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    VBA to change current formula

    Dear all, I have many cells with formula in it. I want to update the formula of the selected cells by adding if statement to the current formula to replace 0 result with "" (empty string). Here what I want to achieve =IF("current formula result"=0,"","current formula") e.g below formula return...
  2. L

    Can I create a 'MASTER' formula for use throughout a workbook?

    I have (what I think is a!) pretty complicated spreadsheet of formulas, which I've saved as a blank spreadsheet to use repeatedly for different datasets. The spreadsheet has identical formulas filling 3 of every 4 rows, and references different data depending on the row number. The other 1 of...
  3. D

    Matching dates in Formula

    I was given a formula (I don't understand it at all but it did what i needed at the time) =IF(ISBLANK(F7)," ",INDEX($R$6:$R$59, MATCH(MIN(ABS($R$6:$R$59-$B$10)), ABS($R$6:$R$59-$B$10), 0))) What it does ( I think) is look through a list of dates (R6:R59) for the nearest date to that in B10...
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    I need to +1 my formulas e.g. change ='Jan 2013'!BD3 into ='Jan 2013'!BD4

    So I have a big excel file. Sheets 1-5 are titled Jan-March to reflect the months of the year that I take skinfold measurements of the athletes. They are full of raw data like athletes' names, weights, skinfold measurements, girths etc. The I have sheets X1-X32. Each of these sheets generates...
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    Adjusting formula used across multiple columns to reflect change in ID along rows

    Hi there, Apologies in advance for any lack of etiquette but I would appreciate some help :) - I'm using a pretty basic, but quite long, formula to calculate weighted averages...
  6. M

    simplify formula

    Hi I have the formulas below to look at 3 diferent sheets and count values, is there a way to simplify this and perhaps make the sheet a bit faster? Cell D...
  7. J

    Countif and offset problem over several columns

    Hi I am trying to record the number of times a someone gets a yellow or red card from a results worksheet for my local club. The results worksheet has column headings of the following: Columns A-G (Match details), Column H (Player 1 name), Column I (Number of Goals scored), Column J (Yellow or...
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    Automatically Updating Formulas

    I am trying to insert a string of formulas on a separate sheet from my data, ie standard deviation, median, mode, etc. I am trying to get the sheet of formulas (sheet 2) to update automatically given the data that is selected on sheet 1. Sheet 1 is filtered by categories allowing the user to...
  9. B

    Streamlining Formula

    Hello all, I have this formula in a cell that adds-up entries in various cells (10 per row), and gives me a percentile. Is there a way I could streamline it so I do nor have such a LOOOOONG formula...
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    Change formula automatically on 7th day. XL2007

    EXCEL 2007 I have a spreadsheet that graphs the difference of two inserted values daily using the simple formula: =IF(E945="","",E945-E929) & =IF(F945="","",F945-F929) in column I & J respectively For example note: Row 945 Column:A-----B--------C----D--E--F--G--I--J 3/27/2011 1:59 AM XXXXXXX...
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    Automatic Sort When Formula Updates

    Hey, I'm both new to this board and VBA... and I'm hoping someone can help me with this VBA question. I'm trying to have a sheet sorted automatically when any cells in a column are changed due to a formula. All I know right now is how to make the sort happen when I use a hotkey to trigger a...

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