find and replace

  1. E

    Delete words in a column based off a list in another column

    How do you delete specific words in one column that's based off a list of words in another column? For example, let's say in column A I have: A1: Carrots are orange. A2: Green peas go great with garlic butter. A3: Watermelons are red on the inside and green on the outside. And in column C are...
  2. M

    Find and replace in all sheets, and replace in exact format and properties

    Hi, I got this code from another post. The solution is amazing and really helps me. I would like to know if there is a way so I can 'Find' and 'Replace the exact value' The values I'm replacing with are hyperlinks. So I would like to replace the new values with those hyperlinks and keep them...
  3. H

    Find and Replace Loop Using Spreadsheet

    Hi all, Sorry for the beginner VBA question - I've been stuck for a while and haven't been able to adapt any answers from this forum to quite get the results I would like. I have a range (B46:C54) on multiple sheets that contains values that need to be used in a find and replace. B46:B54...
  4. D

    Outlook VBA - renaming outlook folders using find/replace code that references excel workbook/sheet: it converted all folder text to lowercase

    Hi Folks, Basic issue: I have a requirement to rename many outlook folders/sub-folders and I thought I'd found the perfect outlook VBA code; however, I have two issues with it 1) it's changing the case of my outlook folders to lowercase 2) It's doing part matches. Detail The code below...
  5. D

    Find and Replace Within Validation Limitations

    I have a worksheet with cells that have validation limitations allowing a list as a source. These cells need to be editable by all users. When changing a validation cell manually, the input is limited to the validation rule assigned. Due to the vast number of cells that may need to be changed at...
  6. F

    Batch replacing External Connection Stream

    Hi, I currently have a spreadsheet that includes lots of pages imported from external data (an external website). The links that I used were similar to: However recently there has been an issue with a security certificate on...
  7. R

    A complicated one... is this even possible?

    Hey forum folks, I have a problem. I need to replace: HERE in B2 with the data in C2 HERE 2 in B3 with the data in C3 HERE 3 in B4 with the data in C4 HERE 4 in B5 with the data in C5 HERE 5 in B6 with the data in C6 And I need to do the same for every cell in column B. Is this possible...
  8. Jambi46n2

    VBA Inputbox Find and Replace Help

    I am trying to conduct an automated Find and Replace with VBA Inputbox to simply replace this: 07 July 2019\SpeeDee Royalty Calculation\07.27\Sales Reports\[07.27.2019 Nexgen SpeeDee Report.xlsx]rptCustomMonthlySalesOverview'!$A$4:$I$102,5,FALSE) To This: 08 August 2019\SpeeDee Royalty...
  9. C

    VBA Find and Replace other column and IF statement

    Hi, I have a dataset where I want the following and I am stuck. I have a datasheet, where I have clientnumbers in column E and in column Q the type of business of the client (i.e. new business, lost business or excisting business). Sometimes Column Q is not correct, so I have a correction...
  10. M

    Find and Replace

    Hello, I am trying to find and replace 2 place decimals numbers in a column with 3 place decimals using vba. The problem is that some of the numbers are over an hour (1.16 should be 1.167) in time. I tired using wildcards, but it seems to put the wildcard character in with the number. Any help...
  11. J

    Find and Replace with formatting between two Characters

    Hi all, I'm looking to find and replace with formatting between two characters. For Example: I want to find all instances of: |Some Text| and replace it with Some Text. Basically, it would remove the containing characters "I" and bold the text within these characters. Any help would be...
  12. W

    Find and replace as well as find and delete

    Hi all, I saw a post by Trebor76 that has helped me to come a few steps forward, but i still have alot to solve and i need the help of some skilled VBA Excel users. I am quite at the basic level in Excel VBA and i will really be thankful if someone can take sometime to help me out I have data...
  13. Z

    Changing "value" into "any value in a specific cell" in VBA

    Hello everyone! I want to build a macro or use a formula which allows me to search the value of (let's say)"search" cell K10 in a table spreadsheet. Jump to it, replace the background with color green, and jump to the cell next to it to the right (The value of K10 is in E171, fills the...
  14. D

    Remove Parenthesis and their Contents

    I am just starting to dabble in Access and I need to remove any parenthesis and their contents from my field "CustomerName". In Excel I would do a Find and Replace of "(*)", but that does not seem to work here. Thanks as always!
  15. A

    Find cells that start with a specific text and replace with

    Hi all, I am pretty sure I've been able to use the find and replace function for this before; I have a complete brain freeze. I have a lot of entries on excel; they are urls. Some of them have the root domain included and some don't. for example: /product435...
  16. M

    Using multifind and replace code for whole words

    I've been using everyone's favorite multi find and replace code for the past 2 months and it's been wonderful, but it is still not exact enough. I put it into an addin and tied that to a button so now I just click it select the text I want it to replace and then select a table I have in another...
  17. C

    Excel macro - search for content and fill rows accordingly

    Hello, I have searched the forum for any macro resembling the one I am trying to create but no luck... I am not an expert in VBA but I know other programming languages so the algorithm I am trying to create is clear but I lack the knowledge in Excel macro syntax to make it work... Basically...
  18. J

    Is it possible to replace vlookup formulas only with their resulting values?

    Basically is it possible to find and replace vlookup formulas in a sheet and replace with their resulting values without impacting any of the other formulas in the sheet? Like a find and replace if formula contains vlookup with that cells value? Thanks, Joe
  19. S

    How to Update one Excel workbook with new information from another workbook (find and replace or merge)

    Hello all, I am not new to Excel, but I have never messed with formulas or documents with large amounts of information. However, I am now faced with doing weekly and/or monthly updates on a master spreadsheet/workbook that has names, case numbers, completion dates, and other personal data. I...
  20. N

    Find and replace the word in the text

    As a newbie I couldn't done it. Sorry for this low level question, I need C1. Thank you. <tbody> A1 B1 C1 apple A lot of apples A lot of .....s interest I've interested in giving examples I've ........ed in giving examples </tbody>

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