1. T

    Making an internal function max range, = an external number

    Hello All My problem now is the below. =COUNTIF($H$106:$H$605;"POS") I am trying to count a range of data that contains POS, but the max range for each column changes each time. So I manually have to change the $605 to, 302, or 120, or 622. Is there any way I can link the max range $H$605, to...
  2. T

    Using Excel to create a schedule table from given data table.

    Hi Everyone, This has been stumping me for about a week now and I need assistance. My work's scheduling program produces a horrible table to track schedules and I am trying to take the information it outputs and create a printable schedule from it. I have been able to do it for most of the...
  3. H

    Trying to create a TextByColor function

    Hello, I'm trying to create a function called TextByColor using VBA. The purpose of this function is to read through one of my sheets called "JOB CODES" and the return all the cells with a white or yellow cell background to a sheet called "TV". The function should read through all of "JOB...
  4. RiRi ChickenPie

    Formula for Copying Specific Data to a New Sheet

    Hello world, I would like to create a formula that copies all the data from rows which contain "00" in the last two digits of column L, to a new sheet (such as the cells highlighted in yellow). I know I could sort column L by "00" in the last two digits and then copy/paste, but I am trying to...
  5. JEH105

    Conditional Formatting for Triple+ Values in Column

    Hello and help! I am trying to set up a conditional formatting formula that highlights similar values in the same column (Column U) listed more than 2 times. The issue is that I need the formula to only match the text before the "/" character, since the number will always be unique. Example...
  6. FilleFrella44

    User Defined Function (UDF)

    Hello everyone! I've recently gotten to understand that you're able to create your own functions by taking an Excel-workbook, adding some VBA "Functions" to it in modules, and then save and load it as an Add-in into Excel. Now this is so amazing, a real game-changer. But, what I want to know...
  7. T

    Dashboard issue

    I'm creating a dashboard on a separate sheet with the following dataset. I need the top 5 Totals and their corresponding projects. I've been using =INDEX(Sheet1!$A$2:$A$9,LARGE(IF(LARGE(Sheet1!$L$2:$L$9,1)=Sheet1!$L$2:$L$9,ROW(Sheet1!$L$2:$L$9)+1),1)) and then changing the row and LARGE...
  8. T

    Use a lookup to find 2nd and 3rd iteration

    Greetings all! Trying to workout a situation that I'm stumped on where I need a lookup style function to return the name of the column when there are 2 or 3 digits within that column are the same. I need the different LookupReason's to reference the corresponding Large value and then recall the...
  9. E


    I have four columns in excel. Column A is Date while Column B is Day. Column B depends on the value in Column B and I got the Formula for any specific date for column B and that's not my concern anymore. Column C is designated for formula. Column B and C are to be hidden (not a problem). Column...
  10. M

    Spill functions with other functions

    I have recently been looking into using spill functions more as I can have them veiw an array on another sheet and does not need to be updated if someone inserts a row in the middle of the data. Currently all my formulas will update to make room for the new row but not adjust to include the row...
  11. T

    Counting cells in a column in an array based on criteria

    In my workbook, the tab 'Data' includes the names of students who have completed either of two tests. (Note the actual workbook goes to column CG with 72 questions.) BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABACAD1First nameSurnameStudent NameTestDurationLow EL/INHigh EL/INLow PI/UIHigh...
  12. A

    Can someone please explain how this rearrange column macro works?

    I have found this piece of code from somewhere else, and I modified it a bit to meet my needs, but I'm not entirely sure how it works. The reason I would like to know how it works is because I would like to modify it further, but I am newer to VBA and do not understand how the Resize, Index, and...
  13. G

    Prevent formulas from recalculating on cell value deletion

    I am working on a project for work that involves HTTP requests. After struggling through getting that to work, my next problem is trying to prevent the VBA function from recalculating when one of the argument cells is cleared. Below is my attempt at a solution thus far: Function HTTPGet(ISO...
  14. DRSteele

    Utilising the function UNICHAR

    Sometimes we wish to find characters to place into our spreadsheets but are unsure where to look and how to find them. Function UNICHAR allows us to enter a number and it will report the character. Mike Girvin from ExcelIsFun recently created a youtube video that shows ways of listing them - as...
  15. W

    What language are Excel formulas written in?

    Hi there, What language are Excel formulas/functions written in? I refer to the formula bar, rather than the VBA. I guess this language must have some sort of a name. Thanks.
  16. C

    Passing a workbook name and worksheet number to find out worksheet's name

    I am wanting to find out the worksheet name for a worksheet in another workbook. I have another function that does the reverse but I now can't find where I use it, in amongst 20+ spreadsheets, so this is very frustrating. I have adapted the name to number spreadsheet, but all I am always...
  17. MrDB4Excel

    Sequence Function

    I am not sure this forum is the right place to ask about this. I use Excel 2013 and have been looking for a downloadable add-in of the sequence function. Is there such an add-in? If so where can it be found?
  18. Rblack40

    XLOOKUP in Excel 2019

    When will XLOOKUP and the other new functions be added into Excel Office 365 or Excel 2019? Will I have to know it for the test?
  19. P

    TITLE Link Formatting of Another Cell

    Hello All, I am trying to retrieve the formatting of the cell that is Matched using the INDEX and MATCH functions and then apply that formatting exactly to a cell currently using this formula: =IF(D1="","",IF(INDEX('WORK ORDER DATABASE'!W7:W157,MATCH(CO19230COLP!D1,'WORK ORDER...
  20. A

    32 to 64 bit

    Someone has asked if an App I have can work in their 64 bit Office. (I think it's the online one). I installed 64 bit office 2010 onto my laptop to find out. Running the xlsm file brings up a pile of problem but I did manage to alter all the Functions to ptrsafe Functions. Then there are lots...

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