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    Outlook VBA

    Hi All, I want to automatically download attachments I receive from work to a folder on my computer. Currently, I have it downloading everything in my inbox but I want to set parameters so it only downloads the prior weeks attachments from the current day. This is what I have so far: Option...
  2. W

    Problem Saving to File Name

    Hi All, I wrote a macro that will loop through all open workbooks and save each and print each to pdf. It saves fine and it prints to PDF fine but it makes me enter the file name of the pdf manually. I would like it to use the filename for each workbook as the filename for each pdf file...
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    [VBA] RE GetOpenFileName, I want to point Excel to a file, and then reference that in other modules

    Hi all, Doing a new sheet for reporting, I want to report on a campaign. Let's say our campaign is called "70. London" I use GetOpenFilename to point Excel to this, and then reference that file as 'facml' So now when I talk about facml in that module, it knows the file name and location, so...
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    GetOpenFileName, then display that Filename in a box?

    Hi all, have a box with a button next to it, the idea is, user clicks the button which opens the directory where the Mailing Lists are stored, then the user selects the Mailing List and it stores the path + filename as "facml" I then want the box to fill in *just the file name* Here's my code...
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    VBA Batch Renaming of Files

    Hi Excel Gurus, I'm looking for some post here regarding naming of files but can't find a suitable one. Basically I have these folders on my documents: Folder 1: Math Folder 2: Science Folder 3: History Inside the folders are different files like in the form of PDF, Excel, Text,jpg and Word...
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    Run-time error - type mismatch

    Hello everyone, I'm attempting to search through Outlook to find an attachment that is given a unique name with a date. However, there is part of the filename that is the same all of the time. I'm receiving the error on the line where I'm setting the sPath. I've got other code, that should be...
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    Is it possible to specify the path and filename of an xls file and use it as a reference without opening it?

    Is it possible to specify the path and filename of an xls file and use it as a reference without opening it? In VBA or formulas. Thanks!
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    Importing External Worksheets and Renaming Them

    Can someone please point me in the right direction. I have dozens of workbooks in a local folder where I need to import a specific worksheet "General Ledger" into the current workbook. The code I wrote does open the workbooks but seems to break when it gets to "total" even though when checking...
  9. K

    Save Workbook in particular folder.

    Hello. I wish to save a new copy of my workbook as a .xls file into a particular folder using a new filename using current day logic. My current file is a .xlsm file. The filename I wish to save as: 101 My P&L 28 May 2019 The underlined parts of my filename need to update everyday...
  10. B

    Rename File from Hyperlink on a Sheet in Excel VBA

    I have a sheet which lists many relative hyperlinks. The 'text to display' is the filename. Using the 'Worksheet_Change' event to monitor, if a user changes the filename in the cell the actual filename should be renamed to the new value, so the user doesn't have to open the folder and manually...
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    Trying to merge workbooks in a folder, but converting from a full sheet to a range

    I’m looking for some help in converting my current code into a range instead of a full sheet Instead of merging sheet 1 from multiple workbooks into a master workbook, I only need to copy a specific range on sheet one of each workbook and paste it within the master workbook. I need each sheet...
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    Extract Last Number of Bracketed Filename

    I have thousands of filenames listed in a worksheet in the following format: Filename 1 (A101 8.2 S3) Filename 2 (A5 9 R14B) Filename 3 (A45 27 M24) How would I use VBA to extract the last number and place in the adjacent cell (as below)? Filename 1 S3 Filename 2 R14B Filename 3 M24...
  13. W

    Selecting File Path & inputting to cell

    All - Beginning coder attempting to write macro to attach to a CommandButton to store a selected file path (folder or file from MS File Explorer) into a specific cell "B2". Currently having issues with the code below: Sub GetFilePath2() Dim filename As String filename =...
  14. S

    VBA to get part of the path and part of the filename to open a file

    OK, so I have a drop down in cell A1 to select the year and another dropdown in B1 to select the first part of a filename and a third dropdown in C1 to select the second part of the filename So if select... A1 = 2019 B1 = Donors C1 = April ...and the file I want to open is...
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    Combine Sheet1 from Multiple Workbooks into Single Workbook/Sheet

    Hi all, I've found some VBA online to fulfill my requirements, but I cannot get it to work. Let me explain what I have and what I'm looking for: I have ~150 .xlsx Workbooks, with the exact same format (which might be irrelevant): Sheet1 row 1 is a header row. Column A is a data validation...
  16. D

    FSO.copyfile issue.

    Hi guys, I have a problem, I made a Sub function that copies files to multiple folder. its working fine except for one particular folder. I don't understand why it is keep copying 1 level below of target sub folder and the filename is changed to April - 1901-04-2019 <filename>.<ext>. All other...
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    VBA Macro Save File Based On Cell Value in Current Excel Version Issue

    Dim Path As StringDim Filename As String Path = "C:\Report\" Filename = Range("B4") ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path & Filename & ".xlsx", FileFormat:=xlNormal I am self teaching myself VBA and have run into an issue. Despite spending a lot of time searching, I wasn't able to get this macro...
  18. A

    VBA to save file as a Name & Cell Vaue

    I am trying to have the file name, be made automatic as we save it I would like this file to be named: "Meriden Online 04-23-2019" When finished I keep getting a save as method failed error here is what I have so far Dim Path As String Dim filename As String...
  19. Z

    Emailing a workbook via VBA (subject line question)

    I have a report that I'm developing and want to email it automatically when it's ready. I know how to do most of it, but I'm having trouble with the Subject line within the email. I want the subject line to be the file name. Below is the code that I have right now, that works fine, that...
  20. B

    Saving selected sheets as pdf

    Hi everybody Been away for a while but lucky enough to just get a new job, hoping someone can help me out a bit on the last part of a VBA project. Using Office 2010 I have been working on some code to save selected sheets in an excel workbook as a named PDF document. The name is a cell value...

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