1. S

    SQL Help - Duplicate IDs

    I have the 2 tables below: Table1 ID Start Date End Date ABC123 01/04/2020 13/09/2020 DEF456 03/01/2020 17/02/2020 ABC123 15/09/2020 30/09/2020 Table2 ID Start Date End Date ABC123 17/12/2019 12/07/2020 ABC123 13/07/2020 11/11/2020 DEF456 07/07/2020 09/09/2020 DEF456...
  2. Grizlore

    Looking up a "banned" item from a Userform with VBA lockup

    I am looking for some help please, I am sure it is something simple. When I enter a numerical value into the Userform textbox "txtRTAs" I would like it to look at a worksheet to see if the number is there. IF it is, then I want a simple MsgBox to inform that this number is there and "banned"...
  3. K


    Hi All, I have come across a code which am having hard time with. I need the userform information to be entered into another sheet, which is not working. I need the Macro to update the table with new/edit previous information.
  4. H

    REVERSE the data corresponding to value in the flag cell

    My Data range is B2:F11 with a flag in corresponding row cell in A2:F11 This flag in A2:F11 is EITHER of 1 OR 0 Output required as in H2:L11 as: If flag is 1, then corresponding row in H2:L11 SHOULD BE ‘SAME’ If flag is 0, then corresponding row in H2:L11 SHOULD BE ‘REVERSED’ How to...
  5. P

    Lookup for postcode module error

    Hi I hopeyou can help, I am trying to make a post code lookup, so for example inTextBox51 you type in your postcode like ‘WR5 3’ then automatically it updates textbox52 with the area of the postcode for example ‘Worcester’. It gets the data from my sheet called ‘PostCode’and looks at row A for...
  6. A

    Satisfy multiple criteria

    Hi, I have two sets of data, each set has several columns of data. I want to be able to flag any rows that have two numbers that are identical? Here is an example: https://imge.to/i/vgKLRV I hope that link work let me know if it doesn't. I want to flag the right column (M) only if the...
  7. L

    PivotTable refresh date history / flag new data since last refresh

    Hi I'm trying to flag data that appears since the last time the report was refreshed. For example, if the sale date was 28/07/19, flag this row as "new since last refresh", if the record wasn't present on the last report version. Any ideas please, guys? I've Googled about and looked through...
  8. R

    [VBA] Reducing >1 "Y" flags to just one

    Hi all, got a quandry here. Let's say I have a table like the below: <tbody> Paper Company Template Flag 1 Aber Chronicle JG UK 2 Aber Chronicle JG UK 3 Ban Guard JG UK Y 4 Ban Guard JG UK Y 5 Biggle Chronicle JG UK Y 6 Biggle Chronicle JG UK Y 7 Biggle Chronicle OM UK 8...
  9. F

    Sequence flag

    I have no idea where to start on this one I have a row of columns that would contain days of a month e.g 31 On a row I would like to flag a sequence of 15 in one cell and the next right being 9 Ignoring all other combinations e.g 15 15. Or zero 15 or 9 15 - only to flag a 15 then next...
  10. J

    2 separate Conditional Formats for a Location

    Hey everyone, I've been searching around and can't quite piece together how to achieve this. Problem: I want to apply conditional formatting to a pivot table. This pivot table contains a list of names for the rows, and weeks on the columns. The values are the sum of hours. Data that is...
  11. S

    Need help with the VBA - Digit to words

    I am very new to VBA and all the codes. I need help with this VBA which I copied from the website or something else I should do. The problem I face: Example: columnA1 - the formula =IF('2018-2019 Semester Data'!U81=0,"",'2018-2019 Semester Data'!U81) The actual data from...
  12. D

    Power Query

    I have a query that's connected to a file that's supposed to automatically every day. Today, for some reason (not my issue), the file wasn't there, but my query didn't tell me the file was missing. Can I flag the query so that if the file is missing it alerts me? Thank you! Judi
  13. A

    if statement - if name is on list and it has a $$ value

    folks, I need to set a Yes or No flag for a list of vendor numbers based upon whether or not they appear in another sheet and have an associated positive dollar value. I use this Yes/No flag to decide which statements I have to create and print at the end of each month. Currently, I use a...
  14. N

    Flag first date in a series from a database

    Hi, need some help. Below is an example of my data which comes from a very large database. Column B is a date that can be when the client renewed their terms with us (if the client is listed more than once) or originally signed with us (if listed just once). I want to put a formula in column C...
  15. M

    Archive on row from 13 cells

    Hy guys I'm working on my project, but i'm stuck. I search all around the web to get somme idea to finish it. But i can't tell google the good way to find it. I work on a formula, to keep track of my information automatically on another sheet. I got on my sheet1 13 cell to backup on my sheet...
  16. R

    Formula to flag rolling weeks

    Is there a formula that would let me flag that last ten weeks from current date, taking into consideration that week 52 (sometimes 53) rolls back to week 1 For example.... Below is column A (The date) and B (the flag) I'd like the formula to look at the date in the cell and if the date in the...
  17. R

    Advice on how to visually flag certain cells in a way that can be recognized by formulas as well

    Hello, In my score sheets, I was thinking to come up with a way to flag certain cells that I can visually associate with certain characteristics. For example if a student was sick and got a low score, I want that cell to be flagged. And I need my formulas to be able to recognize these flags...
  18. J

    Populate ActiveX Listbox from criteria

    Hi all. I'm trying to fill the list box (ActiveX) with names that have an active flag and skip names who don't have an active flag. <tbody> Tom Active Kenny Active Carrie Not Active Jane Active Ed Not Active </tbody> I created an named range that refers to both columns and entered it...
  19. S

    Percentage flag

    Hi all this is my first time here so please be gentle. I have a basic sales board consisting of reps, days of the week, double sales and single sales, mandates and total. Each mandate can be a single or a double but what i need is a formula that will flag the mandates cell if the total doubles...
  20. R

    Userform - Lookup and edit.

    Hello, On my spreadsheet I have a column with "Test No." I have a button that brings up a userform which allows me to input my test no which then populates the userform with the data from the spreadsheet for that particular test no. At the moment it only allows me to lookup Numbers in my Test...

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