1. Y

    Get value from filtered table vba with button

    I create a simple previous-next button using spinbutton to get data from the table, here the code: Private Sub spnPrevNext_SpinDown() Dim wb As Workbook: Set wb = ThisWorkbook Dim shtHelper As Worksheet, shtData As Worksheet Dim lobTable As ListObject Dim FindData as Range...
  2. N

    Cut and Paste Filtered Rows

    I have some code that is filtered on a column, copying the visible rows, going to a new sheet, and pasting the code down. It works, but its incredibly slow, is there a faster way to generate this block of code? Selection.AutoFilter ActiveSheet.Range("A:J").AutoFilter Field:=3...
  3. K

    Copy filtered data from workbook to new workbook

    I am trying to copy filtered data from a .xlsm workbook (an image, headings, filtered data) to a new .xlsx workbook. I found some code that I have modified which copies the data in the active worksheet to a new workbook allowing the user to enter their own title and save as. The issue is that...
  4. D

    possible to copy filtered data into one cell?

    I have filtered data wb1.Sheets(1).Range("F2:F" & Cells(Rows.Count, "F").End(xlUp).Row).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy and want to copy it to a single cell on the target worksheet wb.Sheets(1).Range("W" & i).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues I thought this would do it, but...
  5. S

    Keep Top 5 Lines of Filtered Range - Delete the rest

    Hi All, I have the following loop code which filters my data for me. Once filtered, I want to keep the first top 5 rows of information and delete the rest. 'Loop to remove risks except for Top 5 x = 1 Do Until x = 52 Hospital =...
  6. S

    cell equal only filtered cell

    Hello: In column A, I have 1,299 unique part numbers. The end user is going to choose one through a filter. I need cell B1 to equal that filtered number. I need this because I am doing an Indirect formula that needs just the chosen (filtered) part number, but because the filtered number is...
  7. A

    identify distinct names in filtered list

    hi all, i am trying to work out a way of counting unique/distinct names in a list. Unfiltered is straightforward. In each row: countif($a$2:$a2,$a2). I need to be able to have a formula that will also operate on the same data when it is filtered. I aim to be able to identify distinct names by...
  8. B

    is there a way to combine subtotal and if then commands?

    I want to look at a filtered list and see how many items in col A are a Yes or a No. I know to look at the total items in the filtered list I'd write =subtotal(2,A1:A100). But how do I separate the two values?
  9. L

    VBA Faster Way to copy filtered contents to a new sheet

    Hello, I have been told to many Select and copy and paste commands can slow down my code. What would be a faster way of doing this? - It is copying the filtered results to a new Sheet called filtered. Sub Filtered() ' '~~~~ This macro adds the filtered sheet to begin the report process '...
  10. D

    advanced filter than copy and paste

    ok i ran into something far when i do an advnaced filter via vba and then copy and pasted the filtered default the code would only copy the visible cells even though i have the code written as range("a2:p" & finalrow).copy that is, even the the first row of filtered rate...
  11. A

    Filtered List Formula

    Hi I’m attempting to create an array formula that only picks upvalues in a filtered list. Is itpossible to combine both formulae Array formula: =(SUM(IFERROR((AK5:AK215<(TODAY()))*(AK5:AK215<>""),0))) (courtesyof Jasonb75) Picks up non-blanks with the filtered list...
  12. C

    Trying to Copy and Paste a Filtered Column

    I know I cannot be the first to try this; however, I cannot figure out the search terms to find something that helps me. I have filtered column K and L so that only blanks show. I want to take all the values of column J and copy them into column L the problem is that it only pastes hit and...
  13. D

    Filtered dataset / sort / hidden columns

    If you a have sheet that is filtered, and hide columns, then sort (via any viewable column), does the hidden columns also sort? I have a fairly sizable file (12k rows, 37 cols; several columns are for me) that I want to send to a few team members to sort/verify/update their data. I'm...
  14. C

    Proetection keep you from viewing data in filtered rows.

    So I am using filters to hide data from users. Depending on a login password. I un-filter or filter certain rows and then use filter refresh. However I guess anyone can link to tab on another sheet or file and then just copy up or down and see the filtered rows. Is there a way to stop this?
  15. U

    Visible cell count CHALLENGE.. wait for it, BETWEEN VALUES!!

    How do I count visible (filtered) cells in 2 columns (data range below) with values between 1.5 & 2. Meaning if cell value is equal to or between 1.5 & 2 it counts. I have figured out how to do this with unfiltered data but cant seem to figure it out with filtered data, HELP PLEASE...
  16. U

    Count visible cells filtered data

    I am trying to count visible cells only between 1.5 & 2. I used this formula: =COUNTIF(J7:J83952,">=1.5")-COUNTIF(J7:J83952,">2") But how do it get this to work with filtered data? Also, is there a way to add another column of data to search (N7:N83952)
  17. 5

    Filter cells and emial filter result

    Hey, I am hoping you could help me, I want to filter a worksheet on the name of a supplier(column C) and on todays date (Column T) and then email them columns C:T from that filtered information could anyone help? Thanks
  18. K

    Using Offset on Visible cells only

    Hi, I have the code ActiveSheet.Range("A10").Offset(1, 0).Select But this does not work for me as my data is filtered. I do not want to unfiltered the data. But how can I use offset on functioning with on the cells that are visible ?
  19. J

    VBA - IsEmpty on filtered dataset

    Hi all, I have a code that filters data, and then I have the following function: If IsEmpty(Range("A14").Offset(1, 0)) = False Then 'Is not blank MsgBox "ABC" Else 'Is blank MsgBox "XYZ" Essentially I'm trying to see if the next available row in the data is...
  20. S

    Counting Unique Values in Filtered List That Meet External Criteria

    There have been numerous posts about how to count the number of unique values existing in a specific column of a filtered table. Responses often point to array formulas that use a combination of the FREQUENCY, SUBTOTAL and MATCH functions, for example...

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