sumproduct weighted average

    Hi all I need to push feed some weighting into the formula below: =SUMPRODUCT(--('[Weather Archive.xlsx]Reports'!$A:$A>=C4)*('[Weather Archive.xlsx]Reports'!$A:$A<=D4),'[Weather Archive.xlsx]Reports'!$C:$C) My weightings are in the sheet 'regionalweighting', Column A has Region (North...
  12. R

    Auto Transfer Data from Master Sheet to Several other Worksheets

    Hi all! I've been researching this for days and cannot seem to find the proper way of doing what I need! I feel like it's pretty simple..... I have a master sheet where data is entered as such: <tbody> Date Log # Building Rep 12/31/16 123456 5 Jane Doe 1/4/17 789012 10 Jane Doe...
  13. V

    Need Help: How to feed Excel Data into PowerPoint

    I need help in finding a way to feed Excel data into PowerPoint. This could be in the form of charts or text. I have previously researched one method of copying the data from Excel and pasting the data as a link in PowerPoint, however the problem with this method is that I will need to...
  14. I

    Generate a News Feed with Excel

    I'm interested in using Excel to create a news feed of a vehicle inventory. I've researched many possible solutions including this one http://www.automateexcel.com/2004/12/15/create_an_rss_feed_with_excel/ However, I've not found one that validates and in particular I'd truly love to find a way...

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