1. I

    Return the frequent value or the maximum value in one formula

    Hi all, It is a quite complicate formula, but I hope this is the right place. I have a long list which presents (A) account id, (B) date, and (C) amount. I have sorted the data according to the levels below: 1) account id - from biggest to smallest (doesn't really matter). 2) date from newest...
  2. M

    Issue with generating dynamic external cell references via concatenating

    Hi everyone I'm trying to write some code to automate a search we carry out at my company over 64 spreadsheets, with 6 sub-sheets apiece. Due to the typical large-company 'left hand, right hand' issues and due to strict policy, merging the spreadsheets is not an option. As such I'm looking at...
  3. N

    Macro for finding most frequent occuring strings in a list

    Hi everyone, I have a project where I am working with really large datasets, and I have to use excel for it. One of the tasks to do is to extract most frequently occuring string, second most frequent string, third etc... I know that there is a formula to do this, but I would like to keep it...
  4. L

    Excel counting most common values

    Hello, I am struggling to create a formula, which will count the most frequent values from column A, based on the values from column B. For instance, I would like to check the top 3 (most frequent ones) text values in column A, but only for the ones which have value equal to 1 in column B, same...
  5. S

    HELP: Excel 2010 macro won't function in Excel 2016 :(

    Hi, An Excel macro developed in the 2010 build of Excel will not work in the 2016 version. Is this a frequent issue? I get this error message: Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range I can see two ways of fixing this: 1) Recoding the macro so that it works in 2016; or 2) To open Excel...
  6. O

    top n list by criteria (including between dates)

    Hi! I am trying to figure out how to make a top n list of the most common text based og 2 criterias (date between and text) Assuming i have a list as shown below, in columnD i want to be able to list the top n colors from columnA based on the criteria that it is an Bmw (columnB) and sold date...
  7. J

    Determine the most frequent item in an array.

    Hello, Does anyone have a readily code or function that determines the most frequent item in the array ? I think it will take me a while to come up with it. I created an array Dim ar(50) It stored up to 50 items, sometimes the items can all be the same, other times it could be different...
  8. L

    One Column --- I want to rank the Most Frequent

    So I have one column, a list of names John James Aaron Aaron Sarah John Harry Aaron James Harry Carmen Mike Carmen John Mike etc... Goal: I want a new column that will display them in order from most frequent to least frequent. This is what I tried: I tried with INDEX, MATCH and LARGE but I ran...
  9. E

    Most frequently used word - subject to a particular filter

    Hi All, If you know about Index, Mode, Match ("IMM") as an alternative to finding the most frequently used piece of *text* in a particular range (as opposed to simply using mode for a range comprising of *numbers*) you may be able to help me! What I am trying to do is take IMM to the next...
  10. E

    2nd and 3rd Modes for Text (not number) entries

    Hi All, I'm trying to find the top 3 most frequently used *words* in a column on my spreadsheet. Although I can easily find the #1 most frequent word, Top 1, (using Index, Mode, Match), I am stuck when it comes to the top 2 and top 3. The idea is that I want the formulas for Top 2 and Top 3...
  11. C

    Vlookup duplicated number and return value that is associated most frequently

    Hello Forum Friends. I'm sorry to have to ask, but I have exhausted the time I have to search existing threads for the answer I'm desperately looking for. I'm hoping someone can expeditiously return what I feel SHOULD be a rather simple solution. Ultimately, I need the spreadsheet I'm working...
  12. E

    Finding most common words in column WITHOUT specifying what words

    Hey everyone. We're doing some restructuring of our programs at my organization, and I'm trying to make a list of what is considered most important to our clients based on their feedback. We enter their questionnaire responses into Excel regularly, but there are thousands of responses. I'm...
  13. O

    Frequent Words in a filtered list

    Hello all, hope you guys can help. I have been all over the net searching for a resolution with no success. I have 3 coloums of data. A - Month, B - Employee, C - Model My problem is I would like a formula that will give me the most frequent model, ignoring hidden cells. I am using this...

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