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  1. K

    Data Validation - 15 Minute Intervals - Time Range

    I have a column of cells in which I need users to input their time spent on a project ( time input as [hh]:mm ) the hours are accumulated over a 6 month period so can exceed 24 hours - but I would like the times entered to be restricted to 15 minute intervals (eg. 60:00, 55:15, 43:30, 38:45...
  2. M

    Short formula not returning expected result?

    Hi I've got a formula that searches for two conditions in a cell and if it doesn't find them, then it should return a blank. But it's returning the word "FALSE" instead. What makes things even more odd is that I've written another formula to check if the word "FALSE" appears in that cell...
  3. K


    i just took a class on excel, we learned a bit of formulas so now a day later i am fooling around and trying the new things i learned, however i am getting different results. i made up a quick fake spread sheet, consist of amount of money a individual makes each quarter, i was trying to get the...
  4. N

    Delete Entire Row based ALL Blank Cells and Formula Errors

    I have been exhausting myself trying to appropriately create a macro that delete entire rows in my worksheet A2:LastRow of data based on certain criteria I have been working on creating a macro that deletes entire rows of all data if anywhere in the row there is a blank cell. Unfortunately, the...
  5. S

    Conditional Formatting Based on Multiple Variables - Formula Failing to Register

    Hello, I have been working in a spreadsheet with a really large data set and i need to identify a set based on 2 variables - not date related. Everything I have seen so far has a date in it and I have tried to copy those formulas, but get the error that says, "are you trying to create a...
  6. Whylucky

    A formula contains one or more errors.....

    To Whoever Can Help, I wrote some code in or to create a dynamic graph that uses the attached template sheet. However, i continually get an error message that pop ups whenever data is added or deleted. It is asking to verify the formulas are correct, which i know they are since everything still...
  7. C

    Greater than option (-1) not working in Excel Index Match VBA Formula

    Hello, I am using an Index/Match formula and at the last function when I don't want to match the exact value (0 - because it rarely would) or take the lesser value (1 - because it is not as accurate) the formula usually outputs an #N/A! error when I have the input as -1 as to take the greater...
  8. P

    CountIF Closed Workbook

    Hi, I've read the previous posts however none have really been able to fix the problem I'm having. I have a shared spreadsheet that colleagues use daily (MAILBOX LOG), however I want a master spreadsheet that will pull data from each worksheet withing the MAILBOX LOG worksheet. The current...
  9. L

    Ignore formula if cell is blank

    Hi folks, I have a formula: =VLOOKUP(J8,'Expense Description'!$A$2:$B$29,2,FALSE). When this formula looks at J8 and it's blank, it errors out. I know that there's a way to ignore the formula if there's an error (perhaps with iferror or iserror?), but I don't know the syntax. Since you're all...
  10. H

    Error when entering formula using VBA

    I have a formula that I'm using which works and gives me the right value. =COUNTIF(bommech[PO1 No],"")+COUNTIF(bomelec[Procurement Status],G4) However when I try and enter the exact same formula through VBA using, I get "Run-time error 1004: Application defined or object defined error". I...
  11. M

    Combine 2 lists into 1 w/ no duplicates. Formula/function only.

    I have 2 timesheet lists that are delivered monthly, and the length varies significantly each month. I need to form one list that shows all of the people from both lists... without duplicating if someone is on both lists. I have written a formula that works, with one little hiccup. There's a...
  12. D

    Subtracting DateDif functions from each other

    Hello all, I'm having some issues subtracting one set of DateDif formulas's from another. The formula below works fine in adding a number of date ranges together to output the correct answe in X Years X Months and X days, however I need to subtract a diffrent range of dates and time and the...
  13. M

    Sum formula not working within column (##### error)

    I can't figure out why my simple sum formula of =sum(C2:C46) is all of a sudden returning an error, when it works in the neighboring column just fine. Please help! Thanks.
  14. B

    #name? Error

    I created this formula in 2010 Excel and when I open it up in 2003 I get the error. Please Help! Thanks =_xlfn.IFERROR(U4*K4*L4*M4*0.2835,"")
  15. L

    Help with formula w multiple IFs

    I really need your help! The following formula works: =IF(F7="NR",R7-T7,IF(F7="OR",R7-T7,IF(F7="PR",R7-T7,IF(F7="SR",R7-T7,””)))) I need to add, though, that if there is nothing (no date) in cell R7, then this cell should be left blank. I have the following formula and it's not working...
  16. P

    Formula error

    I have bring value in two adjoining column " Date " in column B by using =VLOOKUP($C$2,'Work Completion Date'!$B$3:$L$354,2,0) " Amount " in Column "C" by using =IF(E28>0,IF(G12=1,Value!$C$57,IF(G12=2,Value!$C$76,IF(G12=3,Value!$C$81)))) and then I try use this results in other...
  17. P

    Formula in cell instead of result

    I managed to create a number of complex formulas, but I have a problem to get this problem solved. I have a cell with the most simple equation: =Adreslist!C2 The result is not a name (which is in Adreslist!C2), but I see the formula in the cell. What is the reason that this does not work? Also...
  18. A

    Formula not displaying proper values when copying

    The strangest kind of error is happening - when I drag a cell containing a formula to the adjacent cell - the formula copies properly but the value that is displayed changes to the ACTUAL contents of the originating cell. For example, if I create a formula =PROPER(A2) in cell B2 and then drag to...

    Excel formula shows as text.

    Why is it that sometimes when i enter data into a completly empty cell it shows the enterder formula as normal text ( i ask this after i have set the cel format to general ) i can set it to whatever format i want it still shows just as text ???? anybody !???
  20. boim

    Help with data validation formula error

    Ok, I'm stumped with an error while trying to add this formula to a list type data validation: Formula: "=IF(LEN(Prev)>0,StatusID,"")" Prev is a Name with formula =RC[-1] and StatusID is a Name range =dbStatus[StatusID] This is the error in Excel: "The list source must be a delimited list...

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