field list

  1. A

    VBA select designated multiple items in pivot table field list (if visible)

    There is a "Status" field in my workbook that captures 20 different statuses based on phase in project. (Not all 20 items are actively used.) In my pivots I only need to capture 15 of the 20 statuses. Problem: I can't pre-select or auto-select the items I want because not all of them are...
  2. J

    Excel 2016 - Anchoring the field list in power pivot

    I accidentally unmored the field list and I can't see to get it anchor in upper right corner of my worksheet. Can anybody help with this. Thanks
  3. X

    Resizing Pivot Table Field List

    Hello, I know that you can adjust the layout of a pivot table field list, but I want to know if you can adjust the size of the Areas Sections. (Filters, Rows, Columns, and Values sections) This is just a big peeve of mine when I'm trying to build out a big pivot table with lots of rows. Anytime...
  4. D

    Cursor flickers on pivot table when field list is displayed

    I've just noticed this, which is a nuisance. It started a few weeks ago after I had my laptop re-imaged (everything re-installed). On a pivot table, if the active cell is within the table (data or labels), and the Field List is displayed, the cursor will flicker, anywhere it goes within the...
  5. M

    Help with Power Pivot - cannot show values in rows rather than columns

    Hi, I'm trying to reproduce a pivot table in Power Pivot to take advantage of the additional tools it offers. However, when creating the pivot table from Power Pivot and adding fields I cannot get the data sit in rows on top of each. In my existing pivot table I add the field to the values...
  6. S

    How validate if pivot table data exists or not?

    I want to find out if a particular field, say a month from Jan-14 to Dec-14, exists in 'pivot field list' before adding it to the pivot table? can you please help me out on this as I have tried couple of things but doesnt work. Here is my code: Sub Test() If (FieldItemExists("Feb -...
  7. T

    Pivot Table Fields Disappearing

    Hi all, I've set up a pivot table which is working fine. However two of the fields I originally included are missing from the field list - but still appear in the 'values' area and in the table itself. If I drag them out of the values area, they disappear completely - rather than returning to...
  8. M

    This command is not working for me, Application.CommandBars("PivotTable Field List").Enabled = True

    I have a password-protected workbook that at one point in time I set the "PivotTable Field List" to not be shown. Now I need to make an update to the Pivot Table Fields and the icon shows but it is grayed out. I have tried "Application.CommandBars("PivotTable Field List").Enabled = True" but it...
  9. H

    Pivot Table - Macro to add all fields? Help!

    Hello! I'm struggling with a Macro / Pivot problem in Excel - I'm hoping you can help! The problem I have recorded a macro that works as intended, with the exception of it automatically adding 'all column fields' to the Pivot table. I'm afraid that the columns are likely to be variable each...
  10. O

    VBA 2010 How tell which pivotfield changed?

    Win 7, Excel 2010, VBA. Using a "Sub Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate" 'trigger', I want to determine WHICH filter changed if a user made a new selection from a drop down list on the filter pivot field. (not the value that was chosen, but the field that was changed.) The macro initiates whenever...
  11. R

    Pivot Table Field List with "extra" fields

    I was given an Excel 2007 spreadhsheet at work. In one worksheet I selected all of the cells containing data under columns A-E; that was 146 rows including the header row. After selecting Insert > PivotChart to be placed into a new worksheet, I noticed that many more columns were represented in...
  12. C

    Pivot Table Field List

    Have my settings changed or is there a software problem? On my new and previously:confused: created Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 the field list is not displaying. I have tried turning on hide/display field list. Nothing changes. I have zoomed the sheet, it is not there. I have changed the...

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