1. K

    Default certain cells to 0 if blank

    Hello is there a way to default certain fields to displsy 0 if cell is blank? Ex. I have cells A1,A13,A23 that I want the defaulted value to be 0 if it is blank. Users can update the field but if they delete the data within the cells it would still default to 0.
  2. FilleFrella44

    Formating cell colour based on a different cell's colour

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can change the colour of a cell based on the colour of another. The idea is to change the colour of one cell, then have several cells (which are seeds/children of the origional cell) to change to the same colour. See below/attatched for desired end-result. I wonder...
  3. D


    I want the last cell in column L that has a number to be green if it is a larger number than cell D11
  4. A

    conditional formating rules vba code

    Hello I tried to record a macro from conditional formating rules, but to no avail. First request, how to record a macro from conditional formating rules? Second request, please write me the vba code of the following conditional formating rules.
  5. smide

    Conditional formatting - highlight previous appearance

    Hello. In column A (A3:A600) I have a customer names and in column B (B3:B600) customer's cities (their current location). In cell C3 there is a 'referent city'. When customer is in 'referent city' I need to highlight his previous appearence (column A). example. <tbody> A B C 1...
  6. S

    Conditional Formating with VLookup and Holidays for different Countries

    Hi guys, I got in my workbook two named ranges for two countries and there holidays. A conditional formating I was able to create in my workbook but I would like to have it more dynamic and therefore within vba. If range("B2"). value = "Germany" I like to use the named range...
  7. E

    Pulling cell formating through to new cell

    Good day can anyone assist me , i am using the following formula to list my results. =index(a$2:a$9,match(large(b$13:b$20,rows(a$13:a13)),b$13:b$20,false)) while this brings my value's through it does't bring the formating through. I would like the cell fill also come through, as the values...
  8. D

    merging workbooks

    How does one merge several work books each has 1-3 sheets into 1 large workbook while keeping the formating and VBA in tact?
  9. M

    SUMIF and highlight row

    Howdy and thanks! I have a table of data. I want to be able to highlight the row based off criteria. G2 contains a total (200) H2 contains how many items used (115) I2 contains how many items remaining (50) These aren't the actual but bear with me Highlight (orange) criteria for the row "if...
  10. M

    Checkbox and conditional format

    Hello! Once again I come to you guys in hopes of finding a solution to my problem. I have this sheet where it shows a list of our clients. We have about 13 offerings(products) and I want to color code them, so that when I look at client 1, I can see they show red and blue so that means they...
  11. D

    Date Formating to text ( YEAR 1, Year 2 etc)

    Hi Guys, I am new and just have a question in regards to formatting dates into specific text. I want to create a formula for example 01/02/2019 will display in a row above "YEAR 1" and then 01/03/2020 will display as "YEAR 2". If anyone has any suggestions it would be great. i have 12 rows...
  12. J

    How to extract info based on a strike through

    My spreadsheet has rows that have strikethroughs for the formatting. I need t do some sort of macro or formula that says something like, if the formatting in A1 is strike through, place an "X" in column Z. How can I accomplish this? Thank You!
  13. L

    Timeline Conditional Formating

    Hi Guys, I have created an automated timeline in Excel and but I would like to have conditional formating between the starting date and the end date: I would like to be shown as a bar basically, thus the cells in between SD and ED shall be automatically yellow. Perhaps...
  14. L

    Colour formating

    Hello, I have a table of 20 rows and I want each row to format based on what one of the cells might contain. To be more precise for example I have range L23:T23 and V23:X23 (this is the last row of the table). If one of the cells has an “x” in it I want the row to be red and when i delete all...
  15. A

    Conditional formating with currennt conditional formating

    Hey, thank you in advance for any help you can offer! 1. Trying to make a cell stay blank until another is filled. ( I have tried ISBLANK but I can't figure out how to add it to current AND(True, False)formula with formatting based on another two cells in the sheet. I did not write the AND()...
  16. C

    Conditional formating

    I am using conditional formatting on a pivot table. But when I open a dropdown box the conditional formating does not seemed to get applied to drop down. How do I do that? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. WarrenCarr

    How to mark columns/ J-AU IF Column D is >= and Column E is <=

    I have attached an image with a rough idea of what I want. I need a way to mark the columns in row J-AU if the number in Column D is >= and Column E is <=. For example in Column D is 17 and Column E is 40 I want to mark Columns K-O. I have done this manually for some. ( See image) But what is a...
  18. T

    Format on Double Click Macro

    Hello All, My VBA is pretty weak, what I have is a conglomarate of on double click examples I found online that I have attempted to edit for my data set, and the addition of some code coppied from record macros to get formating values. Honestly, I am not sure if I am one letter off or 5 miles...
  19. M

    VBA and condition formating

    Tried to do a google search, but unable to find it. I need to get a way to get the current cell is active to apply a condition formating. It change all of the time so it is not a Set location. My condition formatting If current cell has the word NOT in it to change the cell into the red.
  20. D

    Data bars formating permanent

    Greetings, Can the conditonal formating data bars become permenant ? so when I add new data to these cells they still show the old formating ?

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