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  1. tlc53

    Bank Account Format - Data Validation

    Hi there, I'm trying to set the format of the cell to format numbers into the following; 00-0000-0000000-000 So when 16 numbers are entered (no hyphens), it automatically comes out looking like this, for eg. 12-1234-1234567-123 But if only 15 numbers are entered, the third to last number...
  2. P

    Copy formats from an indirect cell

    I managed to copy cell formats <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, "Lucida Console", "Liberation Mono", "DejaVu Sans Mono"...
  3. K

    Cell Format # filler is displayed

    Whatever cell format I choose, the # filler characters are always displayed. E.g.: For a selected display '$'#,##0.00, we see $#,##1.36 rather than $1.36. What is wrong ?
  4. S

    formula keeps changing

    =INDEX(Enumbers!C2:C60,MATCH('final data'!B2,Enumbers!B2:B60,0)) Question: the above formula is giving me some issues. i have a work around but it is long. the formula is correct BUT i need to move it to several cells and the formatting of the formula must remain the same. Enumbers!C2:C60...
  5. I

    leading zeros with both numbers and letters in string

    I need to add leading zeros before two separate strings for all in column E. For example: <colgroup><col width="111"></colgroup><tbody> 0336565-CM </tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 336700 </tbody>
  6. A

    Help me separate a number and a formatted text into two columns

    Greetings! I have a column in a spreadsheet with cells each custom formatted to display a number (indicating quantity) and a unit of measure (such as lb., kg, can, pc, etc.). I need to separate this column into two formatted as number and text displaying the numeric value for the quantity and...
  7. D


    Does anyone know if it is possible to adjust a paragraph to 1.5 line spacing in excel? specifically I have a concatenation formula mixing word and text in a merged cell box and now would like to format it appropriately. Many thanks in advance!
  8. P

    Cells Time formatting

    Hi, I have a pb with the cells formatting for a time: In a cell let's say A1, i would put a time, for ex: 08:00 and I would like to retrieve this value for the use of an Application.OnTime function However excel considers my 08:00 as 0.3333. I tried to format my cell A1 in time category but it...
  9. V

    IF cell Contains "text" then lookup "Colour"

    Hi all, I need to format a column/set of cells where each cell has some text in it, and depending on a defined list elsewhere that text does a contains lookup to see whether to colour that cell in Green/Amber or Red. I was going to use the conditional formatting traffic lights but I dont know...
  10. G

    Excel Macro - How to make whole column always Today's date

    Hi All, Background - I have 2 Excel Files A and B I manually copy all data from File A to B exact copy. I am Reading from File B only ( dont ask why not read from A as its a process) B After I copy the data to File I Read Line by line to a Sessions Screen to do that I need to make all...
  11. R

    Custom Format Cells Formulas

    Hi, I need the following to happen column A contains numbers.... in column B, I am trying to input a formula for custom format: so that the numbers will appear as such column A: 32,458,000 ; column B will show +32MM column A: -100,000 ; column B will show -100K im currently using the...
  12. V

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I want to conditionally format columns based on quartiles. I am able to conditionally format single column at a time but I have more than 100 columns to format. It's time consuming to edit cell values for each column. So how I can put condition in conditional formatting which is...
  13. V

    store formatted cell into variable..

    I want to store the formatted cell into a variable and then send that value into mail as body text.. eg:- i have a sheet in which i have a row give below, i just want to save the data as per it is formatted into a variable and then want to send as body text in mail.. <tbody> Hello Sir, this...
  14. E

    Format Data Labels all at once

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help me, I have a chart which has a LOT of series...and I want to show the data labels of only the series, which aren't equal to zero. So, basically, the way around this I have is to format the data labels to "#" (which sets zero to blank). However, I can only...
  15. A

    Decimals auto added to formatted cells..??

    I am having a problem where Excel 2013 is automatically adding 2 decimal places to cells that I have formatted to NOT show decimals. The decimals show up whenever I type a formula using a percentage into either that cell or into a cell near it. It appears to be random when this actually...
  16. O

    Force cell entry strictly to mm/dd/yyyy

    Using Excel 2007, and I want to force entry to calls in a date column to the format mm/dd/yyyy. Currently I have the cells formatted for mm/dd/yyyy and entered data validation date range between 12/31/1999 and 12/31/2060. However some users are too lazy to look up the day case start and just...
  17. S

    Combine date and time to create a perfect dataset with 24H per day for a periode of two year

    I have a model that works nicely with a time reference every day. The problems starts when I want to take advantage of the fact that I have new data points from measurements every 15 minutes. I would very much like be able to aggregate my data at least on hour basis and not just days in order to...
  18. T

    How to format two numbers into two currency units, with a "to" between them?

    Hello. I am creating a simple inventory, and for one of the columns I would like to have a range of sorts. In theory it would look like "$30 to $50". I was wondering if there were a way I could just enter "30 50" and it would format it to two separate currency units with a "to" between them...
  19. K

    Excel Formula

    Dear all, Did any one can teach me how to set this difficult formula in excel cell ? Please refer to the image as below. Thank you.
  20. A

    Counting multiple letters in cells

    Hi, I have a large list of policy numbers with different letters held within (eg MT/1/PD/101271A, 07BV/17345057, BL/1/ /635663A, MALZ32741) all have different formats and some contain /'s. They have all been manually added so each line differs slightly. I have a list of letter prefixes i wish...

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