1. R

    Macro merger of filenames that start with a specific name

    Hello, I have a macro that consolidates all filenames that start with "BDRIDGE" and have a "DATAx" from all containing subfolders. The path of the subolders being added in the 1st sheet of the macro file. My problem is that the macro does not retrieve anything as it only runs and...
  2. Grizlore

    File name is a cell, not working when uploaded into SharePoint

    Hi All Any help appreciated I am currently using this formula, to have the filename in a cell, works fine. However, when I upload into SharePoint, it doesn't work and returns a #Value! error =TRIM(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("[",CELL("filename",A1))+1,255),".xl",REPT("...
  3. N

    VBA for saving values in one column to text file

    Hello, New to the forum. I've learned a lot just reading. Wondering if someone can help me with the VBA code below. It DOES save the whole worksheet to a text file, but I would like it to also Only save content in Column K Skip over blank cells in Column K Sub saveText()...
  4. B

    Copy sheets from closed workbook

    Hi all, back again with another ask. I have tried the below code (with a slight mod to try and pull the whole sheet rather than the range) to try and call up a workbook (name changes so need to be able to select from file explorer), copy sheets 1-4 and paste in the original workbook that the...
  5. A

    determine username computer name and save worksheet to filename in a cell

    Hello brainiacks, (said with utmost respect). here is my problem: I have some code in a workbook named configureData.xlsm that creates a filename and stores to cell Q2 . I want to open a new workbook.xlsx and save it with the fileName created in Q2 The path would always be the same: UsersName...
  6. A

    Save Workbook with name generated from excel data

    Hello brainiacks, (said with utmost respect). Please help with my problem: I have some code in a workbook named configureData.xlsm that creates a filename in Q2 . I want to open a new workbook.xlsx and save it with the fileName created. The path would always be the same: UsersName =...
  7. A

    Struck a snag converting 32bit to 64 bit

    I don't really understand what this does as stepping through shows no code, it just "happens" Private Function MatchSpec( _ filename As String, _ FileSpec As String) As Boolean MatchSpec = PathMatchSpec(StrPtr(filename), StrPtr(FileSpec)) End Function In Excel 32bit filename is...
  8. B

    Format 51

    Good Evening Looking for some assist here. I am saving a workbook whichcontains several worksheets. When the new file is created there are two issues. 1. Message indicating to save the new file as an xlsx not amacro enabled file. 2. The new Worksheet the sheets have been grouped. How...
  9. M

    Importing multiple files into one tab instead of separate tabs

    Hi I've got some code that imports multiple files into one single file. However, each file that is imported is put into a separate tab in the single file. I would prefer to have append the data from the multiple files, instead of having it on separate tabs. Does anyone know how to modify...
  10. K

    Export Email Data from Outlook to Excel

    Hi, I have this below code which works perfectly fine. I need help to achieve 3 more tasks. 1. The number of attachments should not count if the file extension is png 2. The files with extension png should be shown or exported 3. Is there a way that the attachment(s) itself can be...
  11. spencer_time

    Two numbers to left of * and two numbers to right of *

    Hello, I -had- part of my program working until I realized that the length of the filename wasn't always constant and I need help fixing that. In the following section of code it used to look for a sheet names *CEQ* and extract the two numbers before CEQ and the two numbers after CEQ. I then...
  12. C

    Multi Embedding - icons names & Sizes

    Hi all, I was in need of a macro that embedded multiple files and I eventually got it. However, I need to resize the icons and get their names (file name / source name), as none of the names are shown but only blank icons. Although I thought I had captured this pieace in the code below...
  13. H

    Copying AND pasting (transpose) from multiple workbooks to one master workbook

    Hi there I have several workbooks in one folder that I need to open and copy a number of cells (G2:O2) from the same sheet name ('Output Create') for all of the workbooks into a 'Master' spreadsheet. Within this Master spreadsheet Column A contains a name of a place, which partially matches the...
  14. E

    Code needed for MAC Excel (latest version)

    This is what I want to do. Can someone help with code please. Not sure of the correct MAC syntax for the path, used to Drive letters in Windows 10 Select RangeA2 to I44 Use the filename that’s in Cell H10 Save as PDF to Path DATA1\DATA\DROPBOX\\BUSINESS\PDFINVOICE (Filename as in Cell H10)...
  15. C

    Use IF THEN ELSE to deal with file already open

    Hi. I can open a file remotely but am trying to create an error handling routine where, if the file is closed, open and update the links. If the file is already open it gives a FileInUse error and gives you the option to open it as read only I have been messing around with some code and ended...
  16. M

    Add Filename to the txt file

    I have a small script that logs when a user opens an excel file. Currently the username and date/time are populated in the txt file. I would like to add filename to the txt file, but not sure how. Thanks Private Sub Workbook_Open() On Error GoTo errhandler: Open "D:\Reports-Service\Old...
  17. L

    Macro for Outlook Email Signatures

    Hello Experts! I am using the following to successfully create an email and attach a pdf to it. All works great, except the email signature does not show. I believe the signature is being replaced with the body text. outlookmailitem.body="Hello,"..... I am very new to macros (less than...
  18. H

    Excel VBA: List Files of Folder/Subfolder & Rename Files with new filename

    Hi need some help, i try to search around the forum but seen not able to find one i want. Step 1 (list filename of Folder & SubFolder), there will be a POP-UP and ask user to select the path Step 2 (rename filename base on col C) & Status update on Col D Isit gd ideal to display ext...
  19. A

    Open Directory for user to choose a file

    Hello, I hope i can get some help from people whom i regard as super smart. The code below (that i have managed to get from others) finds the username and computer name so that other users would be able to use the same code on their computers. I had hoped that the code would also open the...
  20. K

    Reference a filename created with a formula

    I'm trying to reference a filename and path that I've created with a formula. I can't get it to work either in a formula or with a Macro.

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