1. T

    SumIfs' formula with Multiple criteria including dates

    Hello, Hopefully somebody can help me, I am trying to creating a sumifS formula or something I am looking to sum Qtys by date and item number from one sheet and match up to the item on a separate sheet: Sheet1 looks the following: A | B| C | D |...
  2. P

    Help cell refernece not to delete when delete columns on another sheet

    HI can someone help. i have a formalu below =IFERROR(INDEX('sheet2'!$A$5:$S$32,MATCH('sheet1'!B19,'sheet2'!$A$5:$A$17,0),5),"") however when i need to add/dleete some columns in sheet2 and but i want it to stay and look at the above, but when i add/delete the columns the cells it is...
  3. R

    If Vlookup is true return a different cell's value.

    I'm looking to be able to run a vlookup or something similar that would check if the requested cells value is there but if it is then it should respond by showing the value of a cell from another column rather than the one it's looking at. What's the best way of doing this? Thinking maybe it...
  4. K

    Need help on formatting cell value

    Hi Friends, I am looking for help to convert values FROM: <tbody> 05-01-2018-01.15 </tbody> TO: 05/01/2018 01.15 AM Appreciate your help on this Thanks Khuharshree
  5. C

    cross reference between 2 sheets in same workbook

    I work with audit rules that are being populated from a financial database (Concur) into an excel sheet. There are different rules being applied to different organizations. I need to compare the overall data in sheet2 that has the names of the codes for the organization that are auto populated...
  6. D

    In a Time Formula convert into Whole Number in same cell formula Struggling

    HI Guys Please see attached image re problem I have question written on image I have added the Spreadsheet here as well PLease can you help
  7. S

    Formula stopped working

    So I am pulling out my hair here, trying to figure out why over the last two months, this formula has been working, and now it stopped. I have duplicated my previous work to the letter, I have double, triple, and quadruple checked my data sets. I have named and re-named my ranges to ensure they...
  8. R

    General Excel Formulas

    Good Morning, all. I'm a beginner with Excel and would like some help in figuring out the proper formula for the screenshot below. What I'm trying to do is be able to put in total Gross Profit for each day of the month and then have Excel tell me what I'm pacing to hit in Gross Profit at the end...
  9. S

    Vlookup Extract Keywords and make a list in a different worksheet

    Hello My question is. I have a sheet lets say Called "Inventory" there I have 10,000 items with information from UPC, Name, Cost, etc. i don't want to use the sort for specific items so I created another sheet which I'll call "toilet paper" I want that this sheet should search in sheet...
  10. F

    Quarter and Month Formulas

    Hi All, Please can someone help me on the below. Can a formula be used to pick up the different months in a quarter? Say I have Q1 in cell A1 and I want cell A2 to pick up the first month of the quarter, A3, the second month of the quarter and cell A4 to pick up the third month of the...
  11. O

    Lookup multiple values in a single cell (separated by commas) and then return the values to a single cell (also comma separated)

    <tbody> Purple! Pink! Gold! Nude! Orange! Yellow! Brown Ivory! Black! Green! Silver! Purple! Pink! Nude Purple! Pink! Gold! Nude! Orange! Yellow! Brown </tbody> Above are values & we have another sheet of categories. In categories there are numbers like below <tbody> Red 17 White 18...
  12. Manolocs

    Add Full stop to all cells

    I have this extensive list some of it already have a full stop at the end of the phrase, I need to insert the (.) at the end of the cells that do not have full stop already. Any help is more than welcome. If possible with formulas would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. R

    HELP! Formulas assistance

    i have an excel formula below that i need to add a column to after each day of the week,. How do i write/adjust the formula to give me what i need...
  14. K

    Convert text to date format

    I have a column consisting date details. But its just entered as texts. How do I make it to a date format. Thank you very much for your valuable time.. <tbody> July 17, 2015 August 4, 2015 August 23, 2015 July 21, 2015 July 13, 2015 October 18...
  15. M

    Help with symbol

    Can someone tell me what the symbol ^-1 means as I am trying to work out a formula =IF(ISERROR((((B7*0.48888)^-1)-(371^-1))^-1),0,(((B7*0.48888)^-1)-(371^-1))^-1)
  16. J

    Return the Questions Answered Incorrectly on a Quiz

    Hello, I have a test I've created for new hires, and I need to identify which questions are answered incorrectly based off an answer column. <tbody> Question: Result: 1 correct 2 correct 3 wrong 4 correct 5 not answered 6 wrong 7 wrong 8 correct 9 correct 10 not answered...
  17. I

    Allow only characters, numbers and spaces in a cell

    Hi, I am stuck with a data validation problem. I need to validate a cell to allow only characters, numbers and spaces with maximum length of 40 char e.g. My room no is 402. I have this formula =AND(SEARCH(MID(I3,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(I3))),1),String),LEN(I3)<=40) but it doesn't allow space...
  18. S

    How to Caculate Accuracy

    I am trying to determine how accurate a forecast is. For example, a customer requested 18 items. However, they only pick-up or take 6 items. The forecast of their needs is only 33.3% accurate. 18 forecasted 6 actual 33.3% accuracy Calculating a formula that can handle the reverse scenario...
  19. S

    Data List box with multiple sheets

    When i do a drop down Data list, and I create a formula in the name range, it always puts the current worksheet name in the formula. So every new month I have to create a new name range formula. How can I tell the name range formula to always look in the current sheet. Here is my formula...
  20. E

    If, index, match formulas together

    Hey all, I am trying to get this formula to work properly. I want it to be able to grab the data for the selection of the date that was made. For instance, if I want to show only dates of the driver jake for Jan, then it will only return those dates for that month. Right now, the formula I have...

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