format control

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    Format control to show data in charts

    Hi guys, I have 2 questions about a dashboard I am trying to create.!Aqg7XrqBo8Apgkv1pYU4FXb9MlXr Firstly, I have setup format controls but not sure how/what I need to do for it to populate the corresponding data on any charts I have created. For example, using the...
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    Using the Checkboxes feature for an invite list

    New to this board and looking for some help. I have a large name list (about 7000 rows), and would like to create a checkbox or toggle so the list can be sent around and the people can say yes or no to the invitation by checking the box. In the developer ribbon, I used the form control...
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    Format control with option buttons

    I am entering Option Buttons on an excel worksheet, using form control. I have 40 questions, each with 5 options. The option "reports" in the next cell to the right of the question group box. I have set up 37 questions just fine, but when I try to set up the 38th (or 39th, or 40th), it...

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