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  1. P

    Using Table Headers as ranges in Data Validation

    Hi Members, I have a table named "Books". My table is very simple with 3 columns. Book.ID, Book.Name, Book.Author All i want to do is to avoid duplicate values in Book.ID column of a table using data validation. I simply used the formula "=COUNTIF(Books[Book.ID],Books[@[Book.ID]])=1". But it...
  2. K

    Data Validation - 15 Minute Intervals - Time Range

    I have a column of cells in which I need users to input their time spent on a project ( time input as [hh]:mm ) the hours are accumulated over a 6 month period so can exceed 24 hours - but I would like the times entered to be restricted to 15 minute intervals (eg. 60:00, 55:15, 43:30, 38:45...
  3. M

    Short formula not returning expected result?

    Hi I've got a formula that searches for two conditions in a cell and if it doesn't find them, then it should return a blank. But it's returning the word "FALSE" instead. What makes things even more odd is that I've written another formula to check if the word "FALSE" appears in that cell...
  4. K


    i just took a class on excel, we learned a bit of formulas so now a day later i am fooling around and trying the new things i learned, however i am getting different results. i made up a quick fake spread sheet, consist of amount of money a individual makes each quarter, i was trying to get the...
  5. N

    Delete Entire Row based ALL Blank Cells and Formula Errors

    I have been exhausting myself trying to appropriately create a macro that delete entire rows in my worksheet A2:LastRow of data based on certain criteria I have been working on creating a macro that deletes entire rows of all data if anywhere in the row there is a blank cell. Unfortunately, the...
  6. S

    Conditional Formatting Based on Multiple Variables - Formula Failing to Register

    Hello, I have been working in a spreadsheet with a really large data set and i need to identify a set based on 2 variables - not date related. Everything I have seen so far has a date in it and I have tried to copy those formulas, but get the error that says, "are you trying to create a...
  7. Whylucky

    A formula contains one or more errors.....

    To Whoever Can Help, I wrote some code in or to create a dynamic graph that uses the attached template sheet. However, i continually get an error message that pop ups whenever data is added or deleted. It is asking to verify the formulas are correct, which i know they are since everything still...
  8. C

    Greater than option (-1) not working in Excel Index Match VBA Formula

    Hello, I am using an Index/Match formula and at the last function when I don't want to match the exact value (0 - because it rarely would) or take the lesser value (1 - because it is not as accurate) the formula usually outputs an #N/A! error when I have the input as -1 as to take the greater...
  9. P

    CountIF Closed Workbook

    Hi, I've read the previous posts however none have really been able to fix the problem I'm having. I have a shared spreadsheet that colleagues use daily (MAILBOX LOG), however I want a master spreadsheet that will pull data from each worksheet withing the MAILBOX LOG worksheet. The current...
  10. L

    Ignore formula if cell is blank

    Hi folks, I have a formula: =VLOOKUP(J8,'Expense Description'!$A$2:$B$29,2,FALSE). When this formula looks at J8 and it's blank, it errors out. I know that there's a way to ignore the formula if there's an error (perhaps with iferror or iserror?), but I don't know the syntax. Since you're all...
  11. H

    Error when entering formula using VBA

    I have a formula that I'm using which works and gives me the right value. =COUNTIF(bommech[PO1 No],"")+COUNTIF(bomelec[Procurement Status],G4) However when I try and enter the exact same formula through VBA using, I get "Run-time error 1004: Application defined or object defined error". I...
  12. M

    Combine 2 lists into 1 w/ no duplicates. Formula/function only.

    I have 2 timesheet lists that are delivered monthly, and the length varies significantly each month. I need to form one list that shows all of the people from both lists... without duplicating if someone is on both lists. I have written a formula that works, with one little hiccup. There's a...
  13. D

    Subtracting DateDif functions from each other

    Hello all, I'm having some issues subtracting one set of DateDif formulas's from another. The formula below works fine in adding a number of date ranges together to output the correct answe in X Years X Months and X days, however I need to subtract a diffrent range of dates and time and the...
  14. M

    Sum formula not working within column (##### error)

    I can't figure out why my simple sum formula of =sum(C2:C46) is all of a sudden returning an error, when it works in the neighboring column just fine. Please help! Thanks.
  15. B

    #name? Error

    I created this formula in 2010 Excel and when I open it up in 2003 I get the error. Please Help! Thanks =_xlfn.IFERROR(U4*K4*L4*M4*0.2835,"")
  16. L

    Help with formula w multiple IFs

    I really need your help! The following formula works: =IF(F7="NR",R7-T7,IF(F7="OR",R7-T7,IF(F7="PR",R7-T7,IF(F7="SR",R7-T7,””)))) I need to add, though, that if there is nothing (no date) in cell R7, then this cell should be left blank. I have the following formula and it's not working...
  17. P

    Formula error

    I have bring value in two adjoining column " Date " in column B by using =VLOOKUP($C$2,'Work Completion Date'!$B$3:$L$354,2,0) " Amount " in Column "C" by using =IF(E28>0,IF(G12=1,Value!$C$57,IF(G12=2,Value!$C$76,IF(G12=3,Value!$C$81)))) and then I try use this results in other...
  18. P

    Formula in cell instead of result

    I managed to create a number of complex formulas, but I have a problem to get this problem solved. I have a cell with the most simple equation: =Adreslist!C2 The result is not a name (which is in Adreslist!C2), but I see the formula in the cell. What is the reason that this does not work? Also...
  19. A

    Formula not displaying proper values when copying

    The strangest kind of error is happening - when I drag a cell containing a formula to the adjacent cell - the formula copies properly but the value that is displayed changes to the ACTUAL contents of the originating cell. For example, if I create a formula =PROPER(A2) in cell B2 and then drag to...

    Excel formula shows as text.

    Why is it that sometimes when i enter data into a completly empty cell it shows the enterder formula as normal text ( i ask this after i have set the cel format to general ) i can set it to whatever format i want it still shows just as text ???? anybody !???

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