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  1. Z

    How can I create a form control within a macro?

    I made an excel add-in that creates a report from a site automatically. I would like to add a form control to that report linked to another sub in the add-in file automatically. This is so the user can run another report just by entering a value in a specific cell and pressing the form...
  2. J

    Form Control Grouping Greyed Out

    Hi all, I'm creating a set of checkboxes for a multi-series chart so users can select which series to display. I'm trying to group them into a groupbox but the option is greyed out/disabled: I can create the Group Box via the Insert option on the Developer Tab I can create and format my...
  3. D

    Mutli Use Form

    I combined three forms into a mutli use form and would like help in figuring out how to modify current code to work. I would like to be able to change tab order and shade areas of form I don't need for curtain task based on wihcih command button used on menu page. Here is my current code.( some...
  4. A

    Filter Data with Date range. Dates would be selected in user form calendar start data, End Date

    Does anybody could help me to create a user form, that user could select the start date and end data from calendar and the VBA code would filter the data on Excel SpreadSheet depending on input dates I want user to specify start date and the end date, that I would know the period of time which...
  5. H

    Extract Multiple Selection Form Control Data

    Hi - I’ve got a worksheet with multiple ListBox form controls (not ActiveX) that I need to extract the selections/inputs from. There are 6 different listboxes all with multiple selection and about 40x of each. They are aligned by row, e.g customer 1 in in row 1 has listbox 1 in column A...
  6. F

    Replicating Form Control Buttons Across Sheets

    So I am a bit of an Excel neophyte. Sadly, I am also the Network Admin at my worksite and as such am expected to know how to do anything computer related. Our payroll system is done entirely using Excel 2013. There is a workbook for each user and a sheet in each workbook for each pay period...
  7. K

    Malfunctioning: Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control

    Greetings, I have a question for which I cannot find the answer to anywhere. I'm using the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control in a form at the request of leadership who want to choose the date for the form. The info doesn't go anywhere, it just shows up on print outs. The problem: This...
  8. R

    Form Control Checkboxes (Not ActiveX Controls )

    Hi Everyone, I'm still new to coding and looking to learn more. One thing I can't figure out and I'm 100% sure its so easy. I am doing this through a Form Control because I know that ActiveX controls on an excel sheet causes resizing when the screen resolution changes. So I have a Checkbox...
  9. D

    Form Control, Option Buttons

    Firstly my apologies as I know this has been asked before but I still cannot get it to work. I'm using option buttons from the Form Control menu, the ActiveX Control menu is ghosted, as is the design toolbox button. I have no idea how to un-ghost them. No matter how I group and re-name and set...
  10. D

    Open a new task in Outlook with a Macro

    I have a spreadsheet where I update the status of different projects I'm working on. I just want a macro that will open a new task box in Outlook, and maybe add the value of a cell as the subject. I don't want to assign to anybody and I will finish setting it up in Outlook. I just need...
  11. E

    VBA to Select All Checkboxes FormControl

    Hi I have a code to select/deselect all checkboxes with one "master" checkbox. This code is for OLEObjects/Active X controls, and im having a hard time rewriting it to work with Form Controls checkboxes. Any idea? Private Sub CheckBox1_Click() Dim i As Integer For i = 2 To 39...
  12. B

    VBA test to check if a specific Button (Form Control) was clicked

    I have a button (form control, not ActiveX). I renamed this button "butVA03". I also have 15 other buttons in my excel sheet, but I want a test to check if "butVA03" was the button that I clicked. Is this possible? My suspicion is that I'm not defining "butVA03" correctly as a specific button...
  13. H

    Audio equalizer type control on VBA Form

    Hi, I am trying to design a VBA form. The form will contain a table with 12 columns for 12 months from Jan to Dec. These columns will have certain values. And simple line graph will be drawn showing the yearly trend. This is fairly simple and I can achieve this. Now, what I want is control on...
  14. andrewb90

    rows not hiding properly

    Hello all, When this code runs, select rows are supposed to hide when the value of column F is TRUE, but I'm not sure why it's not working... Sub Hiderows()Application.ScreenUpdating = False Rows("4:10").Hidden = False For r = 4 To 10 If r <> 7 Then If Range("F" &...
  15. A

    Use form control to edit a named range

    I have a worksheet with a named range that consists of 7 rows within 2 Columns. Ie. G:10-H:17 The user inputs data into 2 text boxes in a form, one called "material", and one called "price" the data inputed in "material" goes in to g:10 of the range and "price" in H:10. The user can then add...
  16. D

    Reset spin button (form control) when new selection made from Combo box

    Hi All, I have tried searching numerous forums to help, on what I am hoping is an easy solution! I am creating a dashboard and have a combo box driving cells in my dashboard. One of which is a cell which contains a summary of text. I have created a spin button which allows you to scroll...
  17. W

    Multiple Checkbox Form Control

    I put a number of checkboxes in my Excel spreadsheet. I linked a couple of them, but now want to copy and paste those with the formatting over a larger area, but it isn't working. I am getting the formatting or linking not associating with the correct cell location. For instance, if the...
  18. A

    Can someone tell me how to group these non-ActiveX option buttons?

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to group non-activeX option buttons. I want to be able to group all the buttons in the "for j to Opt_Btn_count" loop. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? Sub Add_XOptionBtns() Dim CLeft, CTop, CHeight, CWidth As Double Dim lotarget As...
  19. S

    Small issue with clearing checkboxes

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I have what I think is a very easy issue (annoyingly I cannot seem to solve it :(). I have some code that works and resets all my checkboxes in my worksheet, and now I've got another worksheet that I would like to split out resetting different columns. This way I...
  20. iggydarsa

    How to initilize a combobox with VBA?

    Hi all, The spreadsheet has a combobox (Form Control / NOT ActiveX) named ddlCombo. It has the following values: Alice Bob Charlie What is the line of code to make the value "Bob" selected in the combobox via VBA. Thanks.

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