fill color

  1. C

    Create a custom "Fill Color" selection row

    Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I've got a spreadsheet that is used by around 20 people. Unfortunately, these people are self-declared not tech savvy, scared of Excel, etc. They need to color code certain parts of the spreadsheet, but they all need to use the same colors - it's almost Red...
  2. M

    Display my chart's font fill color and transparency percentage for all series on a "Chart Details" range of cells

    I'm using Excel 2016. As I keep fine-tuning my stacked area chart's configurations, I find it hard to keep track of the fill colors and series colors. I want to display, for example, in cells B40 and C40 series1's Fill color hex code and series1's Fill color's transparency. And then B41 and C41...
  3. A

    Copy Fill Row to other Sheet

    Pseudo Code If any cell between (A1:D9) have color orange than Select the row of that orange cell and copy to the other sheet first available empty row and put current date to right side of copy row I have write some code but its not working Sub copy_next_Row2() If...
  4. H

    I need a macro to copy cells based on fill color

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet that I need to copy some specific data from and paste it to a new sheet. Column A has dates of events, column F has the expected number of attendants, column G has the actual number of attendants. There is a lot of other info that I don't need. The data I need...
  5. B

    IF Formula to change cell color IF less than the value of another cell

    Hi Community - It's been a while since i've done this and it seemed to have slipped my mind on how to do it. I need a formula to fill a cell color if it is less or greater than another cell, for example: IF(A1<B1"Fill Color Red") Essentially i want cell A1 to fill color Red if it is less than...
  6. T

    Changing the color of a category in a chart

    Hello, After reading the article of Jon Peltier I an still looking for a way to hardcode within the VBA the colours for the various categories. Is there a way to do it? e.g. I have a stacked chart with...
  7. P

    Excel 2016 Cell Fill and Font Will Not Change

    Hello. I am having issues with an Excel Workbook that I created. On a few of the pages the "Fill Color" is not appearing. However on some of the previous pages, the "Fill Color" is appearing. I have tried to correct the current pages by selecting a cell and click the fill button on the...
  8. B

    Change Cell Fill Color if Cell has Text and No Fill Color

    I don't believe conditional formatting based on a cell's fill color is an option so that leaves only macros. I'd like to specify a range of cells in which if I type something into any one of those cells, it's fill color will change to "green". If I then change the fill color to "red" it will...
  9. M

    VBA to fill color with multiple rows

    Hi all, I am looking for VBA to fill color (red) when I select a certain range of rows. I will assign a hotkey for this and then select multiple rows and hit the hot key to fill the row with color. Currently I have a code that works for the first row that has been selected (i.e. one row at a...
  10. W

    Retain Cell Formatting when Copying Multiple Sheets into a New Workbook (Excel 2013)

    I have multiple worksheets in a workbook that I am trying to copy into a new workbook. Prior to updating to Excel 2013, I could select the sheets, and use the "Move or Copy" option to move them into a new workbook. When I did that, all my formatting stayed the same. Then, last month, my...
  11. andrewb90

    Help with Conditional Formatting

    Hello all, I have this code which has worked wonderfully for me to highlight lines on my sheet: Option ExplicitConst MyAreas = "B6:M23,B25:M42,B44:M61,B63:M80,B82:M109,B111:M124,H126:M131" Dim a, MyCol As Collection, rng As Range, x As Range ' Highlighting with Conditional Formatting Private...
  12. andrewb90

    Code clearing the fill color of cells?

    Hello All, I have a macro that clears data from a sheet and gets it ready to start a new week, but a few merged cells keep getting their fill color cleared. Now, I can always just have my code fill the gradient colors back in, but I'd rather try to fix what is causing the issue...
  13. andrewb90

    Run Time Error 1004

    Hello all, I have this code that looks at the fill color of my cells and then assigns a gradient fill color to cells on another sheet. When I was testing this last week, it seemed to work quite well, now however I am getting an error, and I'm not sure what I could've done. Any help would be...
  14. andrewb90

    Fill color getting removed in vba???

    Hello all, I have this code that I am running that clears the contents and text/fill colors of certain cells in my sheet. The problem that I am facing is that a few merged cells are having the fill color removed and I can't figure out why. They are: D88:V88, D107:V107, D126:V126, D145:V145...
  15. J

    % Attainmnet Cell Color Cange

    I would like to set a cell to automatically change to a custom color when a number range is reached for comissions tracking. Example Quota: C12 = 100 (desired Number in D12 is 0 or lower) Gap: D12 = Formula used [=sum(C12-I15)] Items Sold: I15 = items sold I would like to use 3 custom...
  16. A

    Active Cell to have White Fill

    I have a spreadsheet that is mostly grayed out. I want whichever cell is currently active to have a white fill. Is there a way to do that without VBA, and if not, what line of code would do that?
  17. andrewb90

    Change code to use fill colors

    Hello all, I have the code that highlights my rows, however I would like to not use conditional formatting, but instead use fill color. Is that possible? Option ExplicitConst MyAreas = "B5:V341" Dim a, MyCol As Collection, rng As range, x As range ' Highlighting with Conditional Formatting...
  18. andrewb90

    Fill Colors using VBA

    Hello All, I am hoping there is a pretty simple solution to this. I am using this code to color different cell ranges: Sub RequestAvail() With Selection.Interior .Pattern = xlSolid .PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorDark1...
  19. andrewb90

    Looking to not use conditional formatting

    Hello All, I have a line highlighting code that I have been using for quite some time and it has served me well, however I now am encountering issues with needing other CF on my cells. How can I make this use traditional fill colors instead of conditional formatting? Here is my current code...
  20. andrewb90

    VBA to change cell color

    Hello All, I have this code that I am using, however, I need to change part of it, and I don't seem to be doing it correctly. Sub OFF() Dim i As Integer With Sheets("Print") For i = 5 To 25 If .Cells(i, 1).Interior.Color = RGB(255, 209, 117) Then .Cells(i + 5, 6).Value = "OFF"...

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