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  1. Q

    Getting information from multiple sheets

    Good day, Regular excel I am needing assistance with the following issues. I have three sheets with data in them, the first one has a list of golf courses, the second has the courses (the name, par, slope, rating). On the third sheet is where I would like to enter the data as I played. Col A the...
  2. G

    excel vba find option

    hi i have a written a macro to search and find set of variables from one sheet( here give as reportsheet) with another (datasheet) and copy value next to it. search works fine if all the search items are in datasheet but if something is not available i want reportsheet cell(k,5)to have value...
  3. A

    VBA: Find & Find next function: Return multiple value in a single cell if the ID match

    I am using find function to match ID in Report Worksheet with the ID in Data worksheet and return the data to the ID in Report Worksheet if there is a match. For unique with multiple match, the code is only returning the ID data which every is last match in the search range in Master worksheet...
  4. R

    Comparing columns of data between worksheets and returning value when matched.

    If I had three columns in one worksheet and three columns in another worksheet to compare. How can I check the 2nd worksheet to find matching records to the 1st worksheet, then pull out the fourth column value of the 2nd worksheet when there's a match? Ideally with codeor array rather than...
  5. H

    Formula to get/find require text in given cell

    Hi Team, I hope anyone can help with my question. I have two sheets and in the second sheet from A1 to A10 have some names and this list, not static and dynamic as and when list may increase. In sheet one from A1 to A1000 (this may increase day by day) has fields which contain sheet two names...
  6. S

    formula for last names not working

    I have a list of employee names that follow the Last name, First name Middle initial format. The formula I have works 95% of the time for employees with one last name, but it doesn't work when there is an employee that has two last names. I am looking to update my formula to accommodate the...
  7. A

    Wildcard in IF statement - find date and reformat

    I have a "comments" column that will randomly include comments and a date string */* (eg. A1 = "del 5/20", A2 = "expected delivery 6/1", A3 = "4/7", A4= "delivery 11/01", etc.) I want to find that date string in "comments column" and post in the adjacent column as standard date format...
  8. M

    FIND function using a Define Name range

    Hi, I'm using the below formula to extract data (equipment number) with a hyphen. For example, cell contains: V-1770A BLAST/PAINT EXTERNAL SURFACE (#17337C) the formula: =TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(E3080," ",REPT(" ",99)),MAX(1,FIND("V-",SUBSTITUTE(E3080," ",REPT(" ",99)))-50),99)) returns the...
  9. J

    Search for keyword from prompt in Excel then create new tab with summary

    I have an excel file with many sheets (tabs). I wanted to create a script in excel, such that when you hit run, a prompt comes up asking for "Text to search for", then after inputting the text, "failed" for example, the script then searches every sheet. Then a summary sheet is created that...
  10. S

    Vlookup right to left and get first and last name colum

    Hi Friends, Here is the data which I am trying to vlookup but did get a formula to that <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col><col span="12"><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD ColumnE ColumnF ColumnG ColumnH ColumnI ColumnJ ColumnK ColumnL ColumnM ColumnN...
  11. S

    Finding State Only

    Hi, I have a list of addresses (Australian) in column B on my worksheet. I want to extract the state only. Note that some states have two characters and others have 3, what is the best formula for this? Example of the address is as follows. For this I would just want to return "NSW" as the...
  12. J

    Look for more values

    Hello! I have the code below If InStr(1, w.Offset(0, 1).Value, cs.Cells(i, 3).Value, vbTextCompare) > 0 Then cs.Cells(i, 4).Value = w.Offset(0, 15).Value cs.Cells(i, 5).Value = w.Offset(0, 16).Value End If this only considers the first value that finds and that is...
  13. I

    Need to copy specific string of text from column into another cell

    First, I want to thank everyone that contributes to these forums. I work extensively with Excel and often have to find creative solutions for culling large data sets, and up until now, I've always found answers to my questions without writing a post of my own. That said...I'm stuck. I have a...
  14. F

    VLOOKUP style Macro to search multiple excel files and return data to a central spreadsheet?

    Hi all, My VBA skills aren't good enough for me to experiment so I'm hoping someone can tell me if the following is possible :confused: In short, I have inherited a large number of excel documents from which I need to collate a report. I can do so manually but obviously I'd prefer it if excel...
  15. A

    [Please help :( ] Functions to return values

    <colgroup><col><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D 1 Hello Hi World 2 =results(B2:D2) NA NA 11 3 =results(B3:D3) NA NA NA 4 =results(B4:D4) 2 21 27 5 =results(B5:D5) NA 8 0 </tbody> Hi, I want to write a function (as shown in A2:A5), so that if it find the first digit...
  16. A

    How to extract Name and Surname from data string

    Hi, Need urgent help please peeps. I have a string of data "BAML - BoA:1999 Baaz Smith - Tradeplant - ETT" I have a table of names on a different tab. I need a formula to find above name in my table on a different tab and return back a name. I have below but for some reason its returning a...
  17. J

    Macro to Find all values in a column and return the adjacent columns Info

    I have this example data... A. B. C. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Topeka SE-6/9/2015 6/9/2015 Topeka SE Man Spa-6/9/2015 6/9/2015 Man Spa Manhattan West-6/9/2015 6/9/2015 Manhattan West Mcpherson-6/9/2015...
  18. E

    VBA to find the associated cell to another one which is in a different worksheet

    Dear all, I have something tricky to do in VBA and since I just started on this malarkey, I am a bit lost. My actual macro calculates what is called "Min.DR". This is calculated based on trends in sheet "QLT_SS_Input" (steady state cases). The min DR is then copied into the output tables...
  19. K

    Find and Replace - Adjacent Columns

    Hello. In excel, after I search and click "find all", I want to see the matching adjacent column values in the results list (so I can compare the results). Is there a way for me to archive something like this? Or perhaps a software that does this? Thanks!
  20. D

    Find Value in Column A & Enter Another Value in Column F

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2007. I'm looking for a vb macro solution. I want to find the word Apple anywhere in Column A. If found I want to enter the word Boy in the same row in Column F. How do I achieve this? Thanks for your help.

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