1. M

    Importing files with variable number of columns

    I noticed something odd today and I don't know if this is new or if I just never encountered this before. I have 3 files in a folder and imported from the folder into Power Query. 2 of the files have 2 columns, 1 file has 3 columns. Power Query imported just the first 2 columns from each...
  2. N

    Consolidate Same Sheet from Multiple Workbooks

    Hi, I have a folder with files where I need one sheet from every file pasted into a master workbook. I have tried this with PowerQuery, but believe there are too many files for it to process. My files are saved at the path: "C:\Users\user1\Desktop\Combine Files" There are approx 100 files...
  3. W

    Importing multiple excel files into one spreadsheet

    Hi, I'm trying to import multiple excel files (with the same format into a single spreadsheet) so that each day's file is listed underneath the previous day's data. To make it more complicated each day's file has two tabs that i need to import but I'm assuming the code below will do this...
  4. S

    Slight alteration to VBA code for renaming sheets

    Hi - hoping someone better than me can help with a slight adjustment to the below code. I think its easy for someone with the skills. So it currently opens all the files in a picked folder and renames the sheet to Sheet1, so long as there's only one sheet. Problem is I have a combination of...
  5. H

    VBA Code To Copy Files From Path To Path

    Hello Friends, I need a VBA code to copy all files from a folder located at From Path to a folder located at To Path but only those files which are new or have a modification date other than the files which already exists in To Path. For example CASE # 1 There are 25 files in the folder...
  6. L

    in PQ can we merge multi sheets in Multi Workbook at same time

    Hi all i have 5 files for 5 regions each files contains From 4 to 10 sheets ( each sheet for Product sales Anaysis ) i merged it by my PQ File file then i use PQ also to Merge it all in one file that is mean i use PQ 5 times for 5 files then i use it again to merge it all in one file can...
  7. P

    Laptops and large Excel files

    Hi, I have started a new job which is heavily excel driven, I have encountered a few laptop issues with speed but mainly excel files failing as it "does not have enough resources" to complete the actions - so I have to close down Excel, re-boot etc etc When I look at the spec of my laptop it is...
  8. R

    Excel 2019 macros error: "Excel cannot load two files with the same name"

    Since I upgraded to Excel 2019, my existing macros will not run - they have worked for years on older Excel versions and they DO run normally on my Excel 2019 installation at the office. I use icons on the ribbon but when I click one, I get the message "Excel cannot load tow files with the same...
  9. B

    Import SharePoint Excel Files

    Does anyone know of a way to import excel files directly from a SharePoint into access
  10. C

    Strange Windows error that only affect my Excel files

    I'm on Windows 10. When I'm working in Excel occasionally my screen starts flashing for about 1 minute (no pattern to when or why it happens ... it just randomly starts). During this time I can't click into any Excel cells or do anything in Excel. The other applications on my computer work fine...
  11. M

    VBA Code to show two different file types

    Hi I'd like to run code which opens a folder and only shows two specific file types (binary and xlsx files). I've got the code below, but it only shows xlsx files when run. Does anyone know why binary files are not shown, as well? TIA Sub BinaryOrXls() Dim fd As Office.FileDialog...
  12. D

    vba code to refresh data from OneStream

    Hi, I have a user that logs into OneStream and gets all his data in Excel but he has several files, but I need to refresh all these files through a macro. The problem is how to I do this? I tried the following macro but it doesn't work: For Each cnct In ThisWorkbook.Connections Select case...
  13. L

    time saved as text

    Hi I am reading some articles and they say importing data from database/.csv files to excel the time usually converted to text and therefore I need to use timevalue() and other functions or formula to convert the time to a value. I tried to google to find such files/examples but could not find...
  14. W

    How to publish as web page with relative path

    Hello. I'm publishing some reports as .htm files, and I faced issue with relative/absolute path of output .htm files. Let's say, workbook is located in folder "Publish" at desktop. I want to publish .htm files in that same folder where workbook is located. Attached is layout of dialog for...
  15. D

    Power query - Updating files before getting values

    I have a query that retrieves information from multiple excel files in a folder The problem I am running into is that those files have formulas that depend on the current date Seemingly, when power query retrieves the data, it doesn't allow the formulas to update first This results in incorrect...
  16. F

    VBA code - Save file to folder within workbook path

    I have a code that creates a pdf and saves it in the folder where the workbook is saved. I have a sub folder PDF FILES. Is there a way to save to the PDF folder without using a full patch like c:\user\workbook\pdf files? Below is the code I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  17. LocalNeko

    VBA - Consolidate Data and place the new data at the end of the main sheet

    Hello All, I'm new in the macro space and I'm pretty sure this question has been asked before. But I have multiple worksheets (12 in total). That need to all be gathered in a single sheet. Now, I'm able to consolidate the files it's just that my problem is that the placing of each sheet is...
  18. D

    Importing from a local .aspx file in Excel 2007?

    I have a local .aspx file that I generated by downloading from an HTML web page (the browser extension saves it as .aspx...not entirely sure why.) It contains a few hundred tables that I want to import into Excel, but my googling suggested that only Excel versions 2010 and later have a native...
  19. J

    Shell for non .exe Files

    Hello All, So I currently am trying to open from VBA, an output file of a macro recordercalled tinytask. I am able to sue theshell function to open the macro recorder itself using the below: Sub TinyTaskCallExample() DimstrProgramName As String Dim strArgumentAs String...
  20. S

    Power Query: Combine Files, delete row1, promote row2 as headers

    I'm trying to combine files in PQ that have an extra row above the headers. How would I combine these files by deleting Row1 and promoting Row2 as headers? <tbody> Count 5 ID Action Date 11111 INP 18-Oct 22222 INP 19-Oct 33333 INP 20-Oct 44444 CLOSED 21-Oct 55555 INP 22-Oct...

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