format date

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    display complete dates as numbers and incomplete as text in same column

    Hello everyone, I am trying to format dates and am having trouble. I have a series of birthdates, most of them are complete and are in mm/dd/yyyy, but some are missing the day. Complete date - 01/30/2018 Incomplete date - 01/00/2018 I am having trouble getting excel to display the dates...
  2. A

    Date Formatting in VBA code not working properly

    Hi, I've written my first code that will require user's input of a date. I want to format the date to be shown in a cell as "dd/mm/yyyy". Everything works but the output is showing as mm/dd/yyyy. Can anybody help me please? [code] Sub inputSettlementDate() Dim varInputDate As Variant Dim...
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    IF( Vlookup>Date) displays 1/0/1900 instead of blank

    So I'm trying to use =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(D2,'Sheet2l'!$A$2:$M$2467,5,FALSE)>P2,VLOOKUP(D2,'Sheet2'!$A$2:$M$2467,5,FALSE)) I tried using it with IF instead of IFERROR as well and it didn't work using =IF(VLOOKUP(D2,'Sheet2'!$A$2:$M$2467,6,FALSE)<=P2,VLOOKUP(D2,'Sheet2'!$A$2:$M$2467,6,FALSE),"")...
  4. R

    Can't format a form field as date

    I created a form in VBE to input data in a spreadsheet Public Sub EnterDataInWorksheet() 'Copy the data of the form to the sheet Dim r As Range Dim r1 As Range Set r = Worksheets("Invoices Data").Range("a1").CurrentRegion Set r1 = r.Offset(r.Rows.Count, 0)...
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    Macro save as CSV with Date not working

    Hi Guys, Why does my macro hate me? ChDir "P:\Data\Data Sent" ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _ "P:\Data\Data Sent\AU2011" & Format(Date, “yyyymmdd“) & “.csv”_ FileFormat:=xlCSV, CreateBackup:=False I keep getting a syntax error on the FileFormat line. I am using 2007
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    Date Format query

    Hi I have below data which generates in skewed date format some come with 4 digit year and some with 02 Digit year . I am also unable to convert the Date Text into date . Tried all your earlier tips . I am using Excel 2003 would you be able to help in converting all in an uniform format ...
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    I need some vba code to be able to copy and paste data from one sheet to another making sure the date at the top of the column is the same. :confused:
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    SQL Query (Slow) Date format mask

    Hi All, I have slightly change my SQL query in where condition and its being very slow now. don't know why. Before Changes (Running OK and fast) Param1= mm/dd/yyyy (Friday = 06/25/2010) Param2= mm/dd/yyyy (RunDay = 06/30/2010) WHERE ((IP.Hospital In (""NHH"",""ERDS"") AND...
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    VBA math and firstdayofweek

    Hi there, I've got two questions today: First: How can I automatically return the first day of the week in vba. I want to do this completely without any user input, i.e. how can I properly code this: Format(FirstDayOfWeek, "mmdd"). Second: How do you multiply and divide cells using vba? I...
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    Cant Chage Date format on Spreadsheet

    For some reason I cannot change a colum of data date format. Somebody was working on this file and had the date format as 30/1/08 I want 1/30/08. I select the colum and I right click format cells. I pick the proper date format and nothing changes. Dont know what the issue is. Maybe he locked the...

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