1. C

    Macro needed to filter a range

    Have a look at the attached. Essentially, i am unable to house in a table due to spec. and need to filter based on two inputs. Range is Check_table - A17:H163 Filter 1: Cell H9, the concept. based on a choice here the Range needs to be filter on Col B. for example, if 'n' is chosen, filter out...
  2. K

    VBA Code Filter

    Hi: I have a spreadsheet where I added a command button to filter the list by criteria and that is working perfectly. I need to add another criteria but can't figure out the logic to do it. Here is the situation I currently have and the code I have which is working. The spreadsheet tracks...
  3. K

    VBA - Message Box is Criteria not available

    Hi. I need some help on if something can be done. I have a spreadsheet with many rows of data. I added a macro that users can select 2 criteria to filter the list by selecting choices from drop down fields and "clicking" a button. This works fine. My problem is if there is no data in the...
  4. F

    VBA | Filter Multiple Columns Based On Single Cell Value

    Hi all! I have a named range - "States" - that are column headers. I would like to filter the columns in this named range based state selection in another cell (F1). If the State selected in cell F1 equals a state in the Named Range, keep that column visible, but hide the other columns. I'm...
  5. S

    Advanced filtering of data into other sheet and copying the same sheet into a new workbook

    Hello ..!! This is my 3rd thread with Mr.Excel and my journey here is making me visualize what all can I automate using VBA and becoming successful with smaller macros for now. Thanks to everyone who is making my journey here fruitful ..!! :) So I am here with a request for macro that I need...
  6. V

    Pivot Tables - Excluding new items in manual filter

    Hello, I am having an issue with some pivot tables I have created that pull from a query. I have the field settings option for the product filter to NOT include new items in manual filter: Despite this, when a new item enters the dataset that the PT is pulling from, it is adding new products...
  7. M

    FILTER Function - Maintaining subheadings without #SPILL

    Hi, To begin with, I'm stuck using cell formulas due to Excel Online.... & I would ideally like this to be recalculated when formulas are recalculated. I'm looking to format my data below like it is under "Ideal output" I would like to avoid spill errors if I find more ID matches, and push...
  8. M

    Filtering from one table to the other

    I have two tables on two different tabs within a sheet. The first two columns are the same (company names and alias). One of the tables includes a lot of different filtering information such as the industry of a company. The other table contains information that's relevant to whoever is going to...
  9. E

    Keep a currently Filtered Visual while Filtering another Visual

    Hi all, I wonder what I am doing wrong or maybe I have missed something. When I filter on the 164 Due more than 3 Weeks the Within Timescale visual updates (brilliant). If I then select the 1 False the Visual updates as well the the one to the left (image below). This then has a knock on...
  10. L

    Issue in my macro

    Hello, I am using a macro filtering with a "X" in a certain column and pasting in on another table, I need to do it on repetitive way with different filtering column. It works until a certain column, then the macro is not going forward. I have first a macro defining a format for the subject...
  11. G

    Keep rows when filtering

    Good afternoon! I have an excel spreadsheet I'm making that lists about 8-900 companies. There are 12-3 columns with certain types of info (contact name, phone, company type, etc) They are organized by company type, so row 15 would say "Demolition Company" and then rows 16-40 will be the demo...
  12. K

    Filtering based on input in listbox

    Hello all, I need help with the following macro please. I am trying to use a userform to allow a selection of criteria. Based on the selection a column in the excel sheet should be filtered. So far this is my code: Dim Ary2 As Variant Dim i2 As Long, j2 As Long With Me.ListBox2...
  13. K

    Filtering column for input in ListBox

    Hello everyone. I have a document with a userform that allows users to select a specific area in a list box. Multiple selections are possible. Based on the input I would like to filter column E called "AreaColumn" for the input made by a user when cofirming the user form with OK. So far I've...
  14. L

    VBA - Find and filter last column

    Good afternoon and a happy new year! I'm creating a macro that will look for the column and filter... the only problem is, there could be 14 columns one run and there could be 12 the next (it could range from more or less), but it'll always be in the last column... but when I create the code...
  15. F

    Issue with Filtering

    Hello forum, Basically I have a questionnaire (Button) that allows me to filter the room and it shows everyone in the room. Is there a way that once I filter the room and then filter the people in the room without loosing the room filter. Example: If I filter by Room 2, I will see Designer...
  16. J


    Hi, have this code for filtering but I am getting this error: invalid use of Me keyword, Private Sub ReapplyFilter() Application.EnableEvents = False With Me.[a1] .AutoFilter .AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:="r", Operator:=xlAnd End With...
  17. B

    VBA Autoprotect sheet and allow filtering

    Hi, I have created a macro that will autoprotect and sutosave a sheet when closing with a specific password. How I need to allow people who do not know the password to filter on the sheet. what code do I need to add to allow filtering without being able to unprotect the sheet? Code I...
  18. B

    how to see if there's any unique values

    I've got data like this below. All the weights are supposed to be consistent. So for example all 3 pound weights are supposed to be $5, regardless of province. But there could be an error somewhere, such as in the last line. Is there a way to simply find all the difference prices for each...
  19. J

    Filtering a Pivot by user input value?

    Hi, I have a pivot table with the left column numbers 1-100 And I want to be able to filter between 2 numbers (from user inputboxs for min and max) Eg. Numbers 11-20 or 1-80 Unsure how to do this, Any help appreciated
  20. R

    No idea how to title...Sorting in Excel to include group header?

    Hi! I'm not sure how to phrase my question which makes hard to search for an answer....Can I sort by a grouping under a heading? I have a sheet that I want to filter (by person), but I want the subheadings (Project name) to be included with the filtering. I can only explain by pictures...

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