1. B

    Copy from a filtered cell and paste into a validated ( by dropdown ) cell

    Hi , i have a filter from a table. I would like to be able by pressing for example a button copy the cells value to a data validated cell. I’m struggling at the paste , paste special part where the cell is not taking the value. Seemingly it’s removing the validation rule too. Does anyone have...
  2. Z

    How to loop over all indice in a filtered column

    Hello, I want to loop over all indices in a filtered column & do something for each indice each time, how can i do that please ? Thank you in advance :)
  3. P

    How to fill Filtered Cells with data??

    Hi everyone, I am trying to use to populate the "AD" column fields (filtered by rows that contain data) with the word "SENT". I can't seem to manage to fill the correct cells due to filtering. "SENT" needs to be populated in the AD column in the cell where there is filtered data also needs to...
  4. Y

    Get value from filtered table vba with button

    I create a simple previous-next button using spinbutton to get data from the table, here the code: Private Sub spnPrevNext_SpinDown() Dim wb As Workbook: Set wb = ThisWorkbook Dim shtHelper As Worksheet, shtData As Worksheet Dim lobTable As ListObject Dim FindData as Range...
  5. N

    Cut and Paste Filtered Rows

    I have some code that is filtered on a column, copying the visible rows, going to a new sheet, and pasting the code down. It works, but its incredibly slow, is there a faster way to generate this block of code? Selection.AutoFilter ActiveSheet.Range("A:J").AutoFilter Field:=3...
  6. K

    Copy filtered data from workbook to new workbook

    I am trying to copy filtered data from a .xlsm workbook (an image, headings, filtered data) to a new .xlsx workbook. I found some code that I have modified which copies the data in the active worksheet to a new workbook allowing the user to enter their own title and save as. The issue is that...
  7. D

    possible to copy filtered data into one cell?

    I have filtered data wb1.Sheets(1).Range("F2:F" & Cells(Rows.Count, "F").End(xlUp).Row).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy and want to copy it to a single cell on the target worksheet wb.Sheets(1).Range("W" & i).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues I thought this would do it, but...
  8. S

    Keep Top 5 Lines of Filtered Range - Delete the rest

    Hi All, I have the following loop code which filters my data for me. Once filtered, I want to keep the first top 5 rows of information and delete the rest. 'Loop to remove risks except for Top 5 x = 1 Do Until x = 52 Hospital =...
  9. S

    cell equal only filtered cell

    Hello: In column A, I have 1,299 unique part numbers. The end user is going to choose one through a filter. I need cell B1 to equal that filtered number. I need this because I am doing an Indirect formula that needs just the chosen (filtered) part number, but because the filtered number is...
  10. A

    identify distinct names in filtered list

    hi all, i am trying to work out a way of counting unique/distinct names in a list. Unfiltered is straightforward. In each row: countif($a$2:$a2,$a2). I need to be able to have a formula that will also operate on the same data when it is filtered. I aim to be able to identify distinct names by...
  11. B

    is there a way to combine subtotal and if then commands?

    I want to look at a filtered list and see how many items in col A are a Yes or a No. I know to look at the total items in the filtered list I'd write =subtotal(2,A1:A100). But how do I separate the two values?
  12. L

    VBA Faster Way to copy filtered contents to a new sheet

    Hello, I have been told to many Select and copy and paste commands can slow down my code. What would be a faster way of doing this? - It is copying the filtered results to a new Sheet called filtered. Sub Filtered() ' '~~~~ This macro adds the filtered sheet to begin the report process '...
  13. D

    advanced filter than copy and paste

    ok i ran into something far when i do an advnaced filter via vba and then copy and pasted the filtered default the code would only copy the visible cells even though i have the code written as range("a2:p" & finalrow).copy that is, even the the first row of filtered rate...
  14. A

    Filtered List Formula

    Hi I’m attempting to create an array formula that only picks upvalues in a filtered list. Is itpossible to combine both formulae Array formula: =(SUM(IFERROR((AK5:AK215<(TODAY()))*(AK5:AK215<>""),0))) (courtesyof Jasonb75) Picks up non-blanks with the filtered list...
  15. C

    Trying to Copy and Paste a Filtered Column

    I know I cannot be the first to try this; however, I cannot figure out the search terms to find something that helps me. I have filtered column K and L so that only blanks show. I want to take all the values of column J and copy them into column L the problem is that it only pastes hit and...
  16. D

    Filtered dataset / sort / hidden columns

    If you a have sheet that is filtered, and hide columns, then sort (via any viewable column), does the hidden columns also sort? I have a fairly sizable file (12k rows, 37 cols; several columns are for me) that I want to send to a few team members to sort/verify/update their data. I'm...
  17. C

    Proetection keep you from viewing data in filtered rows.

    So I am using filters to hide data from users. Depending on a login password. I un-filter or filter certain rows and then use filter refresh. However I guess anyone can link to tab on another sheet or file and then just copy up or down and see the filtered rows. Is there a way to stop this?
  18. U

    Visible cell count CHALLENGE.. wait for it, BETWEEN VALUES!!

    How do I count visible (filtered) cells in 2 columns (data range below) with values between 1.5 & 2. Meaning if cell value is equal to or between 1.5 & 2 it counts. I have figured out how to do this with unfiltered data but cant seem to figure it out with filtered data, HELP PLEASE...
  19. U

    Count visible cells filtered data

    I am trying to count visible cells only between 1.5 & 2. I used this formula: =COUNTIF(J7:J83952,">=1.5")-COUNTIF(J7:J83952,">2") But how do it get this to work with filtered data? Also, is there a way to add another column of data to search (N7:N83952)
  20. 5

    Filter cells and emial filter result

    Hey, I am hoping you could help me, I want to filter a worksheet on the name of a supplier(column C) and on todays date (Column T) and then email them columns C:T from that filtered information could anyone help? Thanks

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