find function

  1. M

    .Formula Find Compile error

    I am trying to have a macro put a formula into Cell J10 that contains the Excel Find function and I get get an "expected end of statement" compile error. The formula works if I manually enter it into a cell on the spreadsheet. Cell F10 contains +123.45 USDC I want to parse out the number...
  2. D

    R1C1 Formula and FIND function

    Hello everyone. Given: Columns P and Q Column P contains random values (Number Format) interspaced with unknown number of empty cells The aim is to write code which returns value into “Q” Cell and fulfils criteria as it follows below: If P Cell value = Nothing then Q Cell value = Nothing...
  3. S

    Using VBA to transfer static data

    Hi guys I am looking to create a macro which essentially copy data from one workbook to another. The data is organised by ID numbers for which there are specific data points. The ID’s in both workbooks are organised vertically in one column with the data points for each ID in the same row as...
  4. W

    If False Do Nothing

    How do you do Friends, I have a large data set and I would like to search for a keyword and update the cell 5 columns over from it. This is what I have so far: Sub Find_and_Write() Dim X As Variant, F As Range X = Application.InputBox("Enter Value") If TypeName(X) = "Boolean" Then Exit Sub...
  5. H

    Find function doesn't work after form unload?

    Hi I have this formula to find a row number IDRow = MySheet.Range("A1:A10").Find(Trim("ID"), LookIn:=xlFormulas).Row The method from which this line is called passes the sheet as a parameter, so I know that the sheet is always the right one. I call this line after either of two things (see...
  6. G

    Searching for text on a multi-sheet workbook

    Hi, I'm having an odd issue with finding stuff on a worksheet... I have a workbook that has a master sheet and several sub-sheets. Essentially, this is a pricelist that has the products and standard pricing on the master sheet and the sub sheets (all in the same workbook) have specific...
  7. C

    Extract Mid text from cell

    Hi everyone, I am new to excel, I am trying to extract middle text from the cell. For example: ("111111") ("222") ("5555") I want return : 111111 222 555 Please advised!
  8. T

    Need help with creating a macro that will insert a new column and extract the first value

    I need help with creating a dynamic macro that will insert a new column on the side and extract the first "expected cost" of each "model" and delete the rest of the rows. Below is the part of the dataset that I need to use to create this macro. Here is the example/result that I am looking...
  9. T

    Need help with finding corresponding value for max value in the other column

    Hi all, Below is the part of the dataset I have. As you can see, there are 4 columns: Model, Sequence, Applied Date, and Expected Cost. Each model has different sequence numbers and each sequence numbers have different expected cost. What I want to do is to extract only one corresponding...
  10. T

    Need help with extracting one value from same multiple values

    Hi all, I need help with extracting one value from same multiple values. Below is the part of the dataset I have. Here is the example of what I want. For example, There are 3 DLGY1702W.ABWEEUS Model Name. I only want to output one for this model. Same goes for other model names as well...
  11. V

    Multiple Value Possibilities & Conditions

    I have multiple products that have a certain price associated with them depending on what product group they belong to. Their product group is identified by a 2 letter prefix in the Product Title. I want to say, if the Product Title cell contains "AB", then Price = the AB Group Price. It would...
  12. J

    Find a value with a given condition(VBA FIND)

    So I am trying to use .find() to to locate a string and write an adjacent string on a different worksheet if a cell adjacent to the string meets a criteria. If I find a string and the cell meets the criteria I am done at that point. I don't need to look any further. mouthful... this is what I...
  13. D

    Find cell containing text to determine which column to sort

    Hi, I have several columns of data. I have created a form that allows the user to select which variable they wish to sort by and they can select up to four variables. The combobox allows a selection only from the headers in the columns. In order to sort in the correct order I need to find out...
  14. S

    Macro to link to another workbook

    Hi guys, I am fairly new to VBA but I'm hoping someone can help me. I will try to explain what I need the code to do. I am an accountant and my main file that I am working on has a list of properties with their respective market values in the adjacent column as an example. The total at the...
  15. B

    Excel Abstract Text From Cell (#Value) error

    I am trying to abstract combination of text from a cell (A1). The cell comprise of FirstName, LastName, AccounNumber, and the Statement Date. The formula cannot retrieve name format such as FirstName intial, MiddleName initials, and LastName full (A2). Only works with First and Last names...
  16. D

    Wrong data type error in a simple array formula

    Could somebody help please this is driving me mad! I am trying to use FIND and an array formula to find the position of text in a range of cells (A2 and A3 in the example) which could be one of a number of options (C1:D1 here). But the array formula throws up the following error: "A value used...
  17. B

    Separate numbers from a phrase in a cell

    How do you separate numbers from a phrase in a cell given the scenarios below? All I need are the word/ phrases. Here are sample contents of the cells: the quick 89 quick 143 the quick brown 7 brown fox 23 As one can see, all the numbers are at the right end but the digits vary while the...
  18. D

    FIND fuction in a cell formula

    Is it possible to create a cell formula in Excel to reproduce the following macro? The items to find are account numbers and then the offset selects the dollar value for the found accounts. Thanks for any help-David Windows("data file.xlsx").Activate Columns("C:C").Select...
  19. I

    Separation Anxiety!

    I have a WB where column A contains stocks and stock symbols. The stock symbols represent the last 1-4 letters in each cell. Because each stock name (and symbol) is of different length and may or may not have multiple spaces, the traditional means of "reverse contatenation" aren't helping (e.g...
  20. A

    Help With VBA Code (Find and add code)

    Hi, I am at below zero level when it comes to VBA so what you see is a recorded macro, which I failed to complete. What this macro is supposed to do, is to search within given row (say Row7) for given value and when match (find) occurs, value at offset of 1 column is to be taken and added to the...

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