1. ibmy

    Excel file freezes and stop working, file size 1GB

    Hi, My Excel file freezes,stop working and took a very long time (15 minutes) to finish when apply the formula in G3 to the last row then loop next column. CDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU1Point...
  2. D

    Automatic CSV refresh freezes PC - how to fix this?

    Hi, In Sheet1 there's data from CSV file which refreshing every 1 minute. Since there're 2000 rows and 20 columns the amount of data is pretty big and the Refresh freezes the PC for about 10 seconds. It is crucial to use the refresh every 1 minute but have to fix the freezing part. Can...
  3. T

    Excel freezes upon editing a cell

    ​When I launch Excel 2016, As soon as I edit a cell and press Enter, Excel Freezes. I have to shut it down via the Task Manager. It does not freeze when in Safe Mode. Thanks in advance for any advice, Tamir
  4. T

    Sheet Crashing

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I've put together a spreadsheet to record vehicle details including additions and deletions and have included some macros which operate when an appropriate button is pressed to either sort, filter or copy out data to an email. The macros all appear to work...
  5. J

    Excel Invoice System keeps crashing?

    I have created a basic invoice system for a family member - it uses a few macros and a bit of VBA code. All it does it once he has filled out the invoice it copies a few of the details onto a invoice list sheet for the accountant and his records. However it keeps crashing on his computer and...
  6. H

    Office 2016 bit freezes regularly

    I have office 2016 64 bit which freezes regularly Can anyone advise on how to prevent this from happening ?
  7. M

    Can't open 3MB Excel 2016 file using Excel 2013

    I'm trying to open a 3MB Excel 2016 file in Excel 2013. The process hangs up at around 85% and freezes. Does anyone know why that would be? I'm using Windows 10 Pro.
  8. S

    Excel randomly freezes

    Hello, I am having a problem with Excel for 8 months now where a file randomly freezes and the ribbon will be greyed out. Solution is to click on another file and then go back to that file but as soon as I type in a cell and click enter it happens again. It does not matter which file I use or...
  9. dchaney

    Excel Freezes after VBA program runs and closes...

    Hello again all, I am having some issues and can not for the life of me figure it out. I have created an excel VBA program that, with a push of a command button, will login to SAP, run some transactions download a file to excel and save to the desktop of the current user... easy part. The user...
  10. 03856me

    Excel freezes userform on Launch but ok in VBA

    I have a userform that has a large number of rows of code that are included in the Initialize event. I can run the userform perfectly from the VB application but when I run it from the macro included below it freezes Excel. Any ideas? using Excel 2013 Sub StartNew()...
  11. O

    Excel with VBA code stops working after a while OR if I try to save the document

    Hello guys! I hope you can help me with this trouble. I have a macro where my vba code is linked to a button. When the user clicks it, the only sub that exists start to run. It copies some data from another workbook, pastes it on a existing worksheet and generates a pivot table from it. The...
  12. A

    Formula returns 0 with lots of data

    Hi - using Excel for Mac and have a large volume of data (40k records) - col A is customer name and col B is policy type. To count how many customers have (say) 3 policies I was previously told to use: To count how many customers have three policies...
  13. T

    Excel Freezes when switching to Page Break Preview

    What about this code is making Excel freeze when I try to switch to Page break preview after running it?? Sub PD296Sara() ' ' PD296Sara Macro ' ' Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'Initial Setup Workbooks.OpenText Filename:= _...
  14. K

    Excel 2007 Extreme Delay When Deleting Data In Rows

    Problem: We have some rather large excel spreadsheets (142,000 rows, 190 columns) and some users that need to delete the data from rows of cells 5,000 rows + at a time. When doing this machines jump in CPU, Excel goes "not responding" and on average comes back to life 1 minute 45 seconds after...

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