1. J

    Index/Match and Concatenate

    Hello: I have a list of first and last names and amounts in a range. I want to find the amount that corresponds to both the first and last names and return that value. I've used Index/match in the past when there was only the last name and it worked fine. Now, when I added the first name, I...
  2. M

    Power Query duplicate date error with no duplicates?!

    Excel 2016 64-bit - Suddenly my calendar file that loaded just fine is throwing errors that there are duplicate dates, so it can't join to the other DAX tables. The query appears just fine in PQ but blows up when I try to load to the Excel data model. These lines at the end don't make a...
  3. J

    Data validation and numbers + hyphens

    Hi there all, i want to set a data validation rule so that only the following number sequence can be entered to a cell: 000000-00 the hyphen is a must, if i didnt need the hyphen I would be fine setting this up. Any ideas? I use the data validation from the ribbon, and need a custom formula
  4. RobbieC

    Workbook not updating

    Hi there, I have a massive workbook which is mainly inputted via user forms. I'm running excel 2010 and everything runs fine on my computer and 3 other machines I've built with similar spec. However, I've just installed the workbook onto 2 new laptops (with same spec) and I appear to have a...
  5. T

    #NA error on one System.

    The below is a perfectly fine hyperlink formula. On one system it works fine.. however on another system it throws an error. I believe there is some setting in EXCEL OPTIONS or WIN10 that I need to check or uncheck. The below Hyperlink takes the cursor the last row containing data (TEXT or...
  6. L

    Can't cut/paste, move or delete columns or rows

    I don't know what happened but all the sudden today I can't cut/paste or move any rows, columns on any of my spreadsheets. It was fine Friday. To my knowledge there's been no system update on my machine (it's my work laptop). I feel like there's an easy fix. Help!!! I have a ton of stuff to get...
  7. A

    sumif with multiple criteria

    Hey community, i use following VBA Sub BonaquaASM1()Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim Markets As Worksheet, lr As Long lr = Cells.Find("*", , xlValues, , xlRows, xlPrevious).Row Set Markets = Sheets("sheet4") Sheets("DATA").Range("A1:A" & lr).Name = "run"...
  8. sharky12345

    Copy 2 worksheets to new workbook without code

    Can anyone show me how I can copy 2 specific worksheets to a new workbook but without the macros attached to them? I can copy a sheet to a new workbook fine, I can rename the sheet fine, but I'm struggling to do it with 2 sheets. This is what I have so far which works fine for 1 sheet...
  9. W

    Excel closes automatically

    I have a new desktop computer and since I started using it any Excel file with a macro will run the script and then just close Excel. There are no errors, nor does it matter which Excel workbook I use. These previously worked fine on a different computer, and other colleagues are able to use the...
  10. NewOrderFac33

    VBA Date Filtering Query

    Good afternoon, When I use the following code to filter an Excel database to all rows where the date in the first field is less than or equal to the value in the named range "DeleteOldest" DODCriteriaString = "<=" & Format(Sheets("Database").Range("DeleteOldest").value, "yyyy/mm/dd")...
  11. L

    ODBC Connection to Access in 365

    Hi, I have a file in which I created a new ODBC connection to a query in our Access DB in Office 365 by going to Data > Get Data > From Database > From Microsoft Access Database and searched for the query and added it. It works fine and refreshes for me; however, my peer is getting an error...
  12. R

    A fix for counting empty cells!

    Hi all, I couldn't see a fix for this after doing a few forum searches, so I'm hoping you fine people can help. In column T of this spreadsheet I have put a formula in [ =(COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6)-COUNTIF(E6:S6,0))/COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6) ] which counts the amount of times text is...
  13. P

    Passing Date to UDF causing Catastrophic Failure Automation Error

    I have a couple of dates I am passing to a user defined function. One date is causing the error whilst the vba is fine with the other... The error only occurs when Excel is started up. When I stop the code running and run the function again, its fine!? The date which VBA is fine with: 'These...
  14. J

    Conditional Formatting issue

    i have a list of 100,000 rows. the first 52229 rows or so are fine. i pulled in the Tariff code into column AC, starting in row 52330 (everything above is fine, now i want to check tariff numbers) i have the Tariff number used in column G. So Column G should match the correct Tariff in column...
  15. Skybluekid

    VBA Data Validation depending on Target Value

    Hi All. I have Data Sheet which logs Penalty Charge Notices. There is a column which has all Authorities, including Police. In another column i have a list of Fine Types, for both police and councils. What i would like to happen is if i choose a council then no police fine would show in a...
  16. B

    IF, OR and AND Nested Formula with a Threshold

    Hello Excel Gurus, I have put the Formula to compare the cell based on the cell value using a threshold of ± 30%, in some cell Formula is working fine but in some it is not at all, I cannot figure this out need help. Here is the Formula I am using; Formula...
  17. S

    Reference another field using VBA

    I am trying to develop something in Access when you press a button, it brings up a msgbox (fine) and you enter a reference number. This then launches Outlook, and in the subject field enters the number you just entered into the msgbox (again fine) What I then need is to reference a field in...
  18. R

    Posted replies not showing in thread

    Hi, I have replied to a thread i started last week, and it hasn't been posted, i did the first one about 11am AEST +10GMT and it worked fine, bu then i replied to another quote, i pressed submit, and had a meeting to go to. I came out of the meeting an hour ago and checked the thread and the...
  19. K

    Issue with Solver Using VBA

    I am using VBA to automatically enter maximum & minimum constraints for a cells value in Excel's solver. I have named ranges in the worksheet that I use to input a user defined maximum/minimum for the value. It works for every value except when the user places "40" in the cell. When 40 is the...
  20. M

    Cannot "Hide Value Field Buttons on Chart"

    Hi, When I try and right click on the field buttons to hide them there is no menu. Everything else seems to be working fine, any ideas what's happening? Much thanks

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