formula change

  1. H

    Adjust an existing formula based on most recently added column and prior month end date.

    I'm currently building a macro to update an inventory file that's updated weekly. Once all the new data has been added for the week, I need to adjust the formula in the totals column ("MTD Chg") to pull from the last week of the prior month and the newest column added. I've been able to select...
  2. R

    VBA to change current formula

    Dear all, I have many cells with formula in it. I want to update the formula of the selected cells by adding if statement to the current formula to replace 0 result with "" (empty string). Here what I want to achieve =IF("current formula result"=0,"","current formula") e.g below formula return...
  3. L

    Can I create a 'MASTER' formula for use throughout a workbook?

    I have (what I think is a!) pretty complicated spreadsheet of formulas, which I've saved as a blank spreadsheet to use repeatedly for different datasets. The spreadsheet has identical formulas filling 3 of every 4 rows, and references different data depending on the row number. The other 1 of...
  4. D

    Matching dates in Formula

    I was given a formula (I don't understand it at all but it did what i needed at the time) =IF(ISBLANK(F7)," ",INDEX($R$6:$R$59, MATCH(MIN(ABS($R$6:$R$59-$B$10)), ABS($R$6:$R$59-$B$10), 0))) What it does ( I think) is look through a list of dates (R6:R59) for the nearest date to that in B10...
  5. N

    I need to +1 my formulas e.g. change ='Jan 2013'!BD3 into ='Jan 2013'!BD4

    So I have a big excel file. Sheets 1-5 are titled Jan-March to reflect the months of the year that I take skinfold measurements of the athletes. They are full of raw data like athletes' names, weights, skinfold measurements, girths etc. The I have sheets X1-X32. Each of these sheets generates...
  6. W

    Adjusting formula used across multiple columns to reflect change in ID along rows

    Hi there, Apologies in advance for any lack of etiquette but I would appreciate some help :) - I'm using a pretty basic, but quite long, formula to calculate weighted averages...
  7. M

    simplify formula

    Hi I have the formulas below to look at 3 diferent sheets and count values, is there a way to simplify this and perhaps make the sheet a bit faster? Cell D...
  8. J

    Countif and offset problem over several columns

    Hi I am trying to record the number of times a someone gets a yellow or red card from a results worksheet for my local club. The results worksheet has column headings of the following: Columns A-G (Match details), Column H (Player 1 name), Column I (Number of Goals scored), Column J (Yellow or...
  9. S

    Automatically Updating Formulas

    I am trying to insert a string of formulas on a separate sheet from my data, ie standard deviation, median, mode, etc. I am trying to get the sheet of formulas (sheet 2) to update automatically given the data that is selected on sheet 1. Sheet 1 is filtered by categories allowing the user to...
  10. B

    Streamlining Formula

    Hello all, I have this formula in a cell that adds-up entries in various cells (10 per row), and gives me a percentile. Is there a way I could streamline it so I do nor have such a LOOOOONG formula...
  11. B

    Change formula automatically on 7th day. XL2007

    EXCEL 2007 I have a spreadsheet that graphs the difference of two inserted values daily using the simple formula: =IF(E945="","",E945-E929) & =IF(F945="","",F945-F929) in column I & J respectively For example note: Row 945 Column:A-----B--------C----D--E--F--G--I--J 3/27/2011 1:59 AM XXXXXXX...
  12. S

    Automatic Sort When Formula Updates

    Hey, I'm both new to this board and VBA... and I'm hoping someone can help me with this VBA question. I'm trying to have a sheet sorted automatically when any cells in a column are changed due to a formula. All I know right now is how to make the sort happen when I use a hotkey to trigger a...

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