1. R

    Multiple RandomBetween() Numbers - Change all to Fixed Numbers

    Hi All, Quick Question. I know that I can generate Random numbers with fixed numbers using Randbetween (001,999) If I have multiple Randbetween numbers on a sheet and want to 'keep' the numbers, how do I stop all of them refreshing / changing on opening and closing the sheet / pressing the...
  2. V

    Vba macro to open workbook and then activate the workbook from which the macro wss started

    I have 1 macro that I use on different workbooks to pass data into a fixed workbook. So I want to be able to open that fixed workbook and then run my copying macro from the changing workbooks. The problem is when I use vba to open the workbook it makes it the active one and the macro copies the...
  3. L

    IF statement based on date

    Hi guys and girls.... I am trying to see if there is a formula without having to use several boxes to work around it that gives me an "answer" depending on the input date/year. These are the cells I am trying to populate/use. C9 = date F9 = a number (changeable number) F10 = fixed number G9 =...
  4. Mazbuka

    opying into cells if particular criteria is met

    I have an excel journal template that I want completed from a cashbook type source...I'll show a simple example: Say this is my cashbook <colgroup><col span="4"><col><col span="3"><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C D 1 DATE DETAIL AMOUNT CASH/CHECK 2 17-10-19 John 1000...
  5. S

    Renaming an Active Workbook

    I've seen a lot of forums about this but wanted to inquire if there was a favorite way to rename an active workbook. The previous name (name being replaced) has to be dynamic, it could be any number of things while the new name is fixed. This is going into the middle of a macro that already...
  6. V

    Functions/VBA for regrouping and merging data

    Could anyone please point me in right directions on how to do this with functions/VBA? The input range is fixed (A3:B10), but the data in both columns are variables.
  7. J

    delete value last 2 row

    hello all how can I delete the values of the last two lines in a workbook from column B to column Q The rows are not fixed john
  8. J

    Dynamic named range

    Hi all, If I wanted to create a name ranged of the cells in column A, starting when column B says "Equity", and ending when the work "Fixed Income" starts, how would I go about it? (i.e named range should = A5:A15) I've tried something like this but no bueno...
  9. B

    Fixed running total

    Hi I know how to total sum cells together but- I need for example, if f5,f6,f7 = 1 (f5 has 1 in it) and i change the value in f5 back to 0 the sum total stay fixed at 1, so if f6 was to show 3 it would =4 and keep an ongoing total regardless of numbers changing back to 0 in above cells, make sense?
  10. F

    If-Statements, Multiple Stipulations to Create one Output

    I have a reference chart that has many columns with many rows of information i have created a formula to read the chart and output an answer based on what it reads, but after further review I need the output to have one more stipulation...
  11. K

    fixed a hyperlink

    hi, i need to hyperlink my data from 1 tab to another tab in the same workbook. but i often need to insert data and my hyperlink will all run. is there anyway to fix a hyperlink to that particular data so that when i add new data on the hyperlink page, it will fix.
  12. B

    Insert New Row From Drop Down

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to insert a new row if you select from drop down "Insert New Row". All data should shift down and cell where drop downs are should have "Insert New Row" fixed as a selection. Is this possible? Thank you.
  13. A

    autosize text to fit a fixed userform label

    How can I resize text to fit a userform label without resizing the label (I want the label size to stay fixed). Thank you kindly for your help
  14. N

    VBA Code - Export as fixed format on active sheet

    Hey all! So the below code works great. Though sometimes I need to make a copy of the tab and export, though the button is still referencing the original tab. Is there any way I can make it reference the current tab it's in, rather than setting a fixed sheet? thanks all!! :) Sub...
  15. M

    Returning results for an IF in a column - VBA

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet with a list of data in column H and I'd like to use VBA to return a value in column O that is dependent on the value in column H. I’d like to search the text using the instr (in string) function then return a value if specific text appears. Conditions: If a cell...
  16. T

    Conditionally Display Fixed Value Every N Columns

    Hello, I am looking for some help with writing a formula that places a fixed value into a cell every N columns. The formula I am using is below. When I try each part of the formula individually it returns the expected results, but I must be missing something because when I put everything...
  17. C

    Fixed the operation range

    Dear all, I would like to fix the operation range from A1 to K20, prevent operator to disturb other range setting & data, please help to teach how to fix it & back to normal status. Thanks for help. Cannny
  18. I

    How to Insert Fixed Date

    Hello, I am using a Gantt Chart Template for a project. The cell for the start date is currently set to "=TODAY()" and the output is "Tues, 1/15/19". I would like to make the start date fixed to 1/1/19, but I don't know how. When I enter in the cell "1/1/19" the output is "Sat, 1/0/1900." Please...
  19. D

    SUMIF - - but I need more ...

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Calc Type ExpRatio Holding% FundCost Mixed $36,233 equity 0.69% 9.35% $250 $29,026 mixed 0.60% 7.49% $174 0.38 $41,933 fixed 0.97% 10.82% $407 $32,045 equity 0.77% 8.27% $247 $9,934 mixed 0.63% 2.56% $63 0.51 $8,761 equity...
  20. E

    Savings Excel tables as HTML without fixed width columns

    Is there a method/macro/add-in that allows me to save tables with formatting as an HTML file but without the column fixed width? I would like to keep cell text color, cell background color, cell font, rowspan, colspan, etc.... but just without the column fixed width.

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